TPCP – 41.2

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Lucerne glanced at Ian. Ian proceeded.

“Lapis, Lazri.”

The three of them were not the only ones in the room. Fullmoon Marquis belatedly noticed two youths only after they emerged out of the shadows.

“Wh—who? Who are you guys?”

“These weak-looking guys are rated as 1st and 2nd in the ranks of the imperial mages,”

Ian politely explained with a service-like smile.

“I’m the first,”

Lazri expressionlessly stated.


There was no one in the empire who did not know that there were powerful wizards under Lucerne’s employ.

“The second surprise-special service we’re offering is that these boys will clean up the marquis’s mind after we’re done,”

Ian smiled softly and spoke kindly.

“No way… No, magic altering the human mind is outlawed—you can’t….”

Lucerne raised a corner of his mouth at the Marquis Fullmoon’s words. Lapis pouted his lips and said,

“The Imperial Magician Special Act states: A person born with magical talents, a magician or wizard, or with comparable special abilities is prohibited from using magic to manipulate the human mind and erase memories. In other words, it’s a law for one person.”

Lapis and Lazri smiled and held each other’s hands.

“We’re twins.”

“To be exact, we are twin mages with special talents. So—”

“Mind magic is only possible when there’s the two of us.”


“It’s illegal.”

“It’s not.”

“Please file a complaint with our parents for giving birth to prodigy that’s too outstanding.”

“People who don’t even know what their parents look like are saying all sorts of things,”

Lucerne said as if he was dumbfounded by the absurdity.


Lapis looked at Lucerne in tears, but Lazri said nothing.

“Just so you know, after we’re done with you, you will find yourself in a hotel room dazed by alcohol with my clothes as evidence. Of course, your wife will be furious at her adulterous husband, so what really happened to the Marquis Fullmoon will be left behind, right?”

Ian kindly clarified the whole scenario.

“Ah, it’s a sin to break up a peaceful family. I’m doing this because it’s an order, but it’s not my will.”

Lapis grumbled, but no one replied. Lucerne tilted his head, looking at the marquis.

“Your teeth look so healthy, Marquis of Fullmoon.”


“You won’t be able to tell even if one is missing. When I was six years old, I smashed Jacob’s molars on both sides, and they all healed. So don’t be too nervous. I’ll avoid your molars for now.”

Lucerne picked up the tongs.



“After Jacob and Carola got married, you saw me in the imperial palace and had a lot to say.”


“You couldn’t believe I didn’t attend your daughter’s wedding. That I should be honored by the generosity of the Cartier family for raising me, an illegitimate child, and that I should know my station.”

Lucerne rubbed his temple.

“Can you believe this small man said something so impertinent?”

The marquis trembled and urinated. Lucerne’s eyes were bent and narrowed.

“But what should I do? I guess I should start beating that small man today. It’s a pity,”

Lucerne said with a face without a shred of pity or sympathy.


Marquis’ head turned around. Then Lucerne struck the other cheek. The dumbfounded marquis even forgot to yell until afterward.

Ian smiled at the twins when the room got noisy.

“Now, it’s time for the kids to go out.”


The next day, Lapis was in high spirits.

‘So I got to punish the Fullmoon Marquis, who was behind the men who insulted Madam?’

He wanted to run up to Elisha, boast, and be praised for his accomplishment. But he was bound to secrecy by Lucerne. Then Lapis spotted Elisha’s maid, Sophie, carrying a newspaper.

“What’s that?”

“Oh, this is today’s newspaper. I’m going to bring it to the lord’s wife.”

Sophie smiled when she saw Lapis’ expression.

“Knight Lapis, would you like to deliver it to her?”

Bashfully, Lapis coughed and pretended to accept her ‘request’, taking the newspaper reluctantly.

“Welcome, Lapis. Would you like a cup of tea?”

Lapis was fortuitous. Elisha was preparing tea and beckoned him to the table.

“This is the newspaper—”

At that moment, Lapis’ hair stood up as he was about to hand over the newspaper to Elisha. The cause was none other than the front page article splashed across the newspaper.

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