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‘What time is it?’

Elisha opened her eyes weakly. Her whole body seemed heavy and limp like wet cotton. When she looked around, a magic tool lamp lit the half-dark room.

The moment Elisha opened her eyes, she felt like someone was dragging her whole body. Lucerne hugged and pulled her from behind.

Elisha sighed. There was still a sense of residual pleasure in her body.

‘I can’t believe my day went by like this.’

Having breakfast…. And now it was night. She managed to get up as Lucerne watched her and tilted his head.

“Wash up. Dress up nicely too. Let’s eat dinner.”

Elisha nodded.

“I’ll wash up first.”

“Wear your outerwear.”

Elisha’s eyes got bigger.

“At this hour?”

“It’s dinner time. Let’s have the meal we couldn’t eat last time.”

Exhausted, Elisha’s whole body was stiff, so she wasn’t in the mood to move. Regardless, she headed to the bathroom, thoughtfully puzzled.


The resonance of a slow musical performance rang in the hall. Elisha was sitting side by side in a hotel restaurant with Lucerne.

In the evening, the luxury restaurant was packed. It was clear that the wealthy men and women dressed up like peacocks came for secret rendezvous or trysts.

‘Everyone is looking at Lucerne.’

The women at the tables have been glancing at Lucerne since earlier.

‘Is it because he’s handsome or because they recognized you?’

It was already 8 p.m. All she did was have sex and drool in her sleep. [t1v: #goals] And she was still sleepy. Drowsiness was the only sensation that upheld her body.

On the other hand, Lucerne, who put his hair back and wore a neat suit, seemed like a different person.

Elisha let Lucerne order from the menu for her.

‘It’s a restaurant attached to a hotel.’

Elisha looked around. Perhaps the princess would appear?

“What are you looking for?”

“No… Suddenly, you invited me here, so I was wondering if there was anyone I should introduce myself to.”

“I’m having dinner with my wife. Who should I introduce?”


That is to say… Shouldn’t such a thing be done with a genuine wife? Elisha’s very sensible question arose. Moreover, Lucerne looked strangely happy.

It was then.

“A—a man dressed up as a woman attacked me. He’s coming to catch me—he’s going to get me!

The sudden disturbance shook the hotel. There was a spiral staircase against a wall of the eatery, and everyone knew that the staircase led to the hotel on the second floor. A man who took the stairs was running out, causing widespread bewilderment.

‘What’s that?’

The man’s appearance was spectacular. He was half-naked with only underwear on his lower half, a bustier around his neck, and a feminine silk shawl hung over his shoulders. Even the man’s girdle fell behind him as he ran.

“What’s wrong with him? It looks like he’s running away after cheating on her wife,”

someone muttered. Laughter and gossip spread among the crowd witnessing the insane man.

‘That person….’

Elisha recognized the man.

‘The Marquis of Fullmoon?’

It was the Marquis of Fullmoon, Carola’s father. The Marquise of Fullmoon, the marquis’ wife, and their seemingly harmonious and friendly marriage was the object of envy of many noblewomen. But that same marquis was running around a hotel like that right now?

‘He was an object of fear in my previous life.’

Carola’s self-indulgent and unruly personality came from a family environment that indulged her. Of course, not everyone became spoiled when they were overly pampered, but in the case of Carola, she was.

In particular, during her previous life, Carola couldn’t stand the fact that Jacob’s aid was a woman. She strangely hated Elisha for some reason and found out why later.

‘My mother recently saw a fortune teller, and she told her: There’s an ominous woman next to Jacob. She says that bitch will take all of Carola’s men away. By the way, you’re the only woman who’s stuck to Jacob!’

It was such a ridiculous reason. But Carola often harassed Elisha by wielding her father’s power.

One day, taking issue with Jacob and Elisha’s association, her father dragged her and ordered his subordinates to rough house her, spit, and torment her.

‘How dare you touch my daughter’s man! My daughter was upset and cried because of you!’

She definitely heard that. It was terribly unfair. She didn’t remember exactly what happened before and after that.….

‘What happened during that situation?’

She was confused because there were too many dreadful events and cruelties Carola had committed against her. But, regardless, she was certain Carola loathed her.

‘There are definitely gaps in my memory …. I remember most of it, but…….’

Elisha was lost in thought for a moment. Then people began to whisper.

“He’s the Marquis of Fullmoon! I was wondering who it was!”

“Oh my! He must have done something perverted in this hotel!”

Lucerne drank his wine, with a relaxed and pleased face.

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  1. This is the first we have heard about gaps in her memory (I think). Is this just naturally forgetting over time or a side effect of the rebirth? Is she forgetting something important?

    1. Could it be that she hasn’t remembered all of her memories yet🤔

      Thank you for your hard work @t1villainess

  2. Not only did full moon ruin his reputation therefore hurting his family’s reputation but also his wife is stronger and than him so he’s double screwed 😈

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