TPCP – 58.1

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Arien thought, perhaps she was dreaming with her eyes open.

She had never had a long conversation with Lucerne. The banquet hall was boisterous, but he stood aloof, looking distinguished amongst the crowd. All the women around him were stealing glances or outright staring at him in admiration.

And then Lucerne looked at Arien, and she gave her a light glance.

Just the meeting of eyes; thus inferring an acknowledgment and a greeting. That alone made the ladies also look at Arien, making her the object of jealousy at tonight’s party.

Indeed, witnessing it so close up, Lucerne was a truly horrifyingly beautiful man. Arien was tall for a woman, but his head was far above hers, making her feel unconsciously shy.

“Since the general’s marriage you’ve often attended banquets.”

Arien tried to keep a straight face as she spoke. But, unfortunately, she wasn’t as expressionless as Elisha nor graceful because she was awkwardly trying to suppress her reddening face. It was even more humiliating because her usual elegance was her utmost pride.

In fact, she hated seeing Lucerne at gatherings or banquets because… … . Because everyone in the world compared Marco to Lucerne.

People said that the potential successors of Cartier faded away when they stood next to Lucerne. It was even more so in Marco’s case because he was half-hearted in every way.

In aristocratic society, a couple’s reputation influenced an individual’s reputation. Each time, the prideful Arien shook her head.

But Lucerne is standing in front of her… … . Arien habitually and unconsciously compared Marco and Lucerne. It was like comparing stones to the finest of gemstones.

“I don’t think I’ll ask the General for help. But I appreciate your suggestion.” [t1v: looks like we’re getting cut into the end of a conversation]

“I don’t think so.”

“Excuse me?”

“I heard that there’s a property you want, when you raised your voice in the real estate office the other day.”

“… … .”

Arien’s face looked like it was being drained of blood. The land Lucerne referred to was the estate that was being prepared for purchase by order of her father-in-law, Merha. He had urged them to use a pseudonym so that it would not be revealed that he had purchased the land.

“How did you… … .”

“Don’t let others know what you want. A fundamental rule amongst the Cartiers, but unfortunately you are less informed about this family, Arien. My wife learns very easily.”

Lucerne’s expression suddenly turned dark.

“Did you know? Your husband propositioned my wife.”

“… … .”

“So, I am going to take away your husband’s precious things.”

“… … .”

“Your expression suggests that taking away that parcel of land would be more suitable than you.”

At that moment, Arien’s face turned white. Only then had she realized that Lucerne had made a fool of her.


Then Elisha arrived. Lucerne watched Elisha nonchalantly, then grabbed her by the waist, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her into an embrace.

“It looks like you had a good conversation.”

“Can it compare to talking to you?”

Elisha raised the corners of her lips slightly. She had asked Lucerne to do that very thing: Arien can’t stand being compared, so please do that.

She predicted that Arien must be in a state where she might explode from anger.

With the tiniest hint of disdain, Elisha calmly responded,

“Don’t make fun of people too much, General.”

“Ha! You—”


At that moment, Marco rushed forward in a huff. With the sudden outburst, everyone’s attention was focused on them.


“What are you doing now… … . Lucerne, you bastard. Are you forcibly harassing my wife who turned you down?”

Dumbfounded Elisha was taken aback by those brazen words. Rather, wasn’t it Marco who harassed Elisha just a short while ago?

“You are very imaginative,”

Elisha evenly addressed him. Marco turned towards her, he wasn’t brave enough to glare at Lucerne for a long time.

“This vulgar thing!”

Marco attacked Elisha instead. As Lucerne raised his eyebrows, Marco quickly lost his will to continue and his words blurred into a meek silence.

“Marco, I’ll exchange only a few words because you’re not worth dealing with.”

“… … .”

“Your wife has a big mouth.”

“Oh, just like Carola,”

Elisha added blankly.

“Clamorously rushing around Yurif just because she wants to buy a small piece of land. How uncouth.”

Lucerne tightened his grip on Elisha’s waist and pulled her closer. She was deeply surprised at his impressive acting skills. He was a really good person to have at her side.

“So I cannot help but covet that property. You made me angry first, so I’ll have to take my revenge on you.”


“How dare you make overtures at my girl.”

At Lucerne’s words, a roar spread over the crowd. People’s eyes sparkled with delight. Elisha marveled at how much Imperial nobility lived for the scandals of the Cartier family.

“Lucerne, don’t do this and let’s go inside. You are supposed to meet the builder tomorrow,”

Elisha said as she leaned against his arm. Lucerne nodded.

“I heard you are going to build a new villa. So I’ll build a villa there for my wife.”

Marco’s face turned pale; he turned his head to glare at Arien.

His eyes were asking,

‘What were you talking on about?’

He obviously thought Arien had leaked information and cursed her.

Arien’s face burned with shame.

‘Why would you make advances on a bitch like that?’

Elisha roughly read her expression; she had witnessed this similar countenance during her previous life.

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