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Lucerne was handling business in the hotel room. When he arrived at the capital, he still had a lot of things to attend to. Thanks to the fact that he was in a city just a short distance from the capital, he received quite a few telegrams last night.

“Excuse me.”

Amidst this, there was a knock on the door.

“I think they’re here again.”

Ian let out a sigh and opened the door. A hotel employee with his arms full of red boxes was standing at the entrance. Lucerne nodded, and Ian received the packages. Gift boxes that had already arrived were piled up near the sofa.

Ordered by: Elisha de Lor

Violet Dressing Room.

“Now, take a look at what it is.”

“No, you’re not asking me to look at the stuff; I am conducting a safety check. Sir, those are stockings. Silver.”

When Lucerne heard the word stockings, he burst into laughter. Ian pretended not to see the scene.

“Close it now.”

“Oh, yes.”

Ian repackaged the box again.

“It looks like your wife is enjoying her vacation. Didn’t you say that this was a trip that the madam originally wanted?”

“Well, she also has a cute side.”

As soon as morning came, Elisha went out to the streets to shop and, as if to prove something, goods continued to be delivered to their shared hotel room. Lucerne found it highly amusing because her actions felt like a kind of protest.

She was a woman with a tingling taste. It was just the kind of thrilling exhilaration he wanted to roll on his tongue. Even as a child, he was a child who always ate bitter, sour candy that made his tongue tingle.

But it was strange. The more you swallow, the sweeter it gets. Lucerne thought.

Then there was a knock.


The door opened, and Nora entered. Nora was carrying many boxes in her arms.

“Is that also the lady’s?”

Ian accepted the boxes. Nora nodded her head.

“My wife,”

Lucerne asked without turning his gaze away.

“Having a cup of tea in the salon downstairs.”

“Well, how was everything?”

Nora hesitated. Then Lucerne raised his head from his work.


“As instructed, I closely watched whatever she was doing and was by her side. But…….”


“She looked very upset. It’s a bit complicated to tell you…….”

Ian was also paying attention now.

“If I have violated any military ordinance, please punish me.”

“What do you mean?”

At Lucerne’s inquiry, Nora slowly put together her words.

“Actually, it seems that the lady and I have been to a dangerous place. However, I’m not sure about that either. So…….”

Her remarks made his brow furrow.

“My wife got hurt?”


Nora’s report was truly strange.

“You spotted Arien on the road?”

“Yes. But……. Suddenly, she asked me to go buy that land.”

“The land in Yurif that Arien wanted to buy?”

“Yes. The land was just around the corner.”

“Did you follow her again?”

“My lady moved so quickly that I had no choice. I didn’t want to use force to stop her. But it’s really bizarre……. The site was just a flat, dismal, empty plain where grass did not grow in the middle of the forest.”

“What’s so peculiar about that?”

asked Ian, who became frustrated.

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  1. I just binge read this whole novel. I love this so much and your translation is AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing this!! Also, daaamn, the smut is *hot*. And both Lucerne and Elisha are so amazing. Love them as separate characters and LOVE them when they’re together. Their chemistry is off the charts.

    Seriously, thank you so much for this amazing translation!

  2. Thank you for the amazing translation! Also binge reading this and WOW. Totally hooked, to this site and all the staff, you are angels!! Thak you for making this novel accessible to us lowly non Korean folks lol 😉

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