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The next day, a grand ball was held in Yurif.

Yurif’s City Hall was famous for its historic and antique architecture. The largest monthly banquet was held there and hosted by the mayor. Even nobility who did not attend the smaller balls would appear there.

Lucerne found out that Marco was on the party’s list by exchanging a single note.

So all Elisha had to do during this time was rest and get ready for the party.

“This silver bracelet seemed like a precious thing, it’s a pity.”

Sophie pouted, discontent. Elisha’s accessory situation was already bad enough.

“I know. I’m very upset about it too.”

Elisha fiddled with her bracelet.

‘I didn’t know it could be used only once.’

Thanks to this bracelet, she could move things around with ease. Because this bracelet found the vault where Risralpho’s body was buried.

‘Since the divine powers and magical powers from Risralpho’s corpse and vault have been around for a long time, it must have come out at a level that the mana was tainted. No wonder the bracelet worked.’

Her spontaneous plan had worked out perfectly.

‘But Lapis made it with great care.’

Now the silver bracelet was discolored and faded. Not only that, but even the tiny bell decoration had withered.

“Did you like that?”

Elisha raised her head in surprise. Lucerne appeared, standing in front of the powder room’s doorway.

“I just thought it was a waste. It’s a precious thing.”

Elisha turned her back.

“My lady was upset. Since you only have one bracelet… … . You said that it was the first time you received such a nice gift when you had received it,”

Sophie said softly. Sophie was an experienced maid, and she knew that the condition of a mistress’ jewelry and dresses came down to her husband’s favour. So she hinted to Lucerne about the condition of Elisha’s poor jewelry box.


Elisha rebuked. Lucerne watched her response.

“You must have liked the gift Lapis gave you.”

“It’s a gift from someone else, how can I hate it? That’s all.”

Lucerne chuckled.

“Come out. It’s time for someone to arrive from the store.”


Elisha was puzzled, but she followed. The luxury hotel where Lucerne and Elisha stayed had three rooms. Among them, the living space was connected to the door leading out.

Soon there was a knock. It was precisely 2 pm.

“Hello, it is an honor to have you invite our jeweler.”

A clerk from a high-end store politely bowed his head and took out a luxurious leather bag. He laid out and displayed numerous gems. They were so gorgeous and bright that they made her frown for a moment.

“Bring out the most expensive one. This woman needs some shock therapy,”

said Lucerne. The merchant was overjoyed and took out a luxurious yellow diamond bracelet. It was a beautiful ancient-style bracelet with delicate gold decorations and a yellow diamond the size of a fingernail in the middle.

“What do you think? It’s something you can’t easily see even in the high-end stores in the capital. It won the most expensive bid at last year’s jewelry auction.”

The merchant politely began to explain the craftsmanship.

“This bracelet has a beautifully crafted pair of solid gold screws to adjust it. When wearing it, it looks best and feels the most comfortable when it fits your wrist perfectly with this adjustment mechanism. Likewise when you want to take it off, you need to have it unwinded. Your husband can help you with it.”

“… … Can’t you solve it alone?”

“It can be loosened, but it is very difficult to adjust. A bracelet like this is proof of love.”

So, it was a bracelet that required her to ask Lucerne to put it on and off. It was very romantic, in Elisha’s opinion.

(L) “What do you think?”

It was a stunning piece of the highest quality.

Elisha knew how to discern the quality and grade of jewels. When she calculated the item’s price in her head, she got goosebumps on her back. She spoke bluntly.

“It resembles brilliant and beautifully crafted handcuffs, designed to firmly fit your wrist.”

It wasn’t because she didn’t like it. In fact, inside, she was a little embarrassed. Elisha had a habit of reacting coldly to unexpected kindness. Anyway, the gift was generous. But she was suspicious of gifts with unknown intentions.

“Really? I really like your take. Then I better buy it.”

Elisha looked at Lucerne. Regardless, his preferences… … .

“I never asked for a reward.”

“Your prize is you may do as you like, whenever you want. Then why don’t you just take advantage of me?”

“… … .”

“Well, when you don’t know what to do you should just shrug your shoulders.”

Elisha closed her mouth tightly and bit her lips. The green dress she had mended looked quite cheap in Lucerne’s eyes. She was frankly a little offended and took in a small breath.

“I don’t know why you’re buying it… … . I feel uncomfortable when I receive such an expensive item. I feel indebted.”

“So what if you owe more?”

“… … .”

“Elisha, if you are sane, being involved with the Cartier family is your loss. I am comfortable with spending money, and you should feel at ease about things like this.”

“… … .”

“I heard a woman needs to organize her slush fund.”

Lucerne took off Elisha’s rusty bracelet and put on a new one.

“This is all I need,”

she said.

“I heard you only have one bracelet.”

“That’s what Sophie said. Ah!”

He quickly placed Elisha’s body on her lap. The merchant’s shoulders went rigid, and he coughed, flustered, trying to pretend he didn’t see a thing.

“Choose something pretty.”

“… … .”

“Buy everything. I’ll leave you alone then,”

Lucerne smirked.

“Um, then the next step is to suck on the back of your neck.

Are you alright with that?”


Elisha protested in outrage. Seriously, this ruffian enjoyed playing with people.

‘Yes. I’m not asking him to buy it, but he is buying it. What can I do? He seems to think that he needs to dress me up expensively in order to maintain his honor.’

Elisha’s cheeks turned red, and she ended up choosing a sapphire bracelet, two silver bracelets and a pair of ruby earrings, and diamond earrings.

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