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He must have noticed that there was something dubious about Elisha’s words.

“Why? There are people like Lapis. At 14, he’s already the second-highest wizard in the empire.”


“I mean… I can play my duty as a wife well. If there’s a clear reward and punishment, I’ll work even harder.”


Lucerne turned his head. Elisha was relieved when his cold mask loosened.

“I’ll call the jewelry. Buy anything you want.”

Lucerne said apathetically. Elisha realized he was talking about her “award.”

“Jewelry… It’s fine. I don’t have to go out right now.”

She did need jewelry. When she imagined the future, the more money she had, the better. However, Elisha’s property ownership in the contract would only be recognized after divorce, so it was like a casino chip that could only be used in the building.

It doesn’t mean anything if you just carry chips without exchanging them for money at the casino. A chip is just a toy.

The only way to exchange the chip for money was to make Lucerne the head of the household and divorce him according to their contract.

‘Besides, I need something more than jewelry now, so I’ll have to you to do it.’

Elisha thought of visiting the hot spring resort town of Yurif. There, there would be a hidden key to the succession war ahead.

“Do you want anything else?”

“I want to go on a trip. A place I’ve never been.”

Elisha cautiously brought it up.

“Do you want to go on a honeymoon?”


Elisha doubted her ears. Honeymoon……. It was a word that didn’t suit Lucerne and herself at all. Additionally, honeymoons amongst the aristocrats were only in vogue for young newlyweds with love marriages.

‘I can go alone.’

Elisha’s words rose to her throat. Frankly, she wanted to go alone. But she intrinsically felt that if she said so, she would displease Lucerne.

‘Well, there are positives about him coming along. If you coordinate the situation well, you can get what you want with Lucerne’s help more easily than you initially assumed. Maybe we’ll even get a little closer.’

Increasing her intimacy with Lucerne was the same as increasing the likelihood of not dying at Lucerne’s hands even if things went south.

“You’re busy; it won’t be easy.”

“How long do you want to go? Do you want to travel around the world for about half a year?”

“A trip around the world?”

Elisha wondered what he meant. It would be extremely costly to travel around the world.

“No. It’s enough to go on a short trip nearby. I heard about it when I was in Jacob’s mansion. Ladies often visit and rest at a resort near the city with a hot spring.…. I heard it’s good for your skin. I’ve been longing to go.”

Lucerne seemed to think of something.

“Yurif has hot springs. Are you talking about that?”

Elisha nodded and tried to maintain an aloof attitude so as not to look suspicious.

“Carola also has a villa there. Collateral servants like myself who worked in Jacob’s mansion……. We were all envious of Carola,”

Elisha explained quietly; she hoped Lucerne would not doubt her words.

“It will take a few days, of course, the general is always busy, so if you’re not available—”

“Let’s go,”

Lucerne casually said. Elisha’s eyes instantly brightened up.


Elisha honestly nodded.

“Yes, I really wanted to go there.”

One corner of Lucerne’s mouth discreetly rose. He said nothing more. 


Since morning, the general had been diligently busy. It was because of the lord’s sudden whim.

“Yurif? The general is going to a place like that?”

Yurif, was a spa resort town with hot springs very close to the capital and rather a popular holiday spot for aristocrats these days. Lucerne was not interested in taking such holidays, so there were no villas that he had in Yurif, let alone regular hotels that the lord had already stayed in.

The butler urgently had to find a suitable hotel in Yurif by wire. Fortunately, he was able to get a reply and quickly book since it was not during peak season.

Wherever Lucerne went, Ian accompanied him as his close aide. Plus, Nora would escort them. Since Nora was obviously chosen as Elisha’s escort, the other knights were slightly jealous of her.


Sophie hastily packed for the madam’s sudden trip. Usually, it took at least half a day to prepare and pack for a hostess’ trip.

This was because when noble ladies went to resorts, they did not just play and eat but went to parties and walked around locales wearing beautiful clothes from the morning to evening. But Sophie finished her work much quicker than anticipated.

“The packing… is done.”

Elisha’s lack of possessions was the main reason. Sophie had even packed all the cosmetics and accessories she had, packing one casual outfit and two or three dresses she had.

Sophie became a little upset. In society, the status, prestige, and esteem a hostess held were reflected by the quality and quantity of jewelry and colorful dresses. The household was not even wealthy at the former estate where she worked before, but they had more than Elisha. If a master’s authority was insignificant, their subordinates suffered.

“Well done, Sophie.”

Maybe Elisha was ignorant of Sophie’s thoughts because she only looked at the books and relaxedly spoke about the meals until just before she left.

“What’s wrong? Was it tough to pack up?”

“N-no, my lady.”

Sophie hid her subdued expression. Then there was a knock on the door. Sophie opened the door. Unexpected people stood at the door. It was Lapis and Lazri.

“Welcome, Knight Lapis. It seems Knight Lazri accompanied you, too?”

Elisha got up from her seat and greeted Lazri politely.

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