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“In this world, such a thing is impossible.”

Lucerne’s mother was a low-born who ran away with his father, the youngest son of the Cartier’s patriarch. In the end, both men and women who eloped returned as dead bodies. Even if Lucerne’s mother was a ruined noblewoman, he could have used her status to his advantage, but since she was a poor commoner, there was no way.

A commoner’s son could never be the Duke and head of the house.

“There is a way. I know a lot of secret information about this family. In particular, there is a lot I know about Jacob. Based on that information, I can advise you.”

Lucerne looked bewildered, as if a monkey could suddenly speak to humans. With that expression, he looked at Elisha, but he did not ignore her. Was this Jacob’s ploy? He wondered if he was capable of such a maneuver.

“And, I know information about your mother, about her situation at the time of her death.”

Elisha gradually reclaimed her calmness as Lucerne became interested in her words.

“Please do whatever you want.”

“… … ..”

“If you want to degrade me, you can do that. But if you do not listen to me, you’ll regret it. At the risk of my life, I swear it.”

The embarrassment disappeared from Elisha’s face, and a calm expression gradually returned. Elishalooked like a doll blinking quietly while having Lucerne under her control.

“How can I believe those words?”

Lucerne’s red eyes were bright. Elisha closed her eyes tightly. And she took it slowly.

“My dear Ayres, from the time you were in the stomach until now, we have called you a tree. Because I am of a lowly and unspeakable rank. I had to hide your growth in the stomach. So my husband and I would say that the tree was growing. One rainy day, we were under the Ayres tree. And again, your birth name was Black Pearl. Because I dreamed of a black snake coming out like the black pearl… … ,”

Elisha trembled, and she spoke out the words to the end. Her face was calm, but she couldn’t hide her tension, and tears struck her eyes. Lucerne blocked Elisha’s mouth.


He came right up before Elisha and whispered.

“Who are you?”

His name was Black Pearl, and he was conceived beneath the Ayres tree. It was the words that his dead mother whispered to his ear in the hut where he had been hiding. It was a fact no one knew. Neither the Head nor Jacob. No one in the world knew this.

“Where the hell did you hear this?”

Tears fell from Elisha’s eyes, which were blue like the sea. Lucerne’s hand slowly slipped off her mouth.


‘Jacob. Do you know what’s the biggest reason you’re called the Next Great Head?`

‘That’s  because I’m the eldest grandson in this family.’

‘A big reason was that that my sons died while arguing over the succession of the duchy and I lacked virtue. However, that is not the biggest reason. The reason is that I support you.’

He pushed his hand and pointed to Jacob. His gaze was staring at someone who wasn’t here.

‘It’s because Lucerne’s mother is a poor commoner. If it weren’t for his mother, it would have been possible for him to be your rival. If you become the Duke, don’t forget that fact.’

Jacob returned like an angry bull that night, his pride severely hurt. He summoned Elisha to vent his anger on her and finally stopped after picking trivial faults on her and slapping her cheeks.

 Elisha waited for Jacob to calm down, bleeding around her mouth, and over her trembling shoulders, she saw Jacob smashing and throwing things. Elisha covered her ears and closed her eyes while sobbing.


Elisha’s memory stayed with her.

That was right, the biggest reason why the Head succession was inclined most predominantly to Jacob was because of Lucerne’s status. If Lucerne had equal status, the patriarch would have put Lucerne on the scale.

So when the hidden truth was revealed, Jacob collapsed. He crawled up to Carola on all fours.

‘Lucerne could be Duke this way. The secret we learned today must never be known to the world. Ah, Carola. When this becomes known, both the Empire and grandfather will take his side. At least until I become Duke… … . I can’t give up this position! You can have all the wealth in this world, but he must be an illegitimate child!’

 ‘… … . .’

‘Damn it, I know how many years he’s been talking about! uh? ‘

Jacob spoke in fits. Carola comforted him.

‘Look, my beloved. I burned all that information like this. No one knows the truth anymore. His only card is gone.’

‘Oh my gosh. Oh, my God. This is a tremendous fact.’

The secret passage behind Elisha’s ‘Head’ painting didn’t just lead to Lucerne’s room. It also led to Jacob’s office.

After that, Elisha sometimes would enter the secret passageway and peek at various things on listless nights.

Elisha was hiding in her secret aisle, and she was studying in Jacob’s office, and at that moment, Elisha had repeated what she had learned.

My dear Ayres… ……

Fortunately, Elisha had a good memory. She will remember this moment without fail, and if Jacob wanted to kill her, she would use it as her last resort.


“Don’t you want to know more about your mother’s death?”

 Instead of answering, Lucerne picked up Elisha.

And he took Elisha to his bedroom. Restrained by his stiff arms, Elisha trembled like her captive doe. Lucerne threw Elisha on the bed.

“Take it off.”

He ordered very briefly.


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