TPCP – 54.2

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He was mean. She bit her lips. Like a demon, he noticed her thoughts, reached out, and hugged her from behind.

With only her upper body supported, she surrendered to receive his cock. Elisha reflexively placed one of her hands on his, wrapped around her torso like a rope. His grip would leave a handprint on her waist. Lucerne’s other hand caressed her clit.

“Don’t hurt my collateral.” [referring to her biting her lips]

“Unnhh… … .”

As he spoke, he poked his genitals back into contact that couldn’t go any deeper.

Splish. Squirt. Clap.

Elisha’s chest fluttered and trembled due to the thrusts that made her bounce up into the air. He repeated the throbbing she felt inside as if pushing it up slowly with a steady beat. A calm feeling of pleasure hit Elisha’s lower abdomen like a wave.

“So, Marco. Ah… … . Arien… … . We have to keep them from noticing the secret… … .”


“Ugh… … .”

Lucerne bit the back of Elisha’s neck. His thrusts were getting stronger little by little.

“Well, the most basic way…… to provoke Marco—”

“A honey trap.”

Elisha shut her mouth for a moment when Lucerne’s movements stopped. Then, he tightened his strong, trunk-like arms around Elisha’s waist.

“A beautiful woman for Marco?”


“You haven’t come to your senses yet.”

Elisha did not know why he was suddenly so violently angry. His eyes were dark. Her body spun around, and she sank into the bed. Lucerne smiled and lifted Elisha’s ankle.

“I should take my time before cumming—”


“—the first time.”

Elisha was blinded by the morning. Puk! She couldn’t think of anything when he came back in deeply.

‘Oh, no… … .’

Then he spun her on her back; Elisha wrapped her legs around his waist with a lilting sound. Vicariously, he slid his hand up and down over his erect, thick penis. Elisha tightened her vulva, and her body shook with anticipation.

Lucerne bit Elisha’s lower lip and put his hand into her hair. She felt like she was going to be devoured. Swallowed whole. A primitive fear consumed her

“Oh, uh, ah……. Luce…… rne… … .”

Her mouth, body, and hair were all a mess under him. Elisha let out a cry of pure pleasure. Scream!—An animal-like sound came out of her mouth.

The sound of his clenched testicles hitting her asscheeks and his large genitals ramming her were so loud that she was terrified to see what her lower body looked like. An electric current flashed across her vision.

“H-Haa— ah! Ahh!”

While connected, Elisha reached her climax. Her whole body tightened and strangled him. He gritted his teeth and then bit his lip to hold back and withstand her sudden attack.

“Nngh, enough.”

He began to swing his back wildly again.

“Hnnn, ugh…… .”

Finally, he hit hard, rigid, and came after a long time. Then he began to bite and suck all over Elisha’s body. She could not understand his actions at all.


‘So I’m thirsty, I think I’m going to die… … .’ [t1v: that’s what she said har har]

Elisha was lying on the bed, utterly exhausted.

It was already three in the afternoon when Lucerne half force-fed her lunch in bed.

She woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, but her mind was clear compared to her fatigued body.

If Elisha hadn’t finally managed to say during sex, “I’ll send the honey trap to Arien,” she might not have gotten out of bed until the next day.

She sighed, tossing and turning. It smelled like sandalwood, Lucerne’s scent. He was holding her tightly from behind.

“You’re too much,”

accused Elisha in a hoarse voice.

“Are you still angry? Shall we reconcile one more time?”

“No— really…!… .”

She was startled. He laughed.

‘Really…… . I do not understand him.’

Elisha was prepared to confess when she sensed that today’s events had made him suspicious of her.

‘I heard in my previous life, Lucerne… … . I heard that he took his enemies to his cellar, fed them truth-telling pills and whipped them until they turned into bloody lumps of flesh.’

How clever and terrifying the technique was, that even a first-class spy said he had incontinence just by looking at the first couple of letters of Lucerne’s name.

But suddenly, after sex, Lucerne was very kind to Elisha.

‘Have you decided to put your doubts on hold for now?’

She had faced all of his foul family members before, but she had never witnessed a Cartier like him before.

“I have collected all the additional information I can gather, concerning Marco, Merha and the property.”

She nodded her head. That was very good.

“What do you want now, Elisha? If you have any questions, let me know, I’ll find out more.”


Elisha looked at Lucerne.

“I want to know more about you.”


“High Priest Merha. How is your relationship with him?”

Elisha knew that Lucerne was openly hostile against the Cartiers. But how bad was it? Things could turn out a little differently, she thought, depending on how much resentment he harbored and towards whom he had held it against.

Besides, Lucerne was also the one holding her leash. So she wanted to know ahead of time if there were any emotional attachments or weaknesses.

“I’m afraid I’m being bribed by the pocket money I receive from Uncle Merha during the New Year holidays.”

“Say it isn’t so. I don’t know if we can exchange knives.”

He readily agreed. They were definitely getting along better.

“Drink something first.”

Lucerne helped her sit up on the bed. Elisha felt better as she drank the cold tea he had ordered before.

“As you expected, an abusive, violent relationship. When I was young I grew up in a temple.”

Elisha remembered the faint whip marks on Lucerne’s chest. It was probably related to Merha.

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