TPCP – 54.1

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“If you want to reconcile, you must apologize. Yesterday I was harassed by Marco.”

So last night, he gave Marco a beating. Just the thought of it made Elisha feel better.

“Of course.”

Lucerne lifted her chin again. He bit and sucked on her lower lip and teased her gently with soft pecks.

“I must beg.”

“Unngh, Oh!… … .”

Kiss, chu. The more lewd the sounds were, the more Elisha’s toes curled.

“Like this.”

“Haa, what are you—”

Elisha pushed Lucerne’s arm away. But before she could register it, she was lying on the bed between his arms. He was truely a mysterious man. Was this something to be aroused about?

“This… … . now… … . I’m going to make a plan.”

“You’ve already got a whole plan, anyways.”

Elisha stiffened. Lucerne’s eyes curled in amusement, pleased with her confused, awkward embarrassment. She felt as if an angel was teasing her.

“And I had Ian and Nora do what was necessary.”

“Ah, umm… … . Wait.”

Slip. Her dress was undone.

“Until then, I’ll have to suck, lick and wash my wife down with my tongue. What do you think?”

Elisha blinked.

“I find you so sexy when you talk at length.”

The men of the world disliked a woman who pretended to be smart and talked a lot. Elisha thought Lucerne’s perverted tastes were indeed unusual. But she soon lost her mind.


“Your body is small and your pussy is so narrow, I can’t even put my fingers in it.”

Elisha’s mind went numb when Lucerne suddenly touched and coveted her. Her whole body became hazy with heat, causing her to tremble against her will.

She suddenly became naked with her legs spread wide, with his hand spreading her wet labia and his fingers poking and widening her slit.

Squeak, squeak.

His hands were so big and his fingers so long that all three of his knuckles could not fit. Water splashed from Elisha’s pussy with each quick movement of his fingers. His fingers rubbed and made a continuous beckoning motion.

All of a sudden, her pussy began to contract, opening and closing as she unwittingly constricted her navel as if she was expecting something. Each time, her belly button waved up and down as she tightened and loosened.

“Ugh… … . Oh… … .”

Elisha was waiting for the next part. But Lucerne, this time, withdrew his fingers and paused. Then, he lifted her by her waist and suddenly turned her over.

“Ah…!… .”

“Poke out your ass.”

Elisha lifted her ass as her head rested on the bed.

“Ha, ha… … .”

It was their first time doing it in this position. She hadn’t even touched him with her hands or sucked him off with her mouth, but his penis was already erect when it grazed her vulva. After tapping his cock on her vulva a few times, his heated penis slammed on Elisha’s hole.

“Hnnngh…… .”

Her back shuddered as she lifted her butt higher. He slowly inserted his member.

“Ah……. If suddenly…… . If you go too deep… … .”

Elisha’s entrance twitched open and began to twist and swallow his large veiny pillar. Her wet, spasming soft inner flesh clamped on his shaft. Soon, her core squeezed hard and pulled on him.

“You have a small body, but a lot of greed.”


He lifted her back once, and Elisha lifted her head to look back. Her ass was lightly trembling, and her hair was shaking. Lucerne’s large palms swept down and stroked her from her waist to her buttocks. Then he grabbed her white, soft asscheeks with both hands.

He crushed her soft flesh in his hands, gripping so tightly that Elisha was in pain. His grip was too strong.

“Ha! Softly… … .”



“You don’t know how to loosen if you clench on me. It feels like your body is stuck to me.”

Every time there was a sound of body clashing, Elisha struggled to support herself.

His rough pubic hair brushed over her engaged vulva when he deeply railed her. Her body trembled with pleasure from the sensation of being stabbed to the most sensitive part of her inner core.

Creaking, slap, clap, clap. Squelch.

The sound of flesh and splashing liquid rubbing together reverberated throughout the room. Elisha sobbed.

“Unn, ohh… … .”

Lucerne pressed his large palms against Elisha’s spine and whispered as he immobilized her waist further.

“Then, let’s hear the next move from my smart wife.”

“Huu, un, like this… … ? Now— sir… … ? Ahh… … .”

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