TPCP – 7.1

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Elisha didn’t know if she should be embarrassed to see the blood smearing on the marble tub floor or to see the baton-like big penis in Lucerne’s hand.

 Thud, thud. There was a lascivious sound coming from his grip.

 ‘Now is this person… … . masturbating over a dead body?’


That was Elisha’s big misunderstanding.

    The corpse was not even in Lucerne’s gaze. He was masturbating, thinking of Elisha. However, that very person walked into the room without a sound.

    Lucerne didn’t even bat an eye at this absurd situation. Instead, he was rather displeased. He thought someone was playing a prank on him.

  “What kind of plan is this?”

Lucerne muttered after seeing Elisha. He was not embarrassed at all .

   Elisha was dressed in torn pajamas with Lucerne’s cloak on her shoulders.

Her underwear inside her skirt could be seen from top to bottom. Lucerne rubbed the cigarette against the wall. In his gown, he swept his head and stepped toward Elisha.

“Excuse me, I… … .”

She froze like a herbivore, looking at Lucerne.

‘It’s that maid.’

“… …”

“What is going on here?”

  Lucerne’s eyes shined with contempt.

 “I’m… … .. .”

 Elisha’s lips were sweet.



Lucerne grabbed Elisha’s neck and pushed it against the wall. His hand was so big that even Elisha’s lower jaw fell into Lucerne’s grasp . The white throat trembled in Lucerne’s huge hand.

“You thought I’m passionate about you, so you’re sneaking into my room tonight—did Carola make you do it—or Jacob?”

“That’s not it… … , I’m… … .”

“I guess they are good at training their spies now–how did you come in without a sound? Or is this a feint retreat with that bastard?”

Lucerne’s eyes dangled over Elisha’s whole body.

“Hey. If you want to take it off, take it all off until the end.”

Lucerne released Elisha’s body. A crimson cloak slid down over her shoulder. Lucerne’s face was filled with contempt and lust. Elisha’s whole body trembled.

“I- I’m Elisha.”

Elisha just barely said it.

“It’s not like I’m your lower body, so why do I need to know your name?”

Lucerne spoke in a soft tone, but his red eyes sneered.

Elisha bit her lip and shut her mouth.

“Where did you get such believable acting skills? You look like you’re terrified,”

Lucerne muttered.

Elisha tried to calm down, and she quietly closed her lips. Her appearance further stimulated Lucerne’s appetite.

“I didn’t come here because someone ordered me to.”

  Elisha clung to the wall and said,

“I have something to tell you. Very important, something like… … .”


“Making a deal.”

Lucerne glanced at Elisha.

“In this outfit?”

“It’s important— well. Are you going to fuck me?”

Gasp, Elisha held her breath.

“You’ve been looking like this, but how can your words be different.”

   Lucerne’s big hand raised her chin. Elisha did not avoid his gaze even though her eyes were trembling. Lucerne couldn’t understand himself.

‘Now I see this is a problem with the eyes,’

Her eyes were the problem. Her beautiful eyes caused an unexpected attraction. This woman had the rare talent of arousing his lust.

‘I don’t think that is the case.’

‘When you get excited about a woman, you are rebelling against God. You, bring the whip.’

   Simultaneously, his unpleasant memories struck again; Lucerne cast his eyes on Elisha’s swelling bosom. A look full of suspicion and lust rested on her chest, which was lifted up by her remaining bustier.

Elisha bit her lips.

“I have brought information that will ensure the General will never lose. I didn’t come for Jacob or Carola, but rather I came to side with the general.”

“Convince me. I’ll give you 30 seconds,”

Lucerne said indifferently. His eyes were as if he would throw away all her clothes immediately.

“I want to help you kill Jacob in numerous ways.”

Elisha looked like she was breathing hard.

“Did Jacob order you to say that? Of all the spies he’s sent, you’re the worst.”

After hearing that, Lucerne’s lower body began to stand again. Lucerne was now looking at Elisha’s exposed immaculate thighs.

“This time, the plan was set up properly. But… … .”

 Lucerne’s hand rolled up Elisha’s pajamas. The girdle was so thin that even the colour of her body seemed to be seen through under the subtle light.

“You’ve wasted time wearing something like this while playing a badger game, and this is the poorest temptation I’ve ever seen.”

Elisha’s feet turned red. Her underwear was stretched, stained, and worn down.

“I know, I’m here on my own, so I’m trying to find a way to live… … .”

“Does your life serve a purpose for me?”

Lucerne grinned.

“Yes, I guess I do have some things I need to have washed.”

“I have a proposal.”

“I don’t do those sort of deals with a woman’s body. Why should I when I can just have it?”

Lucerne’s passion slowly began to cool off. He looked at her. How do I do this; should I tear her apart completely? Between desire to kill and mercy, he struggled for a moment.

   At that time, Elisha grabbed Lucerne’s arm.

“I … … ,”


“I know how to make you the head of the family.”

It was Lucerne who reacted.

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