TPCP – 41.1

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“There is only one blemish on his otherwise clean private life. He has a hobby of going to illegal gambling dens. But it doesn’t look like he is enjoying it too much, though. Still, this is enough. Is there a gambling house run by the Information Guild?”

Ian understood Lucerne’s implication. It was to set up a trap.

“Yes, we will prepare.”

“This time, the Fullmoon Marquis should be beaten with a whip for his foolish son-in-law and neglecting his daughter’s education, Ian.”

“Yes. General.”

“It took two days to figure this out; next time, it should take only one day.”


Ian affirmed without hesitation. Lucerne looked through Ian.

“How long has it been since you’ve been active?”

“… Do you want me to leave?”

“Women say that’s their weakness. My wife is scared.”


“It stings more when you accurately choose the right whip for a person. Don’t you think so?”

Ian looked like he had forgotten how to breathe for an unguarded moment, but soon, he schooled his expression.

“I understand; it’s for the madam’s sake.”

Lucerne felt a strange sense of surprise and deja vu at Ian’s words. He didn’t know why Elisha came up. But he didn’t dwell on it and moved on.

“Going back home will be delayed for a few days. This operation won’t be completed anytime soon.”


“Get ready.”

“I hear and obey, my lord. Then Nora……. Nora wants to take revenge.”

Lucerne eyed Ian’s swollen cheeks.

“Nora was initially in charge of the task of escorting my wife, right?”


“We’ll count this as Nora’s second part of her punishment. You, spy, take responsibility, and then receive the rest of your punishment.”


Ian replied with a slightly subdued manner. However, he knew what he received was a light punishment from Lucerne. But, of course, Nora, who has a great sense of responsibility, would want to die in endeavoring towards revenge.

‘When it comes to an understanding of “what whip” to use on people, he’s a genius.’

Ian wanted to bite his tongue.


The Marquis of Fullmoon was a fine father and a good husband. Sometimes he went to illegal gambling dens to enjoy the thrill under a pseudonym, but even that was kept tame.

The marquis was in an excellent mood that day. This was due to spotting a beautiful dealer for the first time.

“Since you won three games, you can move to the VIP room. Let’s continue the game inside. We have prepared food and drinks.”

The tall beauty had long, curly blonde hair with sexy and captivating brown eyes. After he noticed her, he was possessed and agreed.

‘Today, maybe……. something good will happen?’

Indeed, Marquis Fullmoon genuinely loved his wife, but he was intimidated by her enormous wealth and exceptional lineage, for she possessed imperial blood.

When he cheated on her, he was particularly prudent and cautious. He never had a regular lover and never bought a courtesan for fear his wife would notice. Nonetheless, he never hesitated to take a chance when the opportunity presented itself. Ripe with anticipation, he met the eyes of the beautiful dealer who was smiling at him.

“In the VIP room, guests enjoy intimate, fun pastimes. So please enjoy the games to your heart’s content.”

“Uh-huh. I see.”

The marquis nodded. Feeling hopeful, he drank another martini. He felt strangely exhilarated, attributing his vitality to the elation of winning. As he watched the beauty shuffling cards, his eyes started to twitch.

‘That’s weird. Did I get too excited?’

The moment the thought occurred to him, he passed out.

Dust flew overhead. Candles rippled in the dark, dank cellar. The marquis opened his eyes to thick cigarette smoke lingering in the room.

“Where am I? How did I get here?”

“You’re awake! Please enjoy the special service of our VIP room. It’s a service that only one man in the empire can receive no matter how much others may try to buy it!”

The beautiful dealer smiled brightly. She looked down on the marquis, who was tied to a stool.

“I’m annoyed,”

a man behind her said. His voice was as heavy and thick as the cigarette smoke that filled the room. As the woman stepped aside, a familiar man came into the eyes of Marquis Full Moon.

“Lu—Lucerne de Kayas?”

“Long time no see. This is my knight, Ian.”

The dealer smiled and took off his wig. Now that he saw it, the dealer with a gender-neutral appearance had a fairly large skeleton.

“I-I’m rusty since I haven’t played in a while.”

“That’s enough. Bring the tools.”

“Yes! I’ll prepare the service tools here.”

“I told you I am annoyed.”

Ian brought a bag full of torture tools. After the marquis noticed the rusty tongs used to remove teeth, he began to tremble.

“Look here, General! I think there’s a misunderstanding. I…”

“What misunderstanding is there for erroneously educating your daughter? It’s a fact.”

Lucerne dragged the chair. He sat down and spread his legs to keep his glaze.

Lucerne clutched his chin and stared at him, looking very much like an angel from hell.

“If you dared to touch my wife, shouldn’t you be ready for at least this much?

“What the hell are you talking about? Even if there’s a misunderstanding—how can you do this? I’m a noble!”

“A noble? So what?”

Lucerne swept his hair up.

“You touched my woman, so you need to pay the price. Man to man.”

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  1. This marquis is funny in one sentence he say “I genuinely love my wife” in the best sentence he say I’m very cautious when I cheat on her 😅

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