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“Stop it.”

Nora was glaring at Merha with blazing eyes. She blinked and saw she was holding his wrist.

“You’re not going to let go? Pretending to be a knight when you’re just a girl. Of course, indeed. You’re just Lucerne’s concubine, aren’t you?”

“I told you to stop.”

Merha struggled to the point that his face was red, but when she couldn’t pull his hand out of Nora’s slender grip, he couldn’t breathe as if she blocked his lungs too.


Rather, he started sweating profusely as Nora tightened her grip more and more.

Nora let go of his hand just before it broke. She watched Merha with a terrifying eerie expression. While she stared Merha down, she slowly placed her hand on her blade hanging off her waist.

“Heh heh, heh heh.”

It looked like he had been rained on, Merha’s whole body was sweating bullets. As a middle-aged man nervous about his impression, it wasn’t a good look. Merha burst into anger when he saw Nora’s murderous intent emitting from her.

“Indeed beggars suit beggars. Since he is a lowly man, he welcomes a lowly wife and a lowly subordinate. Let’s see. You dare to draw a sword in front of the Cartier family? I’ll have Lucerne dispose of that crazy bitch.”

“God teaches that all of us are servants of the same God, regardless of rank. I don’t know why you would say that. He who claims to be close to the heavens but speaks of status more than anyone else knows no shame,”

Elisha retorted icily.

“I will answer you. I taught Lucerne very strictly as a child. I taught him several times to atone for his own lowliness, to become a decent, full-fledged man. But he was stubborn, and he did not know how to yield in the end, and he did not know how to bend. This guy is arrogant by nature. Just like his father.”

Elisha looked at him nonchalantly. The wrath she felt for the first time in her life flashed through her eyes.

Didn’t Lucerne say it before? As a child, Merha tried to control him with hunger and flogging. Lucerne resided in the temple at a very young age. A child under ten… … . being so abused.

“You think so.”

As he insulted her husband in front of her, Elisha blinked once, but she did not move much. On the contrary, she looked at Merha more and more calmly. Merha felt relieved after he spit out all the anger from his stomach. But when he saw Elisha gazing at him dispassionately without any fear, the next moment he thought, ‘This isn’t it?’

‘What the hell is with her? Does she have some hidden background?’

For a moment, Merha was confused as to who the hell was the high priest and who was the fallen noble.

“Nora. Let’s go.”

After staring at Merha for a moment, Elisha turned her back without saying goodbye. Nora clenched her fists and followed.


Nora whispered as she hurriedly followed Elisha. Elisha slowly raised the corners of her lips.

“An adult who boasts of torturing a child. And he’s a candidate for Pope.”

“… … .”

“This can’t happen, right?”

“… … .”

Nora nodded her head in surprise. As she spoke quietly, Elisha’s serene and elegant look was very serious. She felt an indescribable dignity radiating from her. Elisha said nothing more, but it was as if Nora heard her unspoken words.

That person will regret it. She seemed to promise.


Afterwards, Elisha and Nora spotted the two sisters hiding in the alley and watching them.

‘It wasn’t a good scene for the children to see.’

Elisha wanted to sigh. She spoke to the children with the shape of her mouth.


The girls’ eyes widened as if they could not understand the meaning of those words. The children ran away with the toys they were playing with. Elisha followed their backs.

“Which hotel are we staying at?”

“We just have to go a little further south.”

“I would rather go there. The place where aristocrats stay is the Golden South, so even High Priest Merha will not be able to chase and harass after us.”

Nodding, she walked a little faster. Elisha’s head cooled down and became clearer.

‘Anyway, Merha is the one whose end is near.’

Pondering, Elisha touched her lower lip with her fingers.

‘Is it strange that you are getting more and more angry and have nasty thoughts?’

Obviously, Lucerne would be extremely furious if he found out about this. A virtuous wife would stop Lucerne at a time like this.

‘I don’t really want to do that this time. Only today is not the day.’

Elisha slowly raised the corners of her lips.

However, he didn’t have much left.

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