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Lucerne remembered that the butler was a retired, famous knight. He had never thought neglecting the mansion was a problem……. and he had bothered about contemplating his abilities as a butler.

“I don’t sleep with women I pay. What employment?”

Lucerne said as if the inquiry was utterly absurd. He sat at the office desk and checked the urgent correspondence. Then, since the butler was still waiting, he decided to question further.

“Is my wife alright? She must have been a little ill.”

“Ah. Yes. The Seeds of the Black Lion Knights were also restless and came by to visit multiple times.”

“Those guys?”

Lucerne knew the Seeds; it would be fortunate if they didn’t overtly neglect Elisha. They were born with talent and had formidable egos. They were a difficult bunch to get along with.

“Why the hell do they care about Elisha?”

“That’s because she’s kind and considerate.”

What an absurd story. The Elisha that Lucerne knew sat still like a doll, telling strange thorny stories or avoiding Lucerne’s eyes. It was only during their first meeting she seemed embarrassed or excited, and after that, her calm, leveled demeanor was always consistent.

“Are they the kind of fellows that will follow someone because they are kind? In particular, Corinne hates all aristocrats.”


the butler remarked gravely.

“As you know, the most important thing for knights….”

“What? Resilience?”

“No… Don’t you always say this before you beat up the knights? Not when you’re in battle, but normally.”

“Then, what is it?”

“It’s a meal. A meal,”

the butler spoke solemnly.

“After improving their diets and scouting the chefs herself, the quality of food changed within a day. The variety and quality improved.”

“Did you get permission to expand the budget?”

“There was no need.”

“…..What do you mean?”

“After changing the source of ingredients and making a meal plan, the budget we needed decreased.”


Lucerne frowned slightly. He didn’t know how to process this news that his new bride was doing a fantastic job. He got up from his seat.

“I need to see my wife.”

Soon, he arrived in front of Elisha’s drawing-room; her voice was flowing out of the room. Then, holding the doorknob, he gently opened the door quietly and overheard the conversation.

‘I don’t like wasting emotions. I know well that my husband doesn’t commit adultery with the princess. But, even if he does, I can’t help it.’

Lucerne opened the door and entered. Lapis, who was eating an apple, stood up in surprise.

Elisha looked up at Lucerne with fruit in her hands. The smile on her face disappeared as soon as Lucerne entered.

“Oh, General. Already… You’ve arrived?”

“You sound unhappy that I came.”

Lucerne said softly. Lapis looked at the wall, avoiding his eyes. Lucerne looked at a piece of rabbit-shaped apple that had been peeled beautifully in his hand. Inside, Lapis shed tears and let go of the apple.

“Stop bothering my wife and leave.”

“I’ve never said I’m annoyed.”

“Now you know how to answer.”

“Fine. Don’t hit me.”

Lapis looked sad and got up from his chair, holding his plate of fruit.

“Put that down and go.”

Lapis pouted and put the plate down. Willfully, Lucerne sat across from her.

“I feel like I’ve become a villain. Did I interrupt your leisure time?”

Elisha looked into Lucerne’s eyes.

“… You came without any notice. If I had known, I would have come to meet you.”

Elisha put down her knife.

“Why? Won’t you peel me a slice?”

Elisha looked at Lucerne with an expression reflecting that she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I’ll get my maid to peel it.”

“Don’t make me utter petty, childish things.”

He stole Lapis’s apple slice and put it in his mouth.

“Do you want to eat an apple?”


Lucerne replied shortly.

“I want to eat what you cut with your hands. It doesn’t matter if it’s an apple or a peach.”


“It would be nice if you could give it to me with your own mouth. Will you feed me in bed?” [t1v: OMG yyy is this #ALL_MEN]

Elisha’s cheeks hosted a soft pink. Lucerne enjoyed it when her doll-like facade cracked. Finally, she seemed like a human, and he could feel her attention focused on him.

“Why did you suddenly say that as soon as you came in?”

Elisha avoided Lucerne’s eyes. His gaze spotted the imperial newspaper on the table. He comprehended the context of the conversation he had overheard just before entering.

‘There are all sorts of articles being written out there.’

It was amazing. Elisha didn’t look at all displeased. Lucerne’s mouth tasted strangely sweet. He licked his finger; it was exceptionally sweet, thanks to the person who cut it.

“Why can’t you be jealous when you’re good at everything? I’m disappointed.”


“Shouldn’t you at least be excited if the princess and I have an affair? I would have to pay off the debt.”

“I’m not excited. I know you aren’t cheating.”

“You know me well.”

He put the rest of the apple pieces in his mouth and chewed slowly.

“What happened? You seem a little different from before.”

Elisha tried to change the topic. Her face regained its calm demeanor, but Lucerne saw her ears looked slightly warm. 

“I heard you did a good job. The house looks bright.”

“You saw it?”

Elisha looked at his eyes. There was a sense of pride on her face. She looked so cute that Lucerne almost laughed out loud. He had no idea when the corners of his mouth became so loose.

“Well done.”


This time, Elisha’s two pink ears turned red.

I’m in trouble.

Lucerne muttered to himself. He had a lot of work to do, but he already wanted to lick and suck on her ears first.

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