TPCP – 38.2

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“Stop, Lucerne,”

Gaju ordered coldly.

“If you leave now, you will lose your family. I will never show you mercy again.”

Lucerne chuckled.

“I don’t think I should be any more attached to this disgusting family.”

He turned, his back going away. The door shut.

Elisha jumped up from her seat.

She bowed and left the room, avoiding the angry men. Elisha ran.

Through the window in the hallway, she could glimpse Lucerne going out. Elisha suddenly stood by the window.

Eerie red eyes. But they were beautiful eyes.

What was that?—When those eyes had flashed uncannily under the table? Elisha barely stood still, holding onto the window sill. Definitely, their eyes had met.…. [t1v: ugh, my heart hurts for past Elisha—Lucerne save her damn it!]

Right then, someone pulled Elisha’s collar.

“Carola saw.”

Carola was snickering insidiously. Elisha was horrified. She couldn’t understand. [t1v: oh fuck no]

“W-what do you mean?”

“That everything in the world is the same. You know, our mother told Carola: it’s women and money that move men. In the end, only those two make men fight!”

Carola cackled. Sometimes this unhinged madness of Carola’s frightened Elisha. Finally, Elisha politely held her hands together and quietly stood there.

“Carola saw everything through the crack of the door of the dining hall earlier. How can there be a man like that? Not even the Head of Cartier, who everyone in the world is afraid of, can use his strength in front of him.”

Carola’s face lit up.

“As expected, Carola……. Carola needs to have that one. You are going to help us.”

Carola whispered to Elisha as her eyes widened.

“You can do it, huh? Because you have to do anything for this Carola.”


Last night, Elisha dreamed of her previous life; it was a nightmare as vivid as reality. Elisha was greeted by breakfast at the hotel.

As soon as Elisha came to her senses, Lucerne was ready to return home.

“Be careful.”

Lucerne helped Elisha.

‘My legs are stiff.’

It had been only one night. Thin, diluted blood soaked her underwear overnight. She waddled and stumbled as she walked.

‘The first time..….. hurts.’

Several ladies recognized Elisha as she held Lucerne’s hand and walked gingerly. They smiled strangely and exchanged glances with each other. It seemed that Elisha suffered from Lucerne without sleeping a wink last night.

Elisha was wearing a modest beige dress. It was a dress for casual wear that she had recently had tailored. Lucerne had sent someone to the mansion overnight to bring her clothes.


Then someone called Lucerne. It was a bright and healthy voice. Elisha turned her head towards it.

‘Who is it?’

Strangely, she looked familiar. She had her golden-brown hair bound high up and was donning a well-fitting military uniform.


Lucerne nodded bluntly.

“What happened? I waited for you in a separate room with mama yesterday. Ahh—”

It was only then did she notice Elisha and greet her. Then Elisha recognized her. She was Princess Illione.

‘The only princess in the empire. Active duty soldier….’

That was what Elisha knew about her. Princess Illione was multi-talented, rich, outstanding in many ways, and one of the most influential successors to the throne.

After Lucerne became a soldier, he received protection from the imperial family and was able to safeguard himself from the beastly family successors. The princess was the representative patron of Lucerne.

“Perhaps is she—”

“Yes, she’s my wife.”

Lucerne introduced Elisha without changing his expression.

“I greet the Imperial Princess. My name is Elisha de Lor.”

Elisha bowed her knees in a curtsy during her introduction. The princess faced her politely and also bent her knees in a half-curtsy. Although she was dressed in a military uniform with pants, she had aristocratic dignity when she greeted Elisha back.

“Nice to meet you. I was looking forward to Lucerne introducing his wife yesterday. It’s unfortunate. Do you know me?”

“The princess is famous. It wasn’t difficult to infer because you seemed close to my husband and looked dignified in a military uniform.”

She blinked her dark brown eyes and soon burst into a pleased smile.

“You speak very well. Please come and play later. I want to talk unhurriedly in my palace.”

“Thank you.”

Elisha said that instead of saying she would be delighted.

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