TPCP – 72.2

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Elisha was lying in her bed listening to the non-argument.

‘My head hurts.’

Since she had done too much, her body was tired and dazed even the next day. But, for the first time, Elisha was aware of her headache.

What was even more maddening was not that she was sick… … . Something like a snake crawling in her stomach… … . she still felt strange all the time, and a weird feeling kept coming over her over and over again. ‘At this rate… … . Could it be that I have a sex addiction?’

Maybe it was an early symptom of that kind of illness. But first, Elisha had to stop the priest’s nagging because she didn’t call him in today just to treat her.

‘I’ll have to solve and deal with this problem first.’

Elisha beckoned him weakly.

“Stop it and come here.”

At Elisha’s words, the priest approached her to examine her. She winked at Lucerne.

“Actually. I have a favor to ask of you. It’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you all along.”

Elisha saw the priest’s eyes flutter.

“I want to meet the person above the priest’s station,”

she asserted neatly.


Gunner hastily reached Lucerne’s mansion.

He adjusted the collar of his priest’s uniform several times in the carriage in order not to advertise the hurry he was in.

‘At a time like this, when the election of the Pope is just around the corner, we must not forget dignity. Because the appearance that makes believers follow is the lifeblood of a priest.’

He was a handsome, impressive, middle-aged priest in that aspect alone. In addition, he had a well-groomed figure that would be looked favorably upon by eleven people out of ten.

“Welcome, High Priest Gunner, I have been waiting for you.”

The butler opened the front door.

When he finally entered the High General’s mansion, he had the impression that the house was spotless. He liked the air of the servants and maids in neat uniforms. The soldiers were invisible, but cheering could be heard in the distance from the gymnasium.

If he had a slightly more perceptive eye, he would have discerned that the atmosphere in the mansion had improved a lot recently and found the new hostess at the center of that change. But he wasn’t that shrewd.

“The general is overseeing a drill at the gymnasium. Soon the training will end, so I’ll take you to the tea room first.”

“I just happened to be near and stopped by, so please tell him not to worry too much. After all, aren’t the general and I relatives?”

“Yes, the general will be pleased because he doesn’t have any close relatives.”

The butler responded quickly. Gunner liked the answer.

“After hearing the message that the lady of the house is coming, I will prepare tea. If you see the madam first, the general will come soon.”

“… … .”

Gunner paused.

‘What does that woman have to do with me? Isn’t she a fallen aristocrat?’

Gunner was a collateral, but was a relative of the Cartier family so he had the arrogant personality to match.

Elisha, now Lucerne’s wife, had a very subtle impression in the capital. Although she was famous for her beauty, she was likened more to the image of a fairy. This was because she was a woman who was said to have been entangled with the famous General of Horrors.

‘Well, there is no one who would refuse to look at beauty.’

But soon, his curiosity triumphed. He was a man before he was a priest.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Elisha de Lor.”

Elisha looked at Gunner and bowed politely.

“Lady Elisha. I am the servant of the Lord. Gunner. I turned to the temple and abandoned the castle.”

“Yes, please have a seat.”

Elisha sipped the tea with a repose demeanor. She was not what he expected. She was quiet and largely expressionless, and while her eyes were large, she had a doll-like face.

‘Is this a nymph who eats men?’

Without realizing it, Gunner examined Elisha’s body thoroughly.

“So, you are going to run for Pope in the next election. I heard rumors.”

“Uh. I suppose so.”

Gunner coughed. There were two potential solid candidates for the next Pope. Merha, the second and only surviving son of the Duke of Cartier.

And Gunner, a famous high priest of the temple, who had a reputation for helping the poor.

‘Merha has the perfect advantage, but… … .’

His status was also much higher than that of the Gunner’s, and his performance concerning the businesses of the temple was favorable. But, above all else, the election was all about money.

Candidates had to raise money in the name of donations and events. This was because the election of the Pope was a factional battle that was ultimately decided by the votes of higher-ranking priests.

‘There is a possibility for me as long as I have a good sponsor. So, I guess I should placate a woman who is nothing more than a contract wife.’

Even though he speculated as much, Gunner’s attitude toward Elisha could not hide his pretension.

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