TPCP – 4.1

Thank you to raw provider: angelstars5 and proofreader: matindi of SRC and thank you to the Spanish translators of this novel that have generously offered to let me compare my translations to theirs to get an more accurate translation.


  Elisha looked into his eyes. Her eyes ran into his red ones, and she quickly avoided eye contact. She was wondering what it meant, but she didn’t ask.

 Carola hurriedly took a step towards them.

“High General, please go to the mansion with me……… get in my carriage, and…….”

“I have standards, ma’am,”

  Lucerne said sharply, cutting her off.

  “If I were to enter the mansion with you, everyone would be imagining an affair between my cousin’s wife and I. And if you don’t want to be the subject of your servants’ ridicule tonight, you should refrain from proposing such actions. Especially since it’s also disgusting to think that I’ll be involved with you. “

   Carola’s face turned pale. She trembled like a child who was about to burst into tears.

But Elisha, with her blonde hair tied together, was just hanging still and slightly bowing.


“Make sure the girl’s job never allows her to enter Jacob’s residence. If Lucerne, who isn’t interested in women, covets her, Jacob will also covet her. Carola’s nervous.”

 Carola climbed into the carriage and whispered to her close aide, her nanny. The nanny nodded her head.

  “You’re not a cruel girl. You need to be careful.”

“Yes, she is going to scold them when Lucerne and Jacob aren’t around. But not today. That’ll make them shut up.”


“That black carriage……,”

The carriage rang loudly.

  The butler, who was looking out of the window with his dim eyes suddenly opening wide, rushed out to the front door in a fit of surprise.

“The youngest grandson is here!”

  Here comes the bastard Lucerne, who makes even the Duke Cartier’s blood tremble and dry up! The High General, the ruthless and brutal war-tested murderer.

 When the attendants became aware of the situation, they began to whisper.

 Step. Step.

 Lucerne walked onto the thread of the golden sand carpet in his boots. His men, dressed in knights’ uniform behind him, walked with him.

  When he finally stopped, one of the Duke’s servants crawled on his knees and polished up his fine leather boots.

  When the servant had finished his act, Lucerne moved his feet as if he were pushing the nuisance away. It was that unquestionable confident attitude he had.

  The servant backed away with a few steps. The butler walked in after him and rubbed his hands together.

 “Welcome, Sir Lucerne. The Duke is waiting.”

 “I brought the Duke’s birthday present.”

 “He prefers to be called ‘Overlord’.”


At his words, Lucerne said:

 “How typical of him.”

As if the title given by the Empire was nothing compared to the head of the house. His grandfather would always emphasize that he was the patriarch.

 “But those sacks, by the way, could they be……,”

 When the butler saw the loads on his men’s shoulders becoming watery, he asked about them.

“Be careful of the blood.”

  Lucerne whispered. At the words, his men smiled and tilted the sacks. With a thickly dripping sound, thick drops of blood fell loudly on the carpet.

 “It’s my grandfather’s birthday present.”

 “Is, is this what you mean? What in the world is inside it?”

 The butler doubted his eyes. It was green blood.

 “This year, he told me to bring a birthday present.”

  Lucerne blew his words again because the old man was about to die. The butler pretended not to hear.

“I’ve been hunting for something that stands out. You’d better use the leather. “


 The butler exclaimed dismay when he saw the dragon’s neck, which had fallen out of the sack.


  The butler called in the servants to decorate the dragon’s head and somehow make it look like a gift.

 The servants, almost in tears, prepared to adorn the dragon’s head which was the size of an adult male, with silks and flowers.

“Is he really Lucerne de Kayas?”

 One of the servants whispered to the old servant, and the old man had been working in this mansion for a very long time.


 “I can’t believe he’s a bastard….rather— more than anyone.….”

 “Yes, I know, that proud look, an appearance is nobler than from a real aristocrat.”


 The servant nodded his head.

 With glinting red eyes and shiny black hair, he thought he saw a god who came down from heaven. He was striking, enormous, and powerful-looking. By comparison, the other grandchildren……. .

  The servant stopped thinking right there— it was not his right to even do so—the Duke of Cartier and his family did not welcome servants with opinions or thoughts. They only wanted obedient hands.


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  1. Oof… the servants have it hard at the Duke’s place..

    Servant 1: I Obey. Please input command. Beep Boop! ( ̄_ ̄)・・・
    Servant 2: *drool… braaaiiinnnss… (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜
    Servant 3: Help! Help! I’m being repressed! ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

    *Hours Later*
    Servant 1: Oye. Where’s servant 3?
    Servant 2: Wat? He’s been deleted. Gone. (oT-T)尸

  2. Ahhh, it’s always such a pleasure to see Carola rejected and being put on her place. The “I have standards, ma’am” was *chef’s kiss”*, and the “It’s also disgusting to think that I’ll be involved with you” was just the cherry on top.🥲👏👏👏

    LMAO, a dragon????!!! My boy is mad crazy and that’s exactly why she should hurra and get married to him.

    In other things, in wich chapter begins their relationship? I’m starving to see them destroy the whole rotten household (ofc, the snu snu is great tho xD). 👁👄👁

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