TPCP – 35.2

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In the next moment, Elisha closed her eyes, expecting Lucerne would slap her across the face.

But he didn’t do that. She felt his bare hand on her. A substantial hand held her cheek and raised her chin.

“Wake up. When you get involved with the Cartier family, this occurs as regularly as a meal.”


His tone imparted a warning. And.….. That was it. Elisha was relieved. Lucerne made Elisha drink cold fruit juice.

“You have to keep moving to gain your senses back.”

Elisha nodded. Lucerne gazed at her and inquired sarcastically,

“So, what should we do now?”


“Should we rub against each other and moan at the door like last time, to spark rumors?”

Elisha blushed. Still, he was a little mean. Elisha quietly peeked up and looked at him.

“Don’t I just need to drink alcohol to get rid of my paralysis intoxication?”

Lucerne moved closer to her. His smile reflected his amusement.

“You’ll feel better when you retrieve your senses.”

Elisha suddenly found her body laid on the bed and trapped between his arms.

“The paralysis aroma makes your limbs relax. By the way.….”

He tugged at Elisha’s bustier that wrapped around her smooth, jiggling breasts and then caressed her softness.

“When your body heats up, your senses will come back.”

The palm of his hand slowly swept down, stroking Elisha to her navel.

“They say the more you go towards the center of the body, the more your senses become alive. Maybe you’ll become more sensitive.”

Elisha gawked at him with her ears bright red. When she bit her lip from habit, Lucerne grabbed her lower lip with his index finger and thumb. He grasped and fondled Elisha’s supple lip with his hand.

It was a strange feeling.

“…… I see. That’s a possibility. We have plenty of time.”

It was the most bravado Elisha could feign and muster up. He chuckled.

“How fortunate, Elisha. That masturbation isn’t adulterous.”

Without hesitation Lucerne’s hand untied Elisha’s robe. He lowered her girdle slowly. Elisha was aware that her lower belly felt very empty.

“On the days my body was drenched in my enemy’s blood I thought of you every night. I came and got off several times while imagining your shabby underwear,”

Lucerne whispered.

“I mastrubated imagining your wet slit, your whole body soaked from my spraying semen. Not—“


Indeed, the sensations from her vulva were acute. No. As the feelings of her arms and legs became dull, the prominence of her lust grew, becoming more sensitive. Lucerne’s fingers slowly swept Elisha’s entrance between her legs.

“It’s always wet even before I suck it. Yes, here…”

Lucerne whispered.

His hand reached the inside of Elisha’s thigh, lifting one leg high up.

“It’s a more obsecenly erotic than I remember. A seductive allure I want to suck on.”

“Uhnn… ….Oh…….”

Her blood was circulating rapidly. Elisha clenched her fists. Her body moved easily, but she felt numb. Instead, all her awareness was focused on her lower body’s senses. Lucerne gently licked her clitoris and rolled it with his tongue.

“It’s still a little big here.”

“Do— Don’t,”

Elisha weakly protested.

“If you say that…….”

“What? Are you horny?”


Lucerne chuckled.

“You can’t say no. I guess so.”


Spitting on his finger Lucerne used his saliva as a lubricant and teased her clitoris with more strength. Elisha’s ass began to twitch involuntarily.

“I’ve been patient and held it in for a long time. I’ve wanted to thrust into you from the beginning.”

“Ahhhh! Huek….”

As Lucerne’s hand pushed up again and again on her clit, Elisha’s vagina got wetter and wetter every time. Then a finger slowly moved down, caressed her pubic hair while stroking her lips, overlapping like petals, layer after layer.


A strange feeling ran along her spine. Elisha’s sense of her toes began to return. She curled her toes.

His finger tickling and stroking her vaginal mouth, entered her. The thrusting fingers stirred in a circle and pressed against her walls firmly.

“Hnnghh… ohh…….”

Now Elisha was shaking her ass. Her leaking sap had even soaked her perineum.

“Do you feel any better?”

“Ohh…… Haa *Sigh*..….” [t1v: “oh” in Korean can also double as yes like mhmm]

“No, were your senses alive here from the beginning?”

Puk, Puk, Schlip, Squelch, Squelch—

Sloppy, sticky transparent fluid splashed from Elisha’s vegina with every movement of his finger.

“But once—”

Squelch— Sputter—

“….I put my finger in, you’re much softer. I guess you’re learning. How rewarding.”


“From now on, you’ll only have to swallow my fingers.”

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