TPCP – 73.1

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‘I wish Jacob was on my side.’

Merha and the eldest grandson, Jacob, were on bad terms. So for a long time ago, Gunner aimed for his support.

But Jacob wasn’t interested in the temple. He already had established himself with business alone, and he was afraid to lose the attention of the Lord if he was distracted by the temple.

In addition, Merha was Cartier’s deficit, and Gunner was a collateral relative. Jacob didn’t want to pay for something when the odds weren’t in his favor.

‘But to think Lucerne wants to join hands with me!’

There was a third power. A man of great military power, though it was still uncertain to say that he was a ‘Cartier’ man of great power, he couldn’t compete as a successor. He was neither a full-fledged Cartier nor a full-fledged enemy: Lucerne.

Lucerne may not be able to be the head of the ducal household, but he was the most cherished genius grandson of the family, who earned his position in the Cartier family.

‘Besides, Lucerne is rich.’

So when he sent a note to meet through his confidant, he came running without shame.

“I asked my husband to meet you, Gunner.”

“Madam? Is there anything I can do for you?”

Elisha raised the corners of her mouth. The faint expression was almost a derisive smirk.

“I wasn’t feeling well, so Lucerne called for a healing priest from the temple. Gunner purposely sent someone who was his hands and feet. I presumed that it meant you wanted to meet my husband and I, but did I misunderstand?”

Gunner’s hand on the teacup halted. His head was spinning.

‘She’s asking if I am looking for her? Unfortunately, this woman has no taste for subtlety. I thought you’d be coy since they said you’re a femme fatale, but you’re rather frigid.”

But Gunner was a master of managing his expressions. He just grinned without showing a thing. The smile of the handsome priest would tempt any goddess.

“No, the High General is a military official. Do you mean that I, as a priest, aspired to meet him with an ulterior motive?”


“The general and I did not become succession competitors in the same family. Yet, I came here to meet my distant relatives without prejudice. I’m sad that you’ve harbored such suspicions.”

Gunner decided to go out hard. It was true that he desperately needed Lucerne’s help, but he had no intention of being dragged around by the two.

‘Seeing that he sent his wife like this, it seems that Lucerne is also willing to eat with me. So, I’ll have to cook for his wife first.’

He chose to push and pull*. If Lucerne were in front of him, he wouldn’t have known what to do, so comparatively, Elisha would be an easy opponent. [*t1v: means ‘playing hard to get’]


Elisha did not even raise an eyebrow at those words. However, her subsequent words would stun Gunner frozen.

“Then why are you here?”


“Visiting a relative? Have you ever sent a letter to the general, or a message for him on New Year’s Day or his birthday?”

The corners of Gunner’s lips, who had been smiling cheerfully, stiffened.

“…… that’s.”

Elisha calmly brought the teacup to her mouth. There was a subtle facet of leisure in her movements.

“Did you happen to believe that the General wanted to see the High Priest for an insignificant chat today?”

“… … .”

“If you are someone that can’t even discern that much, I have nothing more to say to you.”

Gunner had been sure that Elisha would make an effort to appease him in the ensuing uncomfortable silence. But she didn’t say a word. At this rate, he would be pushed out that door,

“No, Lady Elisha. Don’t be so extreme.”

“There’s no extremes. Simplicity is a way of life for busy people. Mr. Gunner, please go back. I’m afraid I’ll indulge my anger by explaining the situation to my husband.”

A cold sweat ran down Gunner’s back.

“That—uh, huh.”

Elisha unhurriedly raised her head. She spoke with a soft, pretty, but vacant countenance.

“Oh, are you still there?”

“… … .”


Therefore, when Lucerne finished training and arrived at the entryway to the tearoom, Gunner stood up like a well-trained dog.


Gunner was delighted to see him. Lucerne greeted him lightly with a blink.

“Long time no see.”

Gunner coughed.

“Why are you standing here?”

“Well, Lady Elisha kicked me out. Now that the High General is here, we can go in together!”

Gunner hoped that he would apologize, but he quickly gave up that hope. Because Lucerne’s temperament was already too infamous, but he at least knew that he would take him to the tearoom and tell Elisha to apologize to him. [t1v: HA] He stood next to Lucerne, who naturally opened the door. He stood so close that he could feel his displeased breath as his expression wrinkled wildly.

“What are you doing?”

He flinched and stepped back.


“If my wife tells you to go, you have to go.”

“… … General, really… … . Are you telling me to go back?”

Although the middle-aged man was flabbergasted in front of him, Lucerne didn’t even spare him a look.

“You’re not even a child, it’s up to you to decide whether to return or wait.”

“… … .”

Bang. The door closed in front of his eyes. Gunner’s jaw fell. The butler, who came to see the situation, shook his head to himself. [t1v: HA i <3 the butler] Gunner pointed to the door and then to himself, his mouth open and trembling like a goldfish.

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    1. More precisely, in Hell. This is not a land with some evils where the righteous navigate to escape; it is heavily mirrored in Renaissance Italy, where the richer a family was, the filthier. Our Elisha is becoming a perfect Cartier, have no doubt.

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