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After having dinner that day, Elisha was sitting on the bed reading a letter while she had been looking at the accounts. During her bedroom life, the butler would personally hand her letters and have Sophie bring the necessary books to her room.

Elisha found a letter from the real estate office among the invitations.

‘Oh, come to think of it, I was supposed to get advertisements for a new property.’

She quietly read the advertisement several times.

‘I have enough money to purchase this. It’s enough.’

Elisha nodded her head as if satisfied. It had been an unthinkable amount before. But now she knew better. She gained more than she expected from acting as Lucerne’s wife.

Similarly, in the ledger under her arm, Elisha had written an amount of money that she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams before.

‘I’m glad Lucerne is not opposed to spending money on household affairs.’

It was also possible to save money left over after using it for the internal funds. If he conceded it, that too would become Elisha’s property. With that alone, she could purchase that estate. She imagined her vague future.

A cup of hot tea in the morning. A walk through the manicured gardens. Watching the streets. Reading a book at night… … . She wouldn’t have to care about money, and she sometimes goes to good places to eat out. She could wear clothes made of soft, fine, good quality material.

She wanted a small and peaceful life without worrying about money. 

‘Umm, the living room seems a little cramped. Lapis often comes for tea. It would be nice if the sun came in. Maybe Nora will come to play.’

But something unusual occurred. Someone suddenly intruded on the daily routine she had been visualizing for a long time.

Elisha’s body stiffened.

‘Huh? Why did I just imagine that just now?’

Why did they appear in her vision of her future? Besides, her fantasy began to flow freely.

And, if someone comes in the evening—

A man with a large physique and dark hair. The sound of his footsteps was audible. Elisha got a bizarre, indescribable feeling and cut off her daydream there.

‘I must be crazy.’

When they divorced, it would only be natural to live out of each other’s sight. She probably wouldn’t even be able to live in proximity and would have to leave the capital.

Because she was someone who would be privy to many of Lucerne’s secrets, she would have to hide away. She thought she should plan to get a mansion away from the capital city in advance.

Like the mansion in the pamphlet for example.

Then there was the sound of the door opening. Elisha was startled and reflexively hid the brochure under the pillow. It was Lucerne.

“What were you doing?”

“I was just reading a letter.”

“What letter. You must have received some good news.”

“… … .”

She could be honest, but for some reason, she thought it would be better not to say anything. So Elisha decided to keep silent about it.

“You must be free today.”

“I saw your doctor.”

“… … .”

“Someone got hurt during training in the mansion, so I asked.”

Lucerne approached her. He smelled of fresh water as if he had washed right after training.

“He said we could fuck.”

The obscenity thrown without warning made Elisha nervous.

“But am I crazy?”


“Why am I more curious about what’s under the pillow than between your legs right now?” 

Elisha’s cheeks turned red. She realized that he knew roughly what was under the pillow. Come to think of it… … . Did she carefully check how her letter was sealed?

When checking Jacob’s letters in her previous life, of course, Elisha went through the process of checking the seal to ensure that no one had opened the letters beforehand. In this house… … she hadn’t.

‘Did I become stupid?’

Elisha was dumbfounded.

“Lucerne, you’ve been monitoring my letters.”

“Why are you talking like you’re surprised? You didn’t think I would?”

“… … .”

“I said I would watch you.”

“At the time, I was preoccupied with bigger issues, so I didn’t think deeply about it. I don’t feel good.”

“Then, shall we notify you every time we keep an eye on you?”

He clicked his tongue.

‘Of course, this man doesn’t trust me yet.’

She was a little hurt when confronted with the reality of it. But it was natural. If their position had been the other way around, she would have also been monitoring Lucerne.

“Why don’t you share and tell me about it?”

“You’ve seen it all.”

“I didn’t look closely. To protect your feelings.”

Elisha reluctantly pulled out the leaflet with a bitter emotion.

A safe mansion, complete with escorts. In the golden southern district… … .

“Why do you need guards? You have more escorts than the streets have crazy dogs.”

“For now.”

Lucerne raised an eyebrow.

“The golden southern district is not allowed. If you want real estate, I will buy it for you, so look elsewhere.”

“Why not? It’s not like I’m going to live there right now.”

“Are you asking me while knowing everything, or are you asking me just to confirm? Why do I hate the golden southern district? Just think about it with that good head of yours.”

At that moment, the fantasy in her head flashed, complete. It was irresistible. Elisha would tend to her flowers in pots in a pretty and luxurious mansion. During the day, the Seeds would come to play and chat… … .

And if Lucerne continued to be single… … .

At night, he would come. And they have dinner; sometimes Lucerne would stay in the same bed… … .

‘I must be really crazy.’

Elisha bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from imagining it. She was already starting to regret that she had dreamt of it. What was she imagining with a man who didn’t even trust her?

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“Oh, yes.”

At those words, Lucerne’s mood became deadened.

“Then, shall I suck and lick the lips of someone I don’t care about?”

“… … .”

Elisha couldn’t figure out the frame of reference for his words.

“I think the only time you’re obedient and honest with me is when I put it between your legs. Right?”

“If you’re going to mock me, stop.”

It felt like Elisha had a sudden great realization from the daydream that lingered in the back of her head. Did she imagine such a thing because she wanted to continue having sex with Lucerne after they divorced and she quietly left?

Lucerne got on top of Elisha.

“Show me your wound. He said your bandages were removed.”

“… … I don’t want to.”

Lucerne watched her quietly. Elisha sighed deeply and pulled back her collar. He looked closely at her scar that had been reduced down a faint trace. 

“It was worthwhile to put pressure on those healers.”

“… … I would have recovered even if you hadn’t threatened them.”

“Are you not in pain anymore?”

“Yes, I am not.”

Unexpectedly, Lucerne suddenly stuck out his tongue and slowly licked her wound. Elisha flinched, curling her toes.

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