TPCP – 71.1

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“I only need to suck on your tongue a little and I get hard.”

“… … .”

“You are right. How did I live without [you]? I’m curious too.”

Elisha had no inkling to infer that the subject of the word was ‘you.’ [t1v: in Korean, he doesn’t say ‘you,’ but it’s suggested. Elisha probably thinks he is referring to sex itself or sleeping with a woman.]

Slowly his hand traveled down, and he removed his cock. Then, slowly lowering the hand he had put under Elisha’s ass, he grasped her thin ankle and stroked it. One of Elisha’s legs was still raised high.

“It’s been a while, so I should eat you out first.”

When Lucerne’s long tongue stuck and started to lick and slurp between her legs, Elisha’s bush was already wet, and she was constantly leaking honey. Meeting her gaze, he seductively held her eyes as he deliberately and slowly sucked on her clitoris. His head deepened as he pressed his lips to her lower body, his red eyes staring at her.

“Ughnn… … . yes… … .”

Her legs trembled, and her toes curled. When he parted his lips, she thought he would pierce her at any moment. But he didn’t and instead gazed at Elisha’s pink-flushed body as if lapping it up.

“Why… … sir?”

His silence made Elisha uneasy. Her legs were itchy, and the bottom of her stomach was already hot and pulsating. Her thigh muscles twitched under the pressure of anticipation and blood rushing in.

‘It’s been a long time… … ..’

She was not used to this feeling. Her whole body was throbbing with lust. Then, she remembered the sensation of his thick, hard cock piercing, impaling her, and hammering her vigorously.

“Because you’re beautiful.”

As he spoke briefly, Elisha involuntarily bit her lower lip. It’s not that she didn’t like it… … . but she felt a bit sheepish and self-conscious.


In a flash, Lucerne lifted her body too easily. It was as if he had lifted up a doll and swiftly sat her down on his lap.

“I told you, I’m going to tie you up so you won’t fall off.”

He held up her wrists and put her pearl necklace-bound hands around his neck.

This time Lucerne was trapped between her arms. His face was very close.

“Umm… … . uh… … .”

Lucerne looked up at Elisha’s face as he bit and licked her neckline. Finally, he set his teeth on her chin.

“It hurts.”

She felt like she was being devoured every time he bit her; the thought sent shivers down her spine. He grazed his teeth this time from chin to cheek. At this rate, her face would be full of kiss marks making her unable to go out for a while.

“Don’t bite too hard.”

It wasn’t intentional, but Elisha’s voice came out as a breathy, titillating plea. Near her ear, she could feel Lucerne taking in a deep breath.

In a grumble of terrible patience, he muttered something incomprehensible. His dynamic penis pounded on Elisha’s private entrance as if it were about to pierce her from below.

Lucerne’s hands grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide. Then, his tip began to rub against and widen her lower lips, stretching apart her insides.

“Ha, uhn… … .”

Was it because it had been a while? The heavy fullness inside her body was unfamiliar. Her squishy entrance was leaking wetness as it was pushed apart and began to swallow him slowly. Because she was so wet, his pillar became slippery and easily penetrated. As soon as he buried himself inside the inner wall of her core, she held on and tightened around his cock.

“Ahh… … .”

Unconsciously, tears started to well up from Elisha’s eyes and fell down on Lucerne’s cheeks.

“It’s too arousing when you cry. Do not cry. You are even prettier when you cry.”

Lucerne placed his hand behind her neck and pulled her face so he could lick her tears.

“What do you mean…? … it’s. Ughn … .”

Insertion was easy, but Elisha felt the pressure on her pelvis. Moreover, it felt more daunting because it had been a long time.

“It’s too big. Hmm … .”

“I’m taking it slow,”

he whispered kindly as he kissed Elisha’s chin. Good girl, he whispered again as if he were dealing with a child.

“To the end… … . uh… … . Reach in… … . hmm… … .”

She could feel his balls against her spread open entrance as their genitals intertwined, now fully connected. Elisha’s legs trembled at the sensation of his voluminous genitals filling up her stomach. It felt like it had reached her womb.

“Ride it.”

“… … .”

“If I move first, you won’t be able to take it and will get hurt. I’m in there deep, so try to move your ass.”

said Lucerne in a voice thick with a terrible possessiveness. Elisha moved her waist slowly as if rolling her hips in a circle. Her breasts rubbed against his face.

Clap, clap—

Suck, slurp—

Lucerne loudly sucked, kissed, and bit her nipples as she bounced her ass little by little.

“Huh, ooh… … .”

Elisha wriggled, her back twitching as she whimpered.

The sound of splashing water and wet skin became louder. Elisha gushed out more wetness as his testicles hit her vulva and sucked him up. Her sweat-soaked ass rubbed and smacked against his skin, making a slapping sound.

Squeak. Squelch–

The lascivious sound aroused her, making her back spasm. She even wept at her sense of shameless immorality as she twirled her hips by herself while Lucerne nibbled on her nipples with his lips. Then he started pounding in sync with her, and the noise of beating lewd flesh began to sound more obscene.

“Haa, uh… … . Ugh, ahh… .”

Unconsciously, Elisha moved her waist in circles; as he came in deep, she raised her thighs and clung to him tighter.

“… … .”

Then Lucerne abruptly stopped moving. He pulled out Elisha’s hands from around his neck and held them in the air.


His other hand gripped Elisha’s waist tight enough to make a mark. He induced her to lean back and take a good look.

She leaned back against his arm encircled around her waist. Puck. Lucerne released her hands in the air.

Puck! Puck!

He started thrusting slowly into her from below.

“Look how your pussy is swallowing my cock.”

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