TPCP – 40.1

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All of Jacob’s men followed him in fear; no one had true loyalty towards him. 

However, Nora genuinely felt guilty about not protecting her lord’s wife. Elisha looked at Nora and said coldly,

“Nora, don’t put me under duress.”


“If a dear knight dies for this, my husband will reprimand me, and I will become that1villainess wife. Is this how Nora takes responsibility for the failure of a mission?”

Nora’s head lowered.

“If you truly acknowledge your mistake, faithfully commit to your future duties. I’m disappointed. The knight’s life belongs to their lord, but you are choosing to run away over responsibility.”

Ian’s mouth was agape, and he looked at Elisha—he was genuinely shocked. She wasn’t the quiet madam that he thought he knew.

‘What is this? Where the hell did you come from?’

Ian and Nora knew Elisha’s history. She suffered from brutal, slave-like treatment and was trapped in Jacob’s mansion.

It was surprising that such a woman had impressive spirit and imposing dignity. Nora looked at Elisha, deep in thought. Soon the guilt on Nora’s face disappeared, and she bowed and repented in front of Elisha.

“I, Knight Nora, will compensate for my crime by swearing an oath to my lord to protect his wife in the future.”

“Skill comes from level-headedness. I’ve already said I had forgiven you, Nora, so don’t make a fuss about this again.”

Elisha’s voice was so cold that one could feel a chill. Nora nodded with a severe countenance. Corinne sighed. Elisha turned her back.

‘It almost blew up into a crisis …… I did it.’

There was a cold sweat all over her. If Nora had actually committed suicide, Elisha would have had to deal with Lucerne’s wrath for losing a member of the Black Lion Order.

Naively, Nora innocently thought Lucerne regarded Elisha as a genuine wife and mistress of his estate.

Elisha returned to her room and asked Sophie to send Nora medicine to wrap the wound and silk cloth to wipe off the blood. Just in case, she also sent a note containing consolation.

‘This mansion.….. It’s not like this every day, right?’

Wondered Elisha as she slightly frowned.


“Lucerne, you said there was a reason you wanted to enter the Imperial Palace a day late and have a day off. Why?”

Princess Illione, dressed in a military uniform, was walking alongside Lucerne. Lucerne had wanted to take a day off before entering the imperial palace after he arrived in the capital. 

As the emperor highly favored him, he said he understood and granted Lucerne’s request by delaying the Parliamentary Council by one day.

“What reason are you referring to?”

“Well, Lucerne’s wife…….”

Lucerne stopped walking. Ilione already felt Lucerne’s cold gaze looking down at her. He was tall and intimidating—his eyes giving off a sharpness and tremendous pressure. Even if she treated Lucerne as a colleague, sometimes her hands and feet trembled because it was occasionally tricky even though she was born in the royal family.

“Now that I think about it…”


“I’ve never allowed the princess to call me by name. We’ve known each other since we were young, so you naturally called me by my first name, but now I have a wife, so I hope you refrain from it.”

Lucerne spoke in the utmost polite tone, but the words of the dense command pressed onto Ilione’s heart and made it ache. Illione nodded in an affirmative. Even if it was unfortunate, it was already inescapable.

‘Marriage or dating is not easy for someone like me, so there is no need to blame or complain.’

“Okay, I’ll call you General from now on.”

“Very good.”

A short smile stood around Lucerne’s mouth.

“And who disclosed that I made a reservation for lunch yesterday? It’s not pleasant if you secretly come to see me before I introduce my wife.”


The hotel Lucerne was supposed to have lunch with his wife was owned by Princess Illione. When she had heard Lucerne was bringing his wife, Illione had a drink before lunch and naturally ran into him to create an opportunity to be introduced to his wife.

‘His wife seems to be late for their appointment today.’

She expressed regret that she could not meet his wife and only met Lucerne at the hotel.

The Empress was also there. Lucerne, who saw through the encounter disguised as a coincidence, refrained from pointing out the obvious.

“I was just curious because the General didn’t introduce his wife. We’re good comrades, right? So if it was rude, I apologize.”

Lucerne nodded silently. She had forgotten; the princess reminded herself to be careful in everything when dealing with Lucerne. Lucerne did not like those who crossed the line.

“So, what kind of person is your wife?”

Illione asked lightheartedly to change the atmosphere.

“Well, she has an obedient manner.”

“……manner … What do you mean?”

“She’s a fascinating person because she doesn’t follow my presumptions. Instead, she acts like she is obedient and docile while having hundreds of thoughts in her head.”

Lucerne looked ahead. Illione was startled at the sight of him smiling faintly.

“The parliamentary meeting will begin soon. Let’s go in.”

Lucerne nodded lightly. The government conference was held in the grand hall. The emperor got up from his seat and greeted him.

Applause poured out for the General, who returned after a victory. Lucerne stood in front of them.

“Okay then, now, let’s commence the statecraft assembly.”

After hunting, the empire’s finest knight was back. As always, his teeth were full of precious meat. The nobles gathered around him, wondering if there was any way to get a piece of flesh.


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