TPCP – 47.1

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“Ahhh, hoo……. huek.….”

Splash, splash—

The answer was obvious. The next moment, she was undressed and on Lucerne’s lap. He teased her, poking his erection while they were in the water as if he was about to put it inside Elisha.

Perhaps the body seemed to adapt faster than the mind. Elisha got hot in the water, quivering and twitching her ass involuntarily.

“I know, I want to fuck you, too. It was hard to hold back even on the way here,”

Lucerne divulged as if he was amused. He clenched her ass and slowly stuck it in while they were under water. The water clapped at the same time as she bounced her back.

“Hmm… It feels different because it’s underwater,”

she whispered. As her inner wall sucked in his penis, water also infiltrated.

“It gets better the more you do it. You know I wouldn’t lie to you,”

He pressed herear as if rolling it around with his thumb and slammed her pelvis down. Elisha’s whole body fluttered.

“Ah, haa, haa…….”

Her body felt like it was melting in the hot spring water. Lucerne bit her ear as if in praise.

“Let’s take it slow. Since you shouldn’t lose too much strength on our first day.”

Elisha was worried and her stomach began to tremble.

What if I get stuck in the room and don’t go outside throughout the trip?

“How on earth… How did you endure it?”


He began to raise his pelvis while sitting down, speaking in a breathy voice. It became difficult for Elisha to concentrate on her thoughts. Her inner walls loosened by the hot water, clung on and swallowed and sucked on Lucerne’s.

“Your sexual desire……. Hiccup…No women… ..…. Carola said…….”

“That’s all nonsense. As you can see I like being nasty, I will teach you everything. What did you overhear? Our little ghost.”



Elisha hung tightly around Lucerne’s neck.

“So, you shouldn’t have seduced me.”

Really, she thought he was being unfair. The deal she offered him was not really a physical deal. It was Lucerne was the one who turned the information transaction into one involving her body and her life.

“Then… You…….”

“Ah, ah, of course.”

He replied as if he were soothing a child. And Elisha really couldn’t counter.

Slap, splattering!

Lucerne got up from the spot with his hand under Elisha’s knee. It seemed that in the water there was an inconvenience for him.

“Ah, Lucerne!”

Scared, she hung onto his body. Elisha, of average height and slender, was easily lifted like a doll in front of Lucerne who had many times more strength then of the average person.

Thump, thump, thump. As Lucerne began to pound her fiercely while standing, Elisha was stuck from underneath and her body began to bounce and sway up and down in the air.

Her legs were trapped in his arms, drawing an m-shape.

Without even a wall to lean on, Elisha calmly surrendered to his tough body. Every time he hit it, her pale, soft asscheeks waved and shook.

“Hmm… unn…. Oh…..!”

The sound of his testicles slapping against her vulva was loud. She struggled as if she had been penetrated by a pillar of fire and couldn’t breathe.

“Ah, ahh, Lucerne…….”

But it was strangely good. As if her core was on fire. The more she was stuck, the more pleasure was building up. Elisha gasped, tightening her asshole.

“Hmm, I…. … feel… ….. weird… “

“I know. Let’s go at the same time, okay?”

Lucerne said. She gasped and barely nodded. Lucerne began to hit it frantically.

Deeply pierced, Elisha twisted herself in the air. However, even that was not possible because her whole body was held in the air by him.

“Oh, ooh.….…. Ahhh!

Elisha’s pussy squeezed him tight, and Lucerne erupted semen.

‘I did it yesterday, why…….’

A large amount of semen flowed down, mixed with her natural lube, water, and sticky sweat secreted from the inside of her thigh, flowed down.

Finally, he put her down. Contrary to his strong gestures from before, he dealt with her with a very careful attitude. Elisha collapsed in the bath. Suddenly, she could see his semen being released in the bathtub water.

Elisha blushed and avoided it. When Lucerne reached out, she barely stood up in his arms.


Lucerne whispered.

“I’ll have to wash you all over again. Every corner. I should wash the inside first.” [t1v: in Korean wash/lick/suck is the same word so he is sexy double-speaking, as usual]

“I can wash myself.”

Elisha muttered softly. She conveyed her dissatisfaction by pushing Lucerne’s hand, but it was not noticeable even when she applied more strength with her small hand.

He only hugged her tighter, finding her unbearably adorable.

Eventually, on the first day, Elisha was laid on a lounge next to the bathtub. Lucerne lathered and rubbed her whole body on the pretext of cleaning her. Whenever he stimulated the sensitive and wet parts of her body with his fingertips, Elisha trembled and later fell asleep.

Eventually, with his soapy fingers tormenting her vagina, she languidly climaxed twice without insertion.

And Elisha and Lucerne did not leave the room for a full day and a half.

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