TPCP – 52.1

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‘Merha asks Marco to handle a lot of business connected to his survival in the temple.’

Elisha nodded her head slightly, indicating that she was listening.

‘In the end, the most important thing for the Head is their business proficiency.’

The Cartier family were merchants, starting in the finance business and circulating their money throughout the country. After all, to prove your ability as the ducal head, you need to demonstrate your business aptitude.

Marco had no business ability and was stigmatized for failing in whatever he did. However, the reason why he managed to persevere as Jacob’s competitor was simple.

‘His father is supporting him from behind.’

Thanks to his father, Merha, Marco lived a splendid life and sauntered around in pride.

In fact, in her prior life, Elisha thought that his arrogance was enormous, considering that he seemed to be advertising that nepotism and corruption gave him his standing.

“May I go inside and have a look?”

“You’d better not go.”


“It’s better not to look closely.”

Elisha tilted her head. From her position, only the face and upper body of the corpse were visible. Ian briefly reported.

“It is filled with bonds, paper bankbooks, jewels and relics, and a ‘Blood Pigeon,’ the highest level manastone.”

“In whose name are the bonds and bankbooks in?”

she asked quickly.

“Er……. Everything is in the name of Risralpho himself.”

Elisha looked at Nora.

“Then who is the owner of that warehouse?”

“Do you mean that secret warehouse belongs to Risralpho too?”

Nora asked in a bewildered voice. Risralpho was dead, imprisoned in his safe, and died perfectly preserved.

“Then did he commit suicide in there?”

“No. He had a stab wound in the stomach. He was murdered.”

“The auction of Lystralfo’s corpse was about eight years ago. If he’s here now……. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t.”

Elisha had never seen Nora speak for so long. Indeed, she had been raised in a monastery and was very interested in the temple’s business, so she was able to find the information Elisha was looking for.

“Well, it’s really very strange.”

“… … .”

“What do you think, Elisha?”

Lucerne watched her as if inhaling her faint figure in his eyes.

“What is the correct answer? To this mystery.”

“That’s something I don’t know,”

Elisha answered quietly and turned away from his gaze.

“But if this is the real Prophet Risralpho’s corpse, then you have information that could mortally wound and bring down Marco. Congratulations.”

At her words, the corners of his lips rose.

“It’s thanks to you for finding this place, by chance.”

“…… Yes. I was lucky.”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”


“It’s a night full of thoughts. The most important lesson imparted on me was that sweet things are always a trap.”

He wrapped his arms around Elisha’s shoulders. Her back was rigid with tension. She read Lucerne’s gaze: Satisfaction, doubt, and another emotion that she could discern nor understand.

It was a very unusual gaze; a fierce look resembling a beast wanting to devour everything. Yet, with this complex gaze, he was watching Elisha.

“It’s chilly. My wife can’t catch a cold. Shall we go back for now?”

murmured Lucerne in her ear. It was then that she was consciously aware of her stiff shoulders.


Even Elisha didn’t know everything.

But she knew one thing for sure. That there was a secret hidden on the property. And that Risralpho’s body was enough information to destroy Marco.

‘Well, there is a secret vault under the ground containing the prophet’s body.’

It was Carola who discovered this secret during her previous life. Carola noticed that Arien coveted the parcel of land and bought it from underneath her on a whim. It was only four years later when the secret of the land was discovered.

‘The cellar where the corpse is located is a secret vault sealed with Risralpho’s power. Only a high-ranking wizard could find and open it.’

Four years later, Carola recalled the vacant land and decided to build her new villa there. Afterwards, she found out the mysteries there with the help of a wizard who accompanied her.

Other than that, Elisha didn’t know much. Risralpho had been murdered, and she knew only that Jacob had taken advantage of Marcos’ weakness.

‘That was the beginning of Marco’s downfall.’

She recalled memories of her past life. The banquet where Marco had molested her. It was around then. Carola discovered the secrets of that site.


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