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“General, it’s been a while.”

“Congratulations on another victory.”

Lucerne introduced Elisha as his wife. Numerous people flocked towards her, many wanting to kiss the back of her hand. She kept some distance from them, with her eyes gazing at them politely.

“She’s really beautiful.”

“Actually, I thought it was just a rumor, but she’s more than what they say.”

Many people whispered about Elisha. Some people were already rushing to invite her to their events.

‘It looks like being a general’s wife will be troublesome.’

Elisha looked at Lucerne. Fortunately, he cut people off for her.


Only after Lucerne went to the men’s cigarette room was Elisha able to take a breath.

Ladies gathered around her, inquiring about her background.

“I’ve never heard of Lady Elisha’s parents. However, since you are from a noble family of the Old Kingdom, then you must come from a venerable, historical family.”

“Yes, it is an old family. But no one in the capital knows about them. I am also looking forward to meeting many new people,”

Elisha responded evenly, treating everyone with equal ambivalence.

Fortunately, she was used to how noblewomen spoke. She served Carola and Jacob, so she had had to deal with numerous ladies.

“Did you hear?—The Marquis of Fullmoon’s wife is so pitiful—who knew he was such a pervert?”

“I heard she fell ill. How funny. When a husband cheated on his wife, she was indiscreetly bragging that her man was different. Those who seem spotless have more to hide, don’t they?”

“According to the servants, they’re getting divorced and fighting a lot.”

Elisha, too, had heard rumors that the Marquis of Fullmoon family was being ridiculed and humiliated in high society. It was pleasing news.

“Lady Elisha, what do you think of the rumors about the Marquis of Fullmoon?”

The ladies observed Elisha with strange, expectant eyes. The Marquis of Fullmoon was the father-in-law of Jacob, the eldest grandson of the Cartier family. Elisha couldn’t bring herself to say anything good about the Jacobs.

“I do not know.”

She skillfully evaded the question and changed the topic.

“I don’t know much about affairs in the capital. Are there any interesting events coming up soon on the social calendar?”

“Ah, yes. There’s a temple festival soon, and Saint Undine will make a public appearance. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for it.”

“Because Saint Undine is very beautiful. It will be a bigger event than there was for Prophet Risralpho.”

The Prophet Risralpho was not a priest while he was alive. It was said that one day he realized the will of the gods, and he became a prophet. He predicted and prevented a flood and two plagues during his lifetime. Additionally, all of his lesser divinations came to fruition as he had foretold.

Moreover, Risralpho’s reputation was spotless, and he died young. It meant… … .

‘It means he’s making a lot of money for the temple.’

Prophets were deemed a step lower than the Saints. But Risralpho was a famous prophet. So when he died, after the five years of customary mourning, the well-preserved body of Risralpho was put on display in a glass coffin, earning a tremendous amount of money from the exhibition for several years.

Risralpho’s corpse was then preserved by wizards and sold in bone shards. For astronomical money.

It was said that the temple made a fortune after Risralpho’s funeral.

Because of the myth, having a bone fragment of a prophet prevented misfortune and brought in wealth. Besides, the value as a collectible is enormous. There were also those who had blasphemous hearts and participated in such bone-carving auctions as an investment.

“My husband has a piece of Risralpho’s bone. Because of this, he was able to buy land in the capital, and the price went up tremendously.”

“How incredible. Such fortune……. I am sure it is from Risralpho’s blessing?”

“Is it a blessing?”

Elisha asked indifferently while drinking champagne. The ladies’ expressions changed.


“No, nothing. Risralpho accomplished many great things while he was alive. For example, finding the source of an epidemic or predicting a flood.”

“That’s right! Besides, he even pledged to donate his body. How meaningful even helping the poor in death.”

When the bones of the prophets were sold, the money fell in the hands of the temple. The money was then used ‘to help the poor,’ so it was commendable. Only Elisha was softly smiling with ridicule.

‘If it were me, I would never let my body be sold. Is it something noble?’

Moreover, the temple said that “part” of the proceeds was used to help the poor. Even that word was meaningful. Elisha had never seen that the monetary records were made public.


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