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Elisha looked at Lucerne. Didn’t he feel a little closer to her after having a physical relationship? Now she was able to discern what she was observing. At her stare, Lucerne smiled as if he found it amusing.

“I still have to be careful. It’s a little swollen,”

Lucerne remarked wearily. At the same time, he took a bottle from the bedside. Elisha briefly wondered if the butler had put it there.

“Don’t think about anything else.”

Lucerne opened the bottle and gradually dribbled it on Elisha’s vagina. A sweet smell of flowers filled the room. Her flesh softly opened as if it were breathing when Lucerne’s fingers stroked it.

“Do you like being rubbed…….”


“Or do you like when I thrust it in quickly?”

“I don’t know..…..”

“If you don’t know, you should experience it. Which one do you like better?”


Lucerne’s hand smoothed and pulled apart the lips to her intimates and slowly put in his finger. He swiveled his middle finger and pushed it up in a beckoning motion. There was a sound of wetness.

“Ha, hic. Ooh!”

Without pausing what he was doing, Lucerne leaned over and bit her areola.

“Ha, haaaaa! Haaa…….”

“I thought it’d be pretty if I made a mark here.”

“Hmm… It hurts.”

“It hurts?”

Lucerne licked the place where his teeth had made an imprint. Elisha felt a tingling heat on her swollen skin.

At the same time, the movement of his finger slowed down and then sped up as if revving her up. Her love liquid dripped down to her perineum. Her legs trembled.

“No… .. I like it now……. Even if it hurts……. It doesn’t matter, but gently…….”


Elisha wondered for a moment why Lucerne was silent. The next moment, Elisha’s thighs were floating in the air by Lucerne’s hand.



“Even if I try to do it slowly, my little ghost gets me so hard, how can I endure and not hammer your brains out? Even the sound of your breathing makes a person go into heat like this.”

“Hnn… …Haaa.……. Ah.….. Slowly…….”

Lucerne’s round tip was stiff and pressed over Elisha’s hole. He put his hands behind her knees and put his thighs between her legs.

His club-like cock rubbed and slammed over her entrance a couple of times and slowly began to fill her. Elisha’s dripping pussy, began to swallow his member. Stroking, his pillar made way and invaded Elisha’s body without hesitation.

‘His power… is really strong…….’

Elisha’s waist was helplessly floating in the air as she received his manhood. Elisha was gasping. She breathed and closed his eyes.

Then his cock pulled out. Elisha opened her eyes wide with the sudden emptiness.


The next moment, Lucerne’s shaft came in suddenly.

“Huuunnn, oooh!”

Elisha made a lilting moan and grabbed the sheet. He began to move Elisha’s body up and down in the air.

“It’s too big..……’

It took her breath away the moment it entered her.

Elisha’s body was half raised and shaking like a creature born to get aroused and impaled. Her hair was tousled, and her nipples and breasts jiggled violently.

Clap, clap, clap, clap!

It blended in with the sound of wetness. The lewd frictional cacophony rang loudly. Lucerne put Elisha’s thigh on the bed and repeatedly pounded her, pushing her back and forth.

“Ha, heuk… Hgnh……. Ah…!”

Elisha climaxed when he went to her depths. Spewing out, the fluid secreted from her inner wall kept leaking, wetting his balls.

Lucerne sighed and endured cumming on the inner wall that swallowed Lucerne’s member as if sucking it all over his body.

Squelch, squelch.

When he stirred his organ with a slightly softer motion, Elisha’s lower abdomen poured with energy.

‘Strange… Compared to last time……. It feels different.’

She had felt it at their first encounter, but the circumstance was different this time. Unknowingly, her toes curled, rubbed, clenched, and unclenched the bedsheet. The electric current, which started from the place of impact, engulfed her whole body, and it felt so thrilling her head went blank. The bottom of her belly tickled, and her inner wall tangled with him, twitching and gulping. She was going crazy.

“Hmm… Hmm… Yes ohh…….”

Instinctually, Elisha shook her ass without realizing it, asking to cum.

“It’s hot, inside. It’s like your body is crazily fighting to stick to me.”

Lucerne looked down at Elisha’s face trapped between his hands and grinned with a sweaty face.

“You don’t usually shake your ass like this.”

“Huek, no more. General….”

“Ahh, okay.”

Lucerne answered generously and pistoning more impatiently. Elisha shook her lower abdomen and endured the pleasure.

“I’m tired. Stop now. You.…..Ahhh…..….”

“Not that one.”

Lucerne kissed Elshia’s temple loudly.

Elisha wanted to cry. It was not because she didn’t like it, but because her heart was being tightened strangely. He shouldn’t have done that. Sex simply had to be just sex. It should have been something that was done bluntly and brazenly, like any other unloving couple.

“It’s hard.….. Lucerne…..”


Lucerne’s eyes changed; he suddenly became extremely excited and went wild.

‘What’s the matter with him?’

Lucerne began rubbing the inside of Elisha’s thigh and started pounding again.

“Uh, ah, ahhh, ooohhh!”

Fireworks constantly erupted in front of her eyes. Finally, her head was blank, and she regained her senses. The ticklish flame swallowed her whole lower stomach and made the area numb.

“Huuu, uh…….”

Sensing the end of a long-held lust, Elisha wrapped her legs around his waist. The sound of pounding began to ring loudly in her ears.

“Oh, ahh!”

For a long time, she was swayed by pleasure, and could barely do anything but cry and breath. Her head went blank, unaware of how much time had passed.

Soon after, thick and hot semen was released in Elisha’s core.

Gush, pour, ooze. The thick semen flowed down to Elisha’s perineum.

“That’s a lot of cum, isn’t it?”

Elisha’s reddened gaze looked at him as if he wickedly took pleasure in the sight of her.


Lucerne put his forehead against Elisha’s forehead. He slowly opened his lips. Then, feeling his lips, she gently intertwined her tongue.

Even though his member subsided in her body, they rubbed her adjoined vulva and his pillar, lustfully entangled up and down. Thud, thud. The sound tickled her ears for a long time.

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