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“So, do you want an award? You’ve worked hard.”

Lucerne expected Elisha to avoid his gaze, saying not to make fun of her. But, instead, she looked at him straightforwardly.

She looked nervous when she licked her lips. What’s going on in that head? Lucerne was genuinely curious.

“You’re not being sarcastic.”

“Do you think I would compliment you for courtesy’s sake?”

Elisha was convinced. She nodded her head in affirmation.

“I thought I was the only one bewitched by you, but that’s not the case.”


“I think this mansion has fallen for you.”

Elisha looked like she wanted to sigh deeply.

“When did I bewitch you?”

“I was captivated. From the day we first met, when you took off your clothes in front of me.”


“To the point of arousing me to live with this contractual marriage and propose.”

“You’re embellishing those incidents however you want. You just paid off my debt and bought me from Jacob.”

Lucerne’s brow slightly furrowed.

“How could you simply treat me like I bought you? It’s disappointing.”

Elisha’s eyebrows rose in surprise. Quickly the expression disappeared.

“No, that’s not what I meant.”


“Will you really give me a reward?”

Lucerne pulled the chair back.

“I guess you’re good at other things, too.”

Lucerne stretched out his arms.

“Come here, Elisha.”

Elisha looked at him with her eyes blushing and slowly approached him. Lucerne put her on his lap at once. She sat on his lap, and he looked down on her face.

“You have a good memory. You have to look into my eyes.”

Only then did Elisha turn to Lucerne and held his gaze.

Lucerne felt something filling his heart. It was for this moment he had continued to provoke and elicit a reaction from her, knowing that she was shy and trying to avoid him. Still, when she stared at him, he felt strange.

It was like looking for a milestone on a foggy road. Yet, at the same time, Lucerne felt a fresh passion he had never experienced before slowly heating up his heart.

“Don’t try too hard. Just sit on my lap and tell me what you want me to do.” [t1v: envisioning the book cover *__*]


“You’re so competent for no reason— touching people’s hearts.”

Lucerne lightly rubbed Elisha’s cheek. Soon, a big hand wrapped around her cheek. She closed her eyes.


Lucerne’s lips kissed Elisha’s lips without hesitation. It was a soft, pecking-like kiss contrary to his harsh, bitter words. When Elisha opened her mouth, off-guard, Lucerne enveloped her lips.

He sucked up her lower lip, those soft lips quickly swelling up. Then, when Elisha’s mouth was completely open, Lucerne’s tongue rushed in.

Kiss, chup, chu…..

The sound of tongues weaving together reverberated in the room. Elisha was leaning completely against Lucerne.

Lucerne stroked Elisha’s lower back and right away put his hand into her skirt. While fondling her round buttocks over her underwear, he rubbed his penis between Elisha’s legs. Before she knew it, his cock swelled up again.

‘This woman is driving me crazy.’

Even though he initially had no intention of doing so, when he touched Elisha’s body, a mysterious heat overtook him.


“You can do it?”

Lucerne asked in a voice heavy with lust. While kneading Elisha’s ass, his hand slowly stroked over her underwear.

“Yes, I can.”

“Are you still bleeding?”

“It got better quickly, afterwards. I was just… I wasn’t used to it.”

“Show me.”


“Take it all off.”

Elisha felt like her head was turning red. Really, this man came home after a long time, and she couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

‘Really… Aren’t you treating me like a bride you bought?’

First, he was in the imperial palace for a week. There were banquets and official events where he walked side by side with the princess, and when he got home, he tried to alleviate his libido……. What a jerk. She tried to control her emotions but couldn’t hide any of her spite.

“Hurry up. Then you’ll get an award, Elisha.”

Elisha looked at Lucerne silently.

“I don’t like that. Then you too……. Take it all off,”

Elisha asserted, holding Lucerne’s collar.

She slowly saw a smile spreading across Lucerne’s mouth. It was a carnivorous smile threatening to greedily consume her whole body someday.

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