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‘But why are men looking at me?’

Elisha stroked her cheek. She kept recalling her past life. When she saw men staring at her strangely, she wondered if there was still a scar on her cheek.

Then there was the sound of the terrace door opening. Elisha’s eyes widened.


Lucerne’s cousin and the Duke’s second grandson. It was Marco. He seemed normal, his steps even, but she intuitively thought he was a little drunk.

Elisha’s shoulders stiffened.

“Oh, who is this? Hello, should I call you Lady Elisha now?”

“I didn’t know you would remember my name,”

Elisha responded with an icy countenance,

“I was about to leave. Please excuse me.”

Elisha turned her back. She was about to leave, notifying him to maintain the bare minimum of courtesy. At that moment, Marco grabbed her wrist tightly. Her eyebrows frowned.

“What is this?”

“I heard from Arien that you were clinging on to Lucerne in public and doing perverted things, umm? Anyway, there are plenty of quiet-looking bitches like you. You must have thought your future is secure because Lucerne has some Cartier blood in him. But regardless, that bastard will remain a nobody his entire life, unable to become the Duke. Do you really think the next Head of Cartier will leave him be with him running around like that?”


Elisha wondered what she was listening to. Marco continued, interpreting her reaction to his liking.

“You better get in line too. Heh, you’ll find out with time. It is better to be the mistress of a man like me than to be the wife of an illegitimate punk.”

Elisha doubted her ears. So …….

‘Right now……. Are you trying to seduce me?’

It was unbelievable. She really couldn’t help but question if her ears were functioning correctly. Marco was looking at her with sinister eyes.

Elisha knew him well. He liked to bully and nitpick on the women under his authority, and he had often vented his anger towards Jacob on her numerous times. Furthermore…….

‘He was trying to do something weird to me.’

Whenever he saw her, He cursed her for being a disgusting, ugly woman, but Marco harbored a twisted lecherousness for her. It was partly because of him that Elisha shrank from and avoided men.

In her previous life, she was terrified and had to endure his sexual harassment. But now she……. didn’t. At least now she was on the same boat with Lucerne.

“Really? Is that so?”

Elisha donned a smile on her face without realizing it. It was a cold smile.

“Yes. Of course.”

Marco raised his chin and voice, perhaps gaining confidence from her reply.

“It would be better for you if you pleased me. After all, the Gaju’s words are law in this family.”


Elisha said kindly,

“I only was recently introduced to the members of the Cartier household, so I don’t know much about the family. So, will Marco move on to the next generation?”


Marco bit his mouth.

“The next time I see the Head, can I ask that? Has a successor to the ducal house been appointed? That’s what Marco said. May I pass it on?”

It was only then he realized he was being mocked. Marco’s hand trembled.

“You slutty bitch. You dare make fun of me? Oh, do you do this when you spread your legs to Lucerne?”

“No. She’s nice and pretty when she spreads her legs to me. My wife has a good eye for people.”

A heavy voice was heard. Elisha raised her head. Suddenly, the door to the terrace was open, and Lucerne was standing there.

“I—I… … .”

Marco’s face turned white. She wanted to laugh at him. Cartiers were like this. Demeaning and ridiculing behind Lucerne’s back but unable to utter a word in front of him.

Click— Lucerne closed the terrace door. He blinked, and the curtain closed on its own.

“The garden is quiet. There’s no one is here.”

And the terrace door was tightly closed, separated from the ballroom. Marco was sweating. Elisha quickly moved to Lucerne’s side.

“I heard a lot of interesting things about my wife.”


“Let’s try and recall it again, shall we? What did you say?”

Lucerne approached him, his red eyes shining dangerously. Marco’s body began to tremble.

“Oh, you must have a bad memory. When I was young, I was taught that if I was dumb, I’d have to learn by getting beaten.”


Something black appeared in his hand. Elisha recognized it. It was Lucerne’s shadow beast.

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