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A large hotel was built in the middle of the capital. There was a very large balcony in the hotel.

The hotel was famous for its frequent use by royal family members. A princess in a golden dress stood on the hotel’s balcony.

“The High General has announced his victory. Blessings from St. Undine!” 

The public went wild when she shouted at the people. Soon after the roar subsided, Lucerne appeared. 

He was wearing a navy blue elegant military uniform decorated with gold and black boots. 

People’s shouts grew when he appeared with his large physique. Reigning like a god in front of the people, he looked more handsome than usual. The closer Elisha looked at him, the farther away he seemed.

‘I can’t believe I really married him.’ 

Elisha smiled. The physical distance between them wasn’t much, but strangely they seemed worlds apart. 

“Long live the general”! 

“The general protects our empire!” 

It had almost reached the level of religious fever. Before she knew it, Elisha took a step into the alley and was captivated by the scene before her.

‘Is this the person I saw last night?’

It seemed so long ago that Lucerne had fallen asleep on her lap. If it wasn’t for the fulfillment of his promise to eat together today, Elisha might have thought it was really a dream. 


Suddenly, Elisha felt as if her eyes had met Lucerne’s, who was gazing into the crowd.

‘That’s impossible. How many people are here? I’m as delusional as those girls.’ 

Elisha saw the girls in the front row who were particularly enthusiastic, shouting and shedding tears. They may be imagining the same thing as Elisha: Lucerne is looking at me……. 

Suddenly, Elisha’s gaze touched an old poster on the wall between the alleys. 

—Saint Undine protects us. 

When a saint dies, their souls remain in the empire for several years and bless the people. St. Undine was a woman who was as popular as ever with her beautiful appearance.

—Thanks to Saint Undine, we won the battle.

Someone scrawled their wind at the end of the poster. Elisha thought that a saint had a very exhausting and difficult job. 

Elisha, who lived in hell in her previous life, could only hope for death.

‘Even in death, a saint doesn’t get a break?’

A life with nothing but work, she only wanted a break. However, even after the death of a saint, there were many things that people wanted. 

‘Where are the knights?’

The alley itself was quiet, but there were so many people outside the alley that it made Elisha feel nauseous. If she took a step outside she would get caught up by the swarms of people.

Elisha turned to enter the real estate office again but the door had already become tightly closed, as if afraid of an angry crowd coming in. 

‘Is the carriage safe?’

It was that moment. 


Something slapped Elisha in the face. She stumbled, her eyes blurry.


Elisha screamed. Two smelly homeless men were snickering at her. 


Something was stuck in her mouth. It was a reeking fabric. The next moment, the men put a leather bag on Elisha’s head. The dirty leather smelled of wet mud. 


She couldn’t see. 


Her body fell to the floor. 

“Quickly take it off!”

“She looks like a noble. Can I really rape this bitch?” 

“Aye. They told us to make a mess of her and throw it away at the intersection if possible.” 


She struggled. Rip— rip. Her dress was ripped. The cold wind touched Elisha’s skin.

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