TPCP – 57.2

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Lucerne’s sudden barrage of gifts did not end there. The party they were going to attend today was an evening soiree.

Yurif had a warmer climate than other places, but it was still chilly, so ladies often wore expensive silk shawls or fur.

Lucerne sent out a man in the morning to buy the best thing to wear over your shoulder in Yurif. What arrived was a beautiful fur shawl made of silver fox fur.

‘You must have spent a lot of money, this man. I guess it doesn’t matter because you’re rich.’

Elisha hid such thoughts, took Lucerne’s escorting hand, and entered the party hall.

With sparkling blonde hair, silver-gray fur, a diamond bracelet and a sapphire necklace on a platinum chain, and a new dress custom-made from the capital, she was a dazzlingly beautiful sight to behold.

The crowd couldn’t take their eyes off Lucerne and Elisha.

“Your wife’s clothes are very beautiful.”

Her silver fox cloak had hung for a long time in the window of Yurif’s most luxurious dressing room.

Because it was so expensive, no one was willing to buy it. But, as Elisha wore it, people recognized her costly clothes and rushed to praise her.

In addition, the yellow diamond bracelet that glittered on Elisha’s wrist was also a famous flagship item of the most expensive jewelry shop in Yurif. So it was only natural that the eyes of the ladies who saw it lit up.

“My lady, don’t be surprised if you catch a cold when you’ve astonished us with such valuable items. If I was loved like this, there would be nothing in the world to envy.”

There was a lady who flattered her like this. Jealousy fell from the noblewomens’ eyes, and they did not even try to hide it.

‘I never thought that I would receive this kind of gaze while I was living.’

Because of her previous life, she was more accustomed to coldness and contempt. A surreal feeling settled over her as she greeted the women with a polite and light ceremonial smile.

Elisha touched the bracelet on her wrist. Before arriving here, Lucerne had tightened the screws and fastened her bracelet himself.

‘Keep wearing it until I take it off.’

After saying that, he buried his lips in the back of her hand. At that moment, the red eyes that encountered hers had a strangely suggestive and heavy glow… … . Upon recalling the mental image of that look, Elisha almost sighed.


Elisha asked Lucerne before wandering around the party venue.

“Are you talented at antagonizing people?”

“If Jacob or Marco are my opponents.”

She immediately understood. She recalled the day when Jacob had had a stroke after talking to Lucerne during her previous life.

“Then, today you can demonstrate your proficiency to Arien.”

Elisha knew what she hated the most. She came from a proud and established family and was very arrogant.

“I overheard that Arien has a lot of pride and can’t stand being compared… … . I want you to do this…”

Elisha whispered. Lucerne’s expression reflected his bemusement.

“Do I have to go that far?”

“There is a personal enmity between us.”

Elisha thought back to her past life. Then, she had suffered terribly at Arien’s hands.


“Do you need a reason to hate the Cartiers? Do you choose who you will like and dislike among the enemies who will stab you on the battlefield?”

Warmly, Lucerne nodded his head with a proud fondness.

“Well said. Alright, if my wife wants it, I’ll gladly do it for her.”

They attended the party, greeted some important people, and parted ways.

Elisha was drinking champagne slowly by herself when someone approached her.

“Who is this? Huh? I heard the handsome general these days has a woman on the side, while leaving your precious body wandering here and there. What a great world it is nowadays where illegitimate children are invited everywhere.”

It was Marco. Elisha wanted to smirk.

“Are you alright?”


“You looked pretty sick earlier. The last time we met.”

At Elisha’s carefree words, Marco’s face turned white and red.

“Ha, cheeky bitch.”

“I am glad to see you are in good health.”

Marco sharpened his teeth. Elisha took another sip and spoke softly,

“I have to thank you, Marco.”


“My husband was very jealous of Sir Marco’s ‘proposal’ at the last party. Thanks to that, our marital relationship improved. You bestowed such an original gift, so I’m really appreciative.”

Elisha deliberately spoke profanely to provoke Marco. Contempt crept across his face as he confronted her typical nonchalant expression.

“But shouldn’t you be worried?”


“My husband is a man of etiquette. He always repays a debt. So, this time he said he would make the same ‘offer’ to Arien.”

Marco’s offer to Elisha was to become his mistress–an extramarital affair.


“Ah, it looks like Lucerne and Arien are over there, conferring together. I wonder what they are talking about?”

Marco’s face turned pale. Elisha became a little resentful of Lucerne. It was quite difficult not to laugh at Marco’s face.

Elisha turned her head. Arien was beaming while talking to Lucerne.

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