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“Don’t hurt tha’ face!”

Someone shouted in a drunk tone, reflecting a strong accent. Elisha quickly gauged the situation.

They weren’t trained men. They were probably street vagrants who someone had paid off.

Elisha was wearing a coat-type dress over an outer dress over an inner dress and fastened with a string. Soon, she was in her underwear and bustier.

As Elisha continued to struggle, the men slightly lifted the sack on her face. Her eyes were still covered, so she couldn’t see. They put something on Elisha’s nose. It smelled like fresh and sour herbs with a faint smell of nutmeg in the undercurrent of the odor.

“This is paralysis incense…”

Elisha, who Jacob had trained during her previous life, knew it well. The paralysis aroma was not fatal, but it was a medicine that made the body muscles feel too tired to move. And… It took some time for it to take effect.

“Hehe, she’ll be quiet now……. Argh, fuck!”

Elisha clawed at the man with her ringed hand. The pointed black diamond scratched the man’s cheek.

Elisha pushed the man away and ran out of the alley with all her might.

“Damn it— Catch her!”

The men shouted and followed Elisha. Soon Elisha was swallowed by the crowd’s water.

“What’s this? You’re pretty.”

“Where do you work?”

Elisha stumbled down the street. She was in her underwear so the eager man thought she was flirting and advertising herself. Her whole body was covered in goosebumps.

‘No, if I am found like this…….’

The general’s wife walking amongst the commoners in her underwear… and they had just been newly married.

The couple would be the laughing stock of the entire empire.

It was a good reason for a divorce. Elisha entered another alley quickly across the street with unsteady steps. Those who had been previously intrigued by her scantily clad appearance had promptly forgotten about her.

‘You have to pull yourself together. Let’s calm down. No… Where..…. I have to find a place to hide.….’

Elisha walked instinctively towards a deserted place and covered her face with her hands.

‘Until the knights come to pick me up…….’

There was a decline in her vision. It was a temporary symptom of the paralysis scent. After about 10 minutes, when the fragrance took effect, her sight would also recover. Elisha blinked with her face covered. Lights flickered in her hazy view.


Elisha felt an intense headache. Only after a moment was she able to register the sensation with pain; her senses were that dull.

‘It hurts…’

Her pain was an occasional side effect of the immobility odor. Elisha concluded.

She stopped walking. Stumbling, she grabbed at the low stone wall, sensing it through her touch.

There was a sound of laughter and conversation from a crowd of boisterous people. Elisha stood up on her legs and then leaned over the wall to hide.

It was then.

What Elisha discovered between her incomplete sight: It was someone’s bright smile. A terrible malicious smile was climbing up a wicked arc.

The mouth opened:

“Oh my! Madam. What are you doing in a place like this?”

Only after hearing the voice did Elisha know who was talking.


Lucerne’s cousin’s wife, the spouse of his second arch enemy, Marco. Elisha’s heart dropped.

“I’m lost,”

Elisha barely answered.

“In that outfit? Everyone, take a look at this. This is the general’s new bride. Thankfully, she made a surprise appearance at our meeting!”

She raised her voice, delighted.

Soon the ladies flocked. Elisha looked around. Her blurred vision began to discern her surroundings dimly. While wandering through the dark alley, Elisha had reached the garden of a small and pretty building.

The wall had been low, and the doors were wide open, so Elisha didn’t even know where she had entered from.

“She’s the new wife of the high general?”

“No way, it’s a courtesan who ran away to receive customers.”

“You’re so funny, hohoho!”

I’m finished.

Elisha’s eyes darkened.

The fact that she had almost suffered and escaped abduction and rape would not be an excuse. On the contrary, Lucerne’s enemies would destroy them for her appearing in her underwear at a ladies’ gathering.

Elisha was desperately trying to find a way out of this situation.


Elisha slowly looked up. It was the voice of an unexpected person—a heavy, mellow, and low tone.


She couldn’t believe it. Indeed, he was standing in front of her.

“How could you leave in the middle of it? Were you that excited?”

Lucerne clicked his tongue. Only then did Elisha look at his attire. His clothes were sparse and sloppy. The shirt was undone and loosened up to his abs, revealing his solid stomach and strong pectoral chest muscles– his belt was untied.

“H-High General?”

Arien looked at Lucerne with trembling eyes. Lucerne ignored her and covered Elisha’s shoulder with a cloth over her shoulders, and embraced Elisha.

“I was with my wife, and she drank too much, so I think she was a little excited. Isn’t today a good day? I hope you can pretend you didn’t see this mess on a day like this day,”

he said casually.

Elisha couldn’t see well, but she could feel that all the ladies looked like they couldn’t breathe. One woman couldn’t take her eyes off Lucerne’s shirt, which had come loose.

Arien stammered and asked,

“Where in the world were you?”

Lucerne’s gaze quietly turned.

Lucerne was looking at the bushes in the dark space behind the garden.


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  1. WTH!!! Those bastards!!! Lucerne appeared late but it’s better than never. I hope Lucerne will do smth about it, and Elisha should have never left the mansion ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    1. I think it’s not her fault, she left the mansion because she had to have lunch with Lucerne. It’s the kinghts’ fault because they should have already been in the alley waiting for her

  2. Shit and this is where the knights will be punished but in compensation Lucerne will end up with the father of that disgusting woman named Carola

  3. That’s what u call a man!!!!!! Standing up for his wife and protect her from gossip and bastards! It makes me like Lucerne more 😍🥵 hope those f. Ckers die and that b.tch that send them!

  4. It’s sad that in this fictional past and in todays reality some how rape is still the victims fault. I know it won’t go unpunished and it was at least her ability to get away.

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