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Lucerne had been staying in the court for three days. State discussions continued during the day, and banquets were held in the evening.

Lucerne was at the center of all the events. In between, people asked Lucerne if he was married. Rumors seemed to have already spread to the capital.

“My wife wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t bring her this time.”

Lucerne roughly answered their annoying questions. Each time, people gave a strange look.

“Aside from that, the general finally received a noblewoman as a wife. You finally drew your sword.”

One nobleman even whispered profanely in Lucerne’s ear. Indeed, Lucerne was now a Count, but compared to his preceding title and position of High General, his aristocratic title was too humble, so no one addressed him as a mere Count.

During the banquet on the third day, Lucerne received a note. Lucerne headed to his room in the Imperial Palace without delay upon seeing the message. Ian was waiting for Lucerne in the room.

“General, how have you been? How did the parliamentary assembly go?”

Ian asked politely.

“It’s always the same. They’re trying to negotiate and get things from each other. I speculate I will receive a forest and an estate.”

He was referring to the mountains and forests where he had subjugated monsters, including the four territories recaptured from the remnants of the Old Kingdom. 

After purging the rebelling nobles of the Old Kingdom who teamed up with the revolt this time, a total of six territories were now the spoils of war.

Lucerne was supposed to acquire the largest of them, the Suzu territory and the Noron Forest.

Noron Forest was infested with monsters. Although troublesome and dangerous, it also meant that there were many manastones yet to be uncovered in the bedrock. The beasts came to be after eating the energy of magic stones. Regardless, it was a fairly large booty.

“If it’s Suzu’s estate, that’s good. Thankfully, now that you’re a Count, you’ll be able to get a manor too.”

“You mean to say it’s thanks to my wife.”

Lucerne spoke indifferently, but his chin poked slightly up.

“You looked into it. What has transpired?”

“Three unknown bodies were found along the river. It matches the number and the men’s appearances.”


“The investigation confirmed that they were members of a violent rogue organization in the back alley. They didn’t aim at murdering the madam, so they didn’t use any weapons. Instead, it seemed that the intention was to insult the madam and nullify and complicate the General’s acquisition and position of count.”

“So, after raping and dumping my woman, they aimed to watch and see if I abandoned her or not?”

Lucerne bluntly and candidly said what Ian couldn’t. Ian’s eyes searched the floor, unable to meet his lord’s eyes, and nodded. Lucerne rubbed his face dry.

He was strangely anxious and disturbed. According to the scales of previous conspiracies, this was not even a cruel affair in this family. But, nevertheless, he was so furious that it took him aback, and he couldn’t understand himself.

“I’m annoyed.”

Was it because of his own incomprehensible feelings, or was it because of the person behind the assault on Elisha? Unfortunately, Lucerne could not pinpoint the reason for his irritation.

“Continue. Jacob or Marco?”

“The rogue organization is known to have sponsors. Although it’s an anonymous sponsor……. The identity is believed to be the Marquis of Fullmoon. Nearby vagrants have seen several contacts between Marquis Fullmoon’s aides and the leader of the rogue organization.”

“If it’s the Marquis of Fullmoon, is it Carola’s house?”


Lucerne nodded.

“Did you bring data on the Fullmoon Marquis from the Information Guild?”

“Here you are.”

Ian’s memo contained top secret information that the Information Guild usually does not sell to customers. These were the weaknesses of the great noble Marquis of Fullmoon.

The reason he was able to get his hands on this was self-evident:  Lucerne was the owner of one of the capital’s information guilds.

When Lucerne obtained Ian, a former legendary spy, Ian was being chased by an information guild. Lucerne solved the problem, made Ian a knight, and ate the entire information guild.

Since then, Ian has established an agent and operated an information guild only for Lucerne. Information up to Phase 2 was sold to other customers, but top-secret information, so-called Phase 1, was opened only for Lucerne.

-Speciality is managing privacy, difficulty in managing personal life. The Marquis and His wife are known to have a good relationship. More than 60% of the property is in the wife’s name. It is said that the wife brought in a large amount of dowry at the time of marriage. In particular, he is cautious about women’s affairs. 

“Was the Marquis of Fullmoon originally poor?”

“The tax revenue has decreased substantially, but he brought in a rich wife related to the imperial family and rose up again. Now they say he could take down flying birds.”* [t1v: Korean idiom meaning his power is so great, he can do whatever he wants]

Lucerne nodded. It was not difficult to think of a way to fuck over the Marquis of Fullmoon.

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