TPCP – 36.1

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“……Huek………. Lucerne,”

Elisha sobbed.

“I should lick it before I put it in. You like that.”

He did not put his lips to Elisha’s thick mound this time. Instead, he pulled down Elisha’s bustier. Her pale, milky breasts popped out. In the meantime, he smirked at the pink nipples rising and getting hard.

Chu, chu [kiss sfx] —he kissed her nipples and bit them softly with his lips. The tingling sensation tickled her spine, so Elisha tightened and loosened her vulva.

“It turns out there are many good places on our little ghost’s body.

“What… What do you mean nice?”

“It’s light and honest compared to your mouth, look how good you are.”

Lucerne rolled Elisha’s nipples on the tip of his tongue. In the meantime, his hand swept over her mound. A strange frictional sound arose when his large palm rubbed her bush that had already grown drenched with erotic wetness.

“Hnngh……. hmm…. Unn…..”

Elisha’s body couldn’t stay still with this ticklish and strange feeling growing. Her upper body bent upward slightly as her breasts jiggled.


Elisha grabbed Lucerne’s arm.

“Why? You like it.”

“It’s so weird– I keep……. feeling….”

Elisha looked at Lucerne with wet eyes.

“Do you want me to eat you out?”

At his low words, Elisha realized— It was not that..…. she wanted more.

She wished he would just quickly penetrate her. Elisha was scared of these emotions and sensations that she couldn’t control.

She wanted to see the end quickly. Even Elisha didn’t know if it was because she wanted to run away or if she wanted to savor more in her sexual desire. Her mind was a mess.

“Where do you want me to lick you up with my tongue? Say it with your own mouth.”

“…Rather…. Below….”

Lucerne stared intently into Elisha’s eyes, then slowly put his head under her skirt.

“Haa, ohhh……. Un-ohh… Ah!”

She couldn’t bring herself to say it, but he knew what she meant and decided to tease her meanly. As soon as his tongue touched Elisha’s vagina, she got so wet.

Smooch. Lick. Chu.

Lucerne stuck out his tongue and licked her clitoris to her hole. Then he sucked on her pussy. He even thrusted his tongue in her enterance. Elisha’s thighs trembled.

‘Why are my senses sharper?’

She felt like her head was overheating because of her lower body.

“Then I’ll teach your pussy the next lesson too. About what to eat in the future.”

Lucerne removed his face from Elisha’s pussy.


The next lesson is….

Unconsciously, Elisha gaze headed towards his firm penis. Lucerne took out his penis and stroked it.

She could see the veins swollen and protruding on the hideous genitals when his hand came off. Elisha felt saliva pooling under her tongue.

“You are already very wet, I see.”

When he said that, his second finger poked around Elisha’s entrance.

As his finger caressed around her hole, Elisha’s ass buckled as if she was sticking out her pussy to him. It was instinct.

“Now, I can hit it.”

He whispered as if he was having fun. Elisha blinked. She tried to stop her facial expressions from altering due to her lust. But her eyes and cheeks turned red, and her lips instinctively parted slightly.

“Shall I?”

Lucerne whispered; he seemed insistent on bringing out her shame.

“You have to answer. Our smart little ghost. You’re good at answering.”

Lucerne pressed near her hole and grazed her clit with the tip of his finger. Elisha looked at him with resentment, but she didn’t mean it.

“Do it—Sex,”

Elisha whispered.

“I’m your…. Because I’m your wife.”

“Those are the prettiest words I’ve ever heard.”

Unlike his words, Lucerne had no expression. Elisha took a deep breath.

Lucerne’s cock pressed down on Elisha’s hole.

“Relax. Don’t be nervous now.”


“Spread your legs more,”

Lucerne gently encouraged her. Elisha’s hand holding on to his arm moved to his shoulder. She lowered her eyes with a red face.



Lucerne began to insert his penis slowly. Elisha shook her head.

“—Look into my eyes as I fuck you.”

Lucerne said, putting his hand behind Elisha’s neck. He looked down at her as her upper body was slightly bent and raised off the bed.

Lucerne frowned. His penis pressed in and stuck in her wet pussy. Elisha’s fragile skin unfolded as she received and swallowed his member. Her soft, fragile pink inner wall trembled as it spread, making way for him.

“Haa, oh……. Ah!”

Elisha’s body shook. Lucerne kissed her ear and temples.

“Shh. I’m only halfway in. Relax your body.”

“No, if you put it all the way in……. Oh, no. It will really….”

Hurt. Elisha, who was about to say that, sealed her mouth.

“Haaaa, unn……. Huek!” [sfx: whimpering/sobbing]

“Hang in there,”

Lucerne calmly said, soothing her.

His ferocious, veiny genitals filled her all the way to the end. Elisha’s vulva was stretched to its limits and swallowed his pillar.

She felt like her body was twisting inside. Her wet internal walls had already wrapped, tightened, and pulled on Lucerne’s. However, since it was her first time, it was so tight it was difficult to move forward.

“Breathe, Elisha.”

“Ooh, ahh!”

Lucerne kept squeezing in.

His testicles touched Elisha’s ass. In the end, Elisha’s nails dug into Lucerne’s shoulder.

“Sniff…huuu …. hiccup.”

Lucerne bit Elisha tightly on the back of her neck, so instead, his lower back was calm. He nibbled and licked Elisha’s neck and chin and slowly shook his hips.




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