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Elisha pondered.

Periodically, owners give their dogs and cats a treat by letting them eat at the same table where the owner eats. The reason Elisha sat with the Cartier family members side by side at the table today was simply because of the Head’s whim.

“It’s just like an ugly girl.”

Marco muttered with disgust as he eyed Elisha. She covered her cheek and turned away. She lowered her eyes, regretting that she did not wear the cotton veil over her face as she usually did.


There was a sound of the door opening. Elisha, who was only looking at the plate, was surprised. The atmosphere quickly changed and became tense.

Elisha looked up. Lucerne was standing at the doorstep, standing tall in his military uniform. Although she had rarely seen him, Elisha was always terrified of him.

“Why did you call me here? He’s the one who’s going to ruin our family!”

Jacob’s veins stood up. Gaju frowned and beckoned Lucerne.

“Lucerne, sit down. It’s your last chance to negotiate with the family,”

announced the head of the house. Jacob looked indignant after he heard the words.

“Lord. There’s only so much favoritism you should grant. Don’t you know what Lucerne is doing? He’s going to devour our family!”

Marco shouted this time. Elisha immediately comprehended what they meant. Lucerne became a man of the imperial family.

To fight the candidates vying for the position of the patriarch of the ducal house of Cartier, Lucerne wanted to belong to a family even though he could not be the head of the household. Therefore, he intended to dismantle the Cartier house and vacate the Gaju.

“You are all the same. Jacob—you are a small merchant that exploits families by any means possible. Your technique is shallow and criticized by the entire empire. And Marco—You! You are siding with the temple to strike the backs of the imperial family and our family. After all, isn’t that your motive to take over the family?”


“Lucerne, you are the black sheep of our family. A black sheep among white sheep. Indeed, yes, there’s someone here who will destroy our family. Aren’t you aware of your faults?”

shouted the patriarch. Everyone except for Lucerne started to tremble. Overwhelmed by the malevolent spirit of Gaju, Arien even shed tears.

“So, what do you want? Should we all repent, find enlightenment and at least open our minds? Now you’re talking about it?”

retorted Lucerne.

“Hey, punk. Still sarcastic in front of the Lord! You bastard!”

Marco said.

Lucerne raised an eyebrow and smirked.

Jacob had an overwhelming advantage in the succession race at that time, but there was still Marco’s father.

Marco became a strong contender after his father, Merha, won the Great Pope election in a few years’ time. Afterward, the temple stabbed Gaju in the back and fully supported Marco.

But during this time, Marco did not look well. His countenance was ashen and under his eyes were dark as if he was riddled with worries.

Marco, a naturally weak and cowardly man, played cat and mouse with female employees when he was dispirited. In particular, when he spotted Elisha, Jacob’s close aide, he was uneasy because he could not harass her.


At that time, Elisha accidentally dropped the fork. She leaned down. It was that moment.

Someone caressed Elisha’s thigh. Elisha stood up as if she had been struck by lightning. She looked around, alarmed. At that time, Elisha’s elbow hit the glass.


The cup rolled on the floor. Elisha’s face clouded. It was a cast glass covered with jewels. If she broke an expensive cup, she would be beaten by Jacob. Elisha leaned down and searched the floor. It was to find the cup.

Under the table…….

‘Marco, you freaking bastard.’

Marco was kneading Elisha’s thigh. In addition, as she leaned down, he reached out to her upper body.



She heard a loud noise above her head.

“Smile, you damn punk!”

It was Jacob’s voice. It was clear that Jacob threw something at Lucerne. The fork fell on the floor, across Elisha’s seat. At the next moment, Elisha thought she was dreaming.

Lucerne leaned under the table. It was a very brief moment. Lucerne’s eyes met Elisha’s under the table.

Elisha was startled. At that moment, Marco’s hand had grabbed her chest. Elisha wanted to cry…….

‘How horrible to be showing him this side of you.’

It was a strange feeling. Elisha hated it even more because she showed such a shameful thing to Lucerne. What did he think?

Her hands shaking, Elisha picked up the expensive agate-studded brass cup and sat down properly on her seat. She bit her lips. Across the table from her, Lucerne was holding a fork in his hand.


Elisha knew Marco was looking at her with strange eyes. Fear and shame knocked on Elisha’s heart.

And then it happened.

Lucerne got up from his seat.


Lucerne got up from his chair and slowly poured red wine over Marco’s head.


Elisha gawked at the spectacle. Marco’s hand had long since separated from Elisha.

“I heard even those in the temple drink wine.”


“So, what are you doing? Drink.”

The atmosphere became tense. Even the Headmaster gawked in disbelief at the sight of Lucerne’s audacity.

“Why aren’t you answering?”


Lucerne slapped Marco across the face.


Gaju roared in outrage. Jacob jumped up from his chair, screaming and rushing at Lucerne. Then, attempting to attack Lucerne, he didn’t even spare Jacob a look and stabbed a fork between his fingers without even looking.

Blood flowed.

“I return it. You should cherish the family’s property.”

“Uh…Uh…. This crazy dog……. You punk…….”

Lucerne swept his hair back. He tapped Marco’s frozen cheek with my finger.

“The assassins of the temple you sent me were well received. I’ll repay the favor soon.”

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