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Lucerne was deeply disappointed last night. It was scary to think of his genitals that stood tall like a pillar and did not wane or diminish. 

How many times did he need to do it for his hardness to calm down?

‘If you get excited like that every time you kill a monster…….’

There was a time when he cut down 20,000 of them. Her eyes grew dizzy from the implication. Elisha did not understand how Lucerne lived without a woman in her previous life. Or did he meet with them so discreetly that he was never caught?

“Ah, didn’t your skin get swollen? You have to apply this mild ointment. Drinking a warm drink and a good night’s sleep will help.”

Without even hesitating, Sophie tried to roll up Elisha’s skirt. Startled, Elisha stopped her:

“I’ll… I’ll take care of it.”

Elisha sighed. She didn’t know why everyone was so frantic. Sophie wasn’t the only one who was paying attention to her.

That afternoon, several knights snooped around the bedroom numerous times. Of course, they didn’t dare to come in, but they seemed only to ask how she was from outside her door.

‘Everyone is fussy,’

Elisha thought. She usually told the knights, ‘Tell me if you want anything.’ So during Lucerne’s two-month absence, she had made a point to go around the mansion once a day to talk and acquaint herself with the knights. Perhaps that’s why many knights were coming today, saying they had business.

“No, there was black bread again for lunch. Huh?”

First, Corinne came and filed a complaint. They say that all the black bread they hated came out for breakfast and lunch.

“Tell Corinne that you can’t get rid of all of the black bread from the menu, Sophie.”

Of course, she couldn’t accept complaints like that. Despite Elisha’s cutoff, Corinne kept hovering around to say a word.

“No… I came here to see if you were okay. I was wondering if I remembered any of their faces.”

Elisha tilted her head.

“Did the knights know that I was attacked?”

She didn’t like that. When it becomes known that Elisha wandered among the crowds in her underwear……. It was terrifying.

In addition, Lapis came every two hours to check what Elisha was like.

‘Lapis is a chatterbox. Aren’t boys usually reticent at that age?’

There was no boy she could compare him to. But then, it occurred to Elisha that Lapis might be lonely. He was only 14 years old, but he was already on battlefields without an adult to care for him.

‘I’ll have to go and take care of you when I wake up.’

Elisha quickly got bored lying down. Sophie’s care was so extensive that Elisha raised her arm to do something she caused an uproar about her not resting properly. Elisha opened the window and sipped on the cocoa Sophie gave her.

‘Really, it’s been peaceful as if it were a dream. The mansion is quiet today.….’

Her presumption broke precisely a minute later. This is because outside, there was a commotion. Elisha closed the window as Sophie entered the room.

“Sophie, what’s going on?”

“Oh, it’s not a big deal, my lady.”

“If it’s not a big deal…”….”

Sophie hesitated and said.

“Knight Nora said she was going to commit suicide, so the knights stopped her—”

*Cough! Cough!* Elisha almost spat out the cocoa she was drinking.

“I beg your pardon?”


There was already an uproar when Elisha arrived at the knights’ quarters. Corinne and Ian were desperately holding onto Nora and barely hanging on.

“Nora, please stop!”

“Let go. My lady deliberately requested me, trusted me, and asked me to guard her– but rather than fulfilling my duty, I was careless and betrayed her trust. As a knight, it’s so shameful, so I’d rather die.”

“Oh, man. This is why talented ones are the problem. They’ve never failed, so their world is falling apart like this!”

Ian said, irritatingly pushing back his hair.

“Get out of the way!”

The maids’ mouths sealed up, and the servants ran out of her way. Then, as Elisha approached them, everyone hurriedly stepped out of the way.


Ian and Corinne’s eyes became rounder. Lapis and Lazri stepped back.

“Nora. What are you doing?”


Nora pulled out a sword and fell to her knees.

“I said it wasn’t a mistake.”


“Did you do this because you didn’t believe me?”

“That’s not it. I… I’ve heard much from the lady. But I let you down.”

Nora spoke quietly. 

Her face was already bloodless, as if she had already resigned herself. Looking at her closely, there was even blood on her arm. At that moment, even Elisha had a headache.

‘There are really such pure people in the world. I can’t believe you even hurt yourself.’

What good fortune did Lucerne have that these knights followed him? Elisha was astounded.

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