TPCP – 42.2

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“It doesn’t do him justice.”

“Righ… t.”

Lapis was relieved when Elisha seemed fine.

“Did you think I’d feel bad seeing this?”

“Well… That’s right. The General is already married, but I don’t know why he’s having an affair with the princess. Anyway, everyone is stupid.”

Lapis grumbled. Elisha smiled quietly.

“What’s wrong with this? Everyone likes them because they look good together and get along well.”

“…Madam is weird sometimes.”


“Why, when I see those childish young maids, they laugh and gossip over small things every day. Honestly, even if I think from a male and female way* [*from a love/relationship point of view], I would have felt bad about this article.”

“Because I’m not young. Besides, I don’t like wasting emotions. I know well that my husband doesn’t commit adultery with the princess. But, even if he does, I can’t help it.”

Does the madam not like Lucerne? Lapis became curious.

‘Indeed, that guy… it must be because you’re an awful bastard.’

Lapis felt a little sorry for Elisha, but she seemed to have forgotten about it already.

“May I peel a peach for you?”


Then there was the sound of the door opening. Elisha raised her head while holding the knife; Lucerne was standing in the doorway. She was flustered.

‘I can’t believe the butler didn’t even notify me that he was back.’

It was polite to greet and welcome her husband after a long absence. Elisha put down her knife.


But Lucerne looked strangely offended and unhappy. His eyes were on Lapis’ apple slice.


As soon as Lucerne arrived home, he witnessed a bizarre sight.

“Welcome, General. Congratulations on your victory.”

Lucerne quietly returned home. The butler rushed out to greet him.

“You don’t know how surprised I was when you came home at dawn without a sound a few days ago. Are you back for good now?”

“Nothing will happen for a while.”

The butler smiled. Lucerne walked into the house. When he had stopped by a few days ago, he hadn’t even looked around the house because he was quietly entering the room. The servants he hadn’t seen in a long time hurriedly bowed their backs.

“Congratulations on your victory.”

“Congratulations on your return, General.”

Lucerne greeted with a wink. Wait a minute… he looked around the house slowly. Something seemed to have changed.

“Was everything okay while I was gone?”

Lucerne asked. The butler replied,

“Quite….. A lot has happened.”

The inside of the mansion was a little different.

Firstly, the maids and servants were wearing matching ensembles. Additionally, they all look new, very clean, and elegant. Finally, the paintings were properly arranged on the wall, and all the precious pieces were inside.

Fresh flowers were in the vase. After looking around for a long time, wondering what had changed, Lucerne realized: the mansion was clean.

“Did the servants clean the house?”

“Yes, according to the lady’s instructions.”

“Is that all she did?”


The butler spoke enthusiastically about what Elisha had done:

She improved the placement of household goods, organized the warehouses, and stored lists of expensive items that had been randomly placed. She fixed servants’ shifts, relocated maids, created public laundry areas for clean clothes every day, and increased rest areas for employees.….

It was a significant business reform.

“She did that in two months?”

“Two months and six days.”


“General, I don’t know if I can ask you this.”


“By any chance… Where did you hire her?” [t1v: LAWLLL]

Lucerne halted in his steps in the doorway of his office.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s so…….”

The butler said with moved eyes.

“So perfect. I was wondering where the General had strategically recruited her. I’ve never beheld anyone so excellent at their job.”

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  1. Ahahahahaha, “where did you hire her?” Absolutely no one would believe she asked to work for him first.

    Lucerne had no idea what he was getting beyond the title and s3x, but he’s starting to learn. Meanwhile she thinks housekeeping is her only worth, and she doesn’t even know she’s taking over the loyalty of all his staff and some of his knights …

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