TPCP – 75.1

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‘As the rumors say, his jealousy is tremendous.’

But Lucerne comprehended. An intelligent woman who was a maneater could make a man anxious.

“Speaking of which, is there really any way to bring down Merha?”

“Minister, let me tell you I’ve never missed a creature I wanted to kill on the battlefield. If I want, I will.”

“Well, I’ve heard of your reputation.”

Gunner nodded his head continuously with enthusiasm. Objectively, Lucerne was a kind of war god. There was no way he could make such an unsubstantiated jest.

“And if you owe me, one way or another, you pay it back. If you run away, you’ll pay it back two or three times as much. It would benefit you to keep that in mind.”

“I understand, sir.”

“Then trust me and wait. If Merha does resign, I hope the High Priest will remember who’s grace brought about such circumstances. Don’t forget that you are not a fisherman*.”

[*t1v: a Korean saying that one gains an advantage effortlessly while the other two sides are competing.]

Numerous thoughts crossed his mind, but Gunner replied that he knew his place well. Subsequently, a congratulatory order fell on him.

His back was damp as he returned home.

‘As the rumors say, you two are terrifying. But what the hell are you up to?’

Gunner lost his appetite. If it’s true… … .

‘That person….’

As Nora was entering after her training, she saw Gunner hurrying out. He looked familiar.

“Ian, who was that man?”

“Ah, you mean Gunner? He’s going to be running for pope soon.”

“… … .”

Nora’s complexion clouded over as she bit her lip.

“If it’s the same Gunner… … . Isn’t he a famous corrupt priest?”

Since she was from a monastery, she could not have not known his name.


After dinner, Elisha took Lucerne by the arm and took a leisurely stroll through the garden with him.

“Thank you.”


“You supported me in front of Gunner today.”

“I’m enjoying myself watching your designs.”

Elisha glanced at him. She knew how extraordinary it was for Lucerne to support her so much even while not trusting her. She decided to remain genuinely grateful towards him, even if he was sarcastic to her.

“You said thank you. I guess the way to please our little ghost is to be encouraging.”

“Didn’t you sleep with me too much to call me ‘little’?”

At her words, Lucerne’s steps slowed down.

“No way. There’s still a long way to go. If I wholly acted according to my wishes, I would have tied you to the bed so you wouldn’t even waste your physical stamina on walking, like now. And I would pound you all night long, wake you up, feed you and then hit it again.”

“… … .”

Elisha tried to tease him, but it went horribly awry. When it came to the bedroom, she couldn’t beat him.

Then, an unexpected figure appeared in front of the two of them. It was Nora. A faint smile of joy and welcome spread across Elisha’s face.

“Nora, how was your training today?”

At Elisha’s very affectionate question, Lucerne’s eyebrows twitched slightly. It was strange seeing the two of them together.

“Yes, it went well.”

Nora was a person who was like an open book and had no talent for hiding her feelings. Elisha caught her as she was hurriedly trying to escape.

“Nora, are you injured again?”

“No, it’s not that.”

“Then what’s the matter? Anything you say is fine, so just tell me.”

Nora hesitated. She looked at Lucerne, who was gazing at her indifferently. He gave off the air that he wanted her to say what she was going to say quickly and disappear.

“Actually, I spotted Gunner earlier today.”


Elisha’s eyes searched the ground for a moment. Quick-witted, she understood the situation in an instant.

“The butler said that the Madam even had a private meeting with Gunner… … .”

“I did,”

Elisha replied dispassionately. When Lucerne heard it through her mouth, he thought it was pretty adorable that she felt guilty.

It occurred to him that he shouldn’t make Elisha talk to someone like Gunner alone in the future.

“Do you know what kind of person Gunner is that you’re trying to persuade him?”

“I know.”



Lucerne cut in.

“It is not for you to meddle in such a thing.”

“But, he…..”


Elisha dissuaded him.

“Nora is from a monastery and she was raised in the dormitory for the commoners. The monastery I was in had plenty of food, so we were alright. But I heard that in some monasteries there were children who really starved to death.”

“… … .”

Lucerne frowned at her words. He spoke coldly even after hearing her words.

“Nora, just because my wife favors you doesn’t mean your rudeness can be indulged.”

Nora looked like she was holding back something. She prostrated on the spot.

“Forgive me. But please remember my knight’s oath.”

“I know. If you’re dissatisfied, you can put a knife to the back of my throat but don’t be discourteous to Elisha.”

“… … I understand, general.”

Nora bowed and stepped back.

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  1. Lucerne may or may not realize it, but he’s very indulgent towards Elisha. He’s openly suspicious of her but doesn’t allow anyone to speak one bad word about her.

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