TPCP – 53.1

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“That is……. It is not perfectly preserved. It’s true that a Temporal Magic Field was created, but there’s no guarantee it’ll ever be perfect.”

“… … .”

The rest was explained by Lucerne.

“The corpse’s lower half looks like jelly. It melted and stuck to the bottom of the secret vault. It happens sometimes in the magic field.”

Elisha realized why Lucerne had previously kept her from seeing the entire corpse when they mentioned the lower half.

She changed the subject.

“But do Arien or Marco know what’s hidden at the site?”

When she asked Ian, he offered his opinion.

“I don’t think so. Had they known, they would not have left that land alone and unspoken for until now. With the disposition of the Cartier family… … . uh… … . Well.”

“Why are you looking at me?”

As he spoke, Ian noticed that he might be swearing at his master. Lucerne snorted. Everyone who knew the Cartiers were greedy ghosts and gold-crazed demons.

Elisha nodded inwardly.

‘Yes, that’s right. Neither Marco nor Merha know the true value of that estate.’

Had they known such a scheme existed, they would have set fire to state-owned land or done something similar, and the body would have been disposed of.

“Then why do they want to buy that property?”

Nora asked innocently.

“It must have been because they are uneasy. It was the land that Risralpho owned. Besides, there were stab wounds on his stomach.”

Once again, Elisha discreetly planted suggestions eliciting people’s thoughts. Before she could explain further, Lucerne replied,

“Those who killed Risralpho probably never found his body. Then the murderers would want to own everything that has to do with him, just in case. You’re right. They’re uneasy,”

Lucerne said calmly.

“Risralpho loved luxury. He used to have a lot of fun when he went to Yurif. He was thinking of building a bungalow here. He talked about wanting to build a villa with hot springs. It seems like he had only made a secret safe and died before the construction of the villa even started.”

“Did you know him?”

Elisha asked in surprise.

“Because I was in the temple when Risralpho was alive. I met him occasionally. He was arrogant, but he wasn’t a bad guy.”

“…… Ah.”

Elisha nodded.

“Anyway, Risralpho seemed to have escaped to his underground secret vault hidden beneath the ground. For only he could have opened it.”


Lucerne agreed with a nod.

“Then they must have tried to kill Risralpho in the vicinity, no. It was a murder. Then what Marco wants to buy is the land that is the site of the Risralpho murder.”

Nora let out a small sigh.

“Ah, so that’s why Arien wanted to buy the land under the borrowed names at the real estate office.”

“What a surprise!”

Elisha pretended to be astonished, but inside she was pleased with herself. But then, again, Lucerne was a man who was unrivaled by the likes of Jacob and Marco. He got the facts right away with just a few hints from her.

‘If I were a teacher, I would not only give him full marks to a student like Lucerne, but I would also give away my pocket money to give him a prize.’

If he knew it, he would growl and want to punish her in its place. Instead, Elisha decided to push further.

“Then how about taking that body? It’s evidence of the Merha’s crimes. After all, you’re right that they auctioned off the wrong person’s body.”

“The corpse is preserved in a special magical field. If you were make a mistake the whole body could turn into jelly,”

explained Lucerne.

“Then… … .”

Ian and Nora looked at each other. Elisha leaned her back on her chair, slowly closed her eyes, and opened them.

“Whoever gets their hands on that land will have the weakness that could destroy Marco.”

They exchanged glances without realizing it.

Elisha was delighted. If she had been working with the Jacobs, they would have taken four years to come to the same conclusions, even with her hints.


Lucerne set Ian and Nora off with some instructions.

“Well, then let’s have a little talk amongst ourselves.”

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