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“Great. Take it off first,”

Lucerne said calmly. Elisha was relieved to read the nervousness at the end of his words.

‘Even after the first night……. I guess you’re not tired of it.’

They would probably have sex at least a couple of times. [t1v: *cough cough*] Elisha got up from her chair and slowly took off her clothes. It was still daytime; with each article of clothes discarded, her naked body was blatantly revealed. Finally, Lucerne got up and put Elisha on his chair.

“Open your legs, and let’s see how pretty you look today.”

Elisha bit her lips.

“… pervert.”

Even though she knew it was a daring remark for someone of her lower station, Lucerne wasn’t offended.

“I’m only a pervert with you. Why don’t you spread it and show it off yourself?”


She couldn’t deny him when he spoke so brazenly. Elisha put her thighs on each armrest on the chair as Lucerne instructed. Both of her legs were wide open. Elisha turned her head away. Lucerne leaned down in front of her.

“It’s just as it was before.”


Lucerne caressed Elisha’s mound with his hand. The sensation of being naked and being fondled in broad daylight was unusual. A bizarre phenomenon ran along her spine.

“You look like you want me to suck on your whole body.”

Lucerne’s fingers lewdly and slowly spread open Elisha’s heat.

“You’re beautiful. All the way to the inside of your pussy–Everything.”

After a few days, her pubic area and puffy, swollen inner walls had resumed their original condition. Elisha closed her legs.

“As promised….. Hurry up and take it off.”

As Lucerne assured, he took off his clothes in front of Elisha. Revealed under her gaze was a solid and perfectly woven body. His penis, as heavy as a pillar, was half swollen.

Elisha unhurriedly gazed at his physique. Indeed, the world was not fair. There are creatures in the world that God has worked especially hard on. Like Lucerne.

“What, you like it?”

Elisha did not deny it. She met Lucerne’s eyes indicating her soft affirmation. He raised the corners of his mouth.

“You can go to bed to watch more. There, you can appreciate my embrace too.”

Lucerne stretched out his arms and hugged the nude Elisha. Then, he lifted her and headed straight to the bed.

As Elisha was laid down she looked up at the stripped Lucerne with wide eyes.

‘This body is what makes Carola and other women crazy.’

Does Carola know? That he was even more stunning when he is naked.

‘Did I also become a pervert?’

Maybe because Elisha herself didn’t have a normal constitution, she wasn’t offended by his perverted desires. Lucerne settled between Elisha’s legs.

“What’s……. this?”

Elisha found something like a faint scar on Lucerne’s hard chest. It looked like a whip mark. It looked so faint that she could only see it when she looked closely.

“It was acquired at a temple.”


Elisha fumbled over what she knew about Lucerne. He had grown up in a temple for several years during his childhood. It was said that he was supervised by his uncle, Merha.

“In the temple, if an orphan committed a mistake, they were whipped and punished.”

“You must have been a bad kid.”

“I guess by their criteria, yes.”

Several scars stretched to the shoulders. Elisha thought, ‘Shouldn’t Merha, who scratched this piece of art, be punished?’ Then, perhaps because of her tickling touch, Lucerne grabbed the back of Elisha’s hand.

Elisha flinched, afraid her hand would break.

“Stop kidding around.”

Elisha shut her mouth.

“I’m in a hurry, but your body is too frail.”


“I don’t know where to start. How can you have so many tempting places to touch?”

He fondled Elisha’s soft bosom with his hands and kneaded her white, soft breasts. At the same time, he rubbed her nipples between his fingers, making them pointy and making her feel very tingly.

“Ahhhh, hnn….”

Lucerne brushed over her belly to her lower abdomen with the other large hand and slowly grazed over her pubic hair. Elisha’s bottom was already wet and slippery, drooling over the chair.

“I’m really hard. When I see you get wet easily,”

said Lucerne.

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