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“Hello, I stopped by because my brother Lapis said he was indebted to you a lot, my lady. It must have been hard to listen to his rambling but thank you. I’m sure he was a bother.”

Elisha bowed her head lightly and greeted them.

‘Indeed… Lapis knows his stuff and talks a lot about the magical sciences.’

But Elisha had a natural talent for listening to others. Lapis often visited, and there were times when what he said was fascinating. However, Lapis is firmly entrenched in making magic tools these days. Moreover, the field was so complicated that she barely understood half of what he was talking about.

Lapis licked his lips.

“No… I didn’t mean to bother you.”

Lapis glanced at Elisha, hoping she would say she wasn’t troubled by him. However, there was also a rising anxiety about what to do if she inside had really been annoyed with him.

“On the contrary, I don’t know the field, so I’m not a good friend for Lapis to talk to. I’m glad that you come by often when having a hard time. Thanks to you, I’m not lonely.”

She spoke calmly. Lapis’ face turned bright.

“Give it to her.”

“No, you give it to her!”

Lapis was embarrassed and annoyed by Lazri’s words. Elisha tilted her head. Lazri eventually grabbed him by the back of his neck and dragged him forward.

“This is… a gift.”

Lapis held something out, and Elisha received the item. It was a stunning silver bracelet. When she looked closely, there were tiny, elegant details that were paper-thin. It wrapped around the wrist two or three times. The pattern was incredibly impressive.

“It looks like real silver. It’s gorgeous. Why are you suddenly bringing such a precious item…..?”

“It’s a magic tool made by Lapis, saying he wanted to gift it to the lady. He wouldn’t stop talking about it. I’m better at crafting magic tools, so he waited until I returned from the war and finished it together.”


Elisha fiddled with it in her hand.

‘These days, he’s only been talking about magic tools…….’

She had thought it was a little boring because she didn’t understand what he had been talking about. But his many words were because of his enthusiasm while creating a magic tool for her.

She was not used to unexpected kindness. Elisha couldn’t control her face due to the flood of unforeseen emotions she was not prepared for. The happier she was, the tighter her face became, and her cheeks turned red.

“But it’s almost made completely by Lapis’ power alone. I only helped at the end and assisted the silversmith.”

“What are you talking about? Hush!”

Lapis grumbled for no reason. Elisha tinkered with the bracelet for a long time.

“Thank you.”


“It’s my first time receiving such an extraordinary gift.”

This time, Lapis’ face turned red, and he turned his back and walked away. Elisha tried to catch him.

“Listen to the explanation, first. This is a magic tool, a bracelet that makes sounds if there is corrupted mana or equivalent to bad energy around it. It detects very strong and contaminated mana. For example, a monster from a high predator class.’

“I see.”

Elisha nodded. She knew well that such magic tools were extremely expensive. Its price would far outweigh its equivalent weight in gold.

“Please tell Lapis that I will use it well.”

Lazri nodded. She wrapped it well in a handkerchief and put it in her arms. With that packing for the trip was finally over.


Yurif was very close, and there was a direct gate in the capital. They departed in the morning and arrived at the hotel before lunch.

It was typical for hotels in hot spring locales to have VIP rooms with several quarters with private baths. Elisha unpacked her luggage when she arrived at the accommodations and looked around.

“Do you like it?”

Lucerne asked.

“It’s a nice space. I’ve never been to a place like this,”

Elisha admitted in a calm but candid tone.

Sophie quickly unpacked. While changing clothes, Elisha mulled over how she could move around freely.

‘I have to get out somehow. My purpose is not to sightsee. I’m here to find it.’

Lucerne, unaware of Elisha’s inner thoughts, beckoned to her.

“Then, let’s start with hot springs like you wanted.” [*villainess cackle*]

He spoke languidly like a carnivore.

‘This… It’ll be over soon, right?’

Elisha had goosebumps. What do couples usually do on their honeymoon?

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