TPCP – 47.2

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In the resort town of Yurif, informal balls were held every night.

When a nobleman stayed at a luxury hotel, it was natural for them to attend the ball in the evening. Even foreigners staying at a hotel also attended.

So aristocrats strived to stay at the higher-class hotels. Nobility wanted to build connections there and show off that they were socializing with great people.

Elisha knew that the hotel they were staying at was the most expensive and difficult to book in Yurif.

“Please attend the ball, just show your face. Many distinguished guests and VIPs are looking forward to greeting the general.”

On the afternoon of the third day, the manager came and eagerly pleaded that they attend the ball.

Annoyed, Lucerne said he would only show his face with a lazy look. The manager bowed several times, saying he was grateful for that alone.

“That’s great. I wanted a change of pace.”

“Do you enjoy going to balls?”

“I don’t enjoy it that much, but it’s not bad either.”

Even though she said one thing, Elisha thought another.

‘If you don’t go out like this, you might really be stuck in your room having sex the whole time.’

Elisha was amazed that Lucerne continued having sex with her. She was afraid that he would get tired of her one day, and she was apprehensive by becoming too immersed by him.

Elisha changed her clothes in a powder room space divided by a partition.



Lucerne replied indifferently as he read the reports beyond the partition. The ever-busy Ian, brought the entire office and it’s documents for his boss to look at.

“How shall I introduce myself to people?”

Lucerne didn’t answer for a moment.

“What do you mean? You’re my wife. Then, should you say you’re my mistress?”

“Nevermind. I don’t find that sort of joke amusing,”

Elisha answered as she put on her earrings. She was still thinking of the princess at that moment.

‘Lucerne and the Princess……. They’re a popular couple in the public’s eye.’

The war hero and the princess were thought of as a wonder, were politically aligned, so the people secretly hoped for the union between the two. Perhaps Lucerne wanted to maintain a good image for the people through his relationship with the princess.

“By the way, with the princess,”

Lucerne said indifferently.

“Even while staying at the imperial palace, I’ve never met her other than the day written about in the newspaper. The side-by-side portraits were painted by artists with delusions.”

Elisha paused,

“Is that so?”

Elisha finished her makeup and looked in the mirror.

“’I’m not interested, I don’t like wasting my emotions.’ I guess you don’t say things like this.”

“It’s not that I’m not interested. And… If you say so, then that’s how it is.”

“Why are you so obedient? What do you want me to do for you?”

Elisha looked at herself in the mirror. Little by little, her lips relaxed. She regained control and hid her expression out of habit.

This man also played with people. In addition, he was extremely quick-witted.

Elisha smiled bitterly.

‘But I like today’s dress. As expected, I have to use everything at hand. Good job fixing the useless dresses in the mansion.’

The green silk dress, which was tailored to resemble her mother’s dress, matched her complexion in its own way. Seldomly did she have such confidence as she did now.

In order to match the current trends, the sleeves were removed and the upper part of the chest was tailored to reveal cleavage a little boldly, but the skirt had a generous amount of green silk that flowed and elegantly waved with every step she took.

Elisha slowly came out of the partition.

“Let’s go.”

Lucerne ogled Elisha’s appearance as if his eyes were licking her. She ignored his gaze because her cheeks were about to turn red.

She felt a little delighted, too. The memories of her childhood came to mind after a very long time.

‘It was a dream of mine to wear my mother’s dress and attain a ball.’


The banquet hall of the hotel was crowded with people. When Elisha appeared holding Lucerne’s arm, people’s attention were hyperfocused on her.

“She’s the one who’s been rumored to be…….”

People whispered. Elisha picked up those stories and wondered what the rumors were going around. It probably wasn’t a very good rumor.

‘The general who married a penniless noblewoman in a trade for her title.’

It’s probably that kind of content. However, people’s reactions were more engrossed and stuck to her more than expected. The ladies and gentlemen looked at the couples with strange expressions. Elisha didn’t know why.

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