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“Heh… … . Lucerne… … .”

Her mound stretched to the limit beneath her wet pubic hair. The inner wall of her pussy opened its triangle-shaped mouth, obscenely gulping down and choking on his manhood. Every time Elisha’s waist went up, a part of the genitals lined with blood appeared and then disappeared. Her head was spinning. It was a shocking sight she had never imagined.

“It’s slippery, gets wet well, it cries well, it gets red like this and swallows beautifully.”

“… … .”

“You’re so good at doing pretty things. Your pussy is incredible.”

“Stop … … . really… … .”

She wanted to hide, not because she hated it, but because she was embarrassed. Regardless, as her visual provocations increased, Elisha’s pussy poured out more and more love liquid and sucked on his whole organ.

“Huh, uh… … . Ahhhh!”

Without further incitement, he grabbed Elisha’s upper body and pulled her closer. As he began to slam up violently, she twisted and leaned her body against his torso, gushing out more water. Finally, she couldn’t move her waist any longer and was helplessly hammered.

“Ugh. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahh… … .”

Her mind was numb with the pounding, and the stars flew. She sobbed and begged for incredible pleasure.

As she made her last explosion, Lucerne laid her on the bed and pounded her hard.

“Ahh, hnn… … .”

At last, from the depths, Elisha was almost going to faint from pleasure when he spewed out her thick semen. He brushed aside her sweat-soaked hair, and Lucerne lightly bit her lower lip.

“Uhn… … . ha… … . ha… … .”

Not even conscious of her pearl necklace being untied, Elisha put her forehead on his shoulder and sighed.

Elisha’s genitals were twitching upon reaching elation with his orgasm. At the junction, still connecting, his cloudy semen and love juice were entangled and flowing down one after another.

“Lucerne… … .”

Elisha looked at him with blurred vision. In a haze, not knowing who came first, their lips mingled. She opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue. An endless cacophony of wet lust echoed through the room.

“Well done.”

Lucerne’s giant hand covered Elisha’s entire pubic area, stroking it up and down as if to soothe it. Wet pubic hair was in disarray and lewdly entangled with his hand. As it was, he gently patted her as if he were comforting her mound. Every time he patted her, there was a throbbing tremor in her vagina from a strange feeling. Elisha trembled. It didn’t fit the situation, but she felt like she was being cared for like a cherished child. [t1v: totally getting soft dom&little vibes]

Lucerne gazed at her lying beneath him. Elisha’s spread-out body was rosy, and her nipples were red hot from being sucked too much. He kissed her while watching his semen entangled with her fluid, flowing down her perineum.

“Lay face down.”

Elisha’s eyes darkened. She knew it; it wouldn’t end easily.

“You’re sick, so I’ll go easy on you.”

Elisha sighed, almost whimpering at his soothing words, barely turning over on the bed.

“Hurry… … . finish quickly.”

“If you cooperate.”

The second time his penis came in, a much softer body devoured Lucerne. As his bloodline genitals attacked, Elisha raised her ass, whimpering and purring like a cat.

The pounding, bloody sound of flesh beating resounded without mercy. Elisha released a shrill moan.

“You said you’d be gentle… … . you’re awful.”

“Oh, yes.”

Lucerne hit her from behind as he grabbed her by her shoulders. He turned her whimpering face and kissed her on her lips.

“Next time, I’ll be really gentle,”

he said as if he were hungry. Elisha pushed her ass out even further with a gasp of delight and a moan of pleasure.

“Next time, I really can’t… … . ha, huh… … .”

“So generous, huh?”

He pulled her ass cheeks apart until it stretched out to the folds of her anus, revealing all her secrets.

As she reached her climax, Elisha unknowingly moved her waist like a wave, moving her pelvis back and forth.

“Uh, ah… … . Ohh… … .”

Lucerne couldn’t stand it any longer and began to pound her.

Squeak, thump, thud.

The second climax came in a bigger wave.

“Ahhh… … .”

Elisha screamed hysterically and almost fell on the bed. Lucerne held her body from behind and pulled her into a tight embrace. He didn’t let her go for a long time.

Eventually, Elisha was exhausted, and she fell asleep at dawn.


When she woke up from the bed, Elisha wasn’t fully conscious. Lucerne inspected her whole body. She didn’t seem to be in pain, so he said she would call a priest-healer to ensure her condition.

‘I wish he hadn’t called a priest in the first place.’

Elisha thought to herself, but she couldn’t protest. And when she woke up again after breakfast, she found that her pamphlet had gone missing.

‘Really, your personality is so….. Why are you taking my brochure? I can’t even dream? Ugh, you’re a man who seizes other people’s hopes.’

But even as she cursed inwardly, she was oddly not genuinely resentful or loathful.

‘I guess I get weird sometimes because I’ve been associating with a strange person.’

Elisha took a deep breath. She supposed she should tell them to clean the sparkling pearl necklace at her bedside and put it in her jewelry box. She thought to herself.

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