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The old wooden wall was full of information on real estate for sale on memo paper. 

‘Oh, this real estate is going to go up. But in a few years……. It’s already up for sale over there.’

Everywhere she went, money was king. The feudal status fell to the ground and the noblewomen who brought money were cherished. Like Elisha, it was common for women to invest in real estate.

Elisha was familiar with the capital’s condition through her previous life. Seeing Elisha reading the memos, the owner spoke kindly:

“Welcome. What are you looking for today?” 

Presently, the capital was full of prosperity. Buying real estate worthy future investments was of great interest to ladies. 

“Yes. I want to see some properties for sale around Yurif.” 

“Ah, you mean Yurif, a vacation spot for aristocrats. It has hot springs, it’s very close to the capital and there’s a gate, so it’s the best choice! These days, there are many pretty mansions, so they are very popular. You will never regret it if you buy a place there. It can be used as a villa or as an investment sale. These are the mansions that are currently for sale.”

Elisha looked at the list. There was nothing she was looking for. 

“Is there any land near Yurif’s Enchanted Forest for sale?” 

The owner’s eyes grew bigger. He looked around and lowered his voice.

“How did you know about it? You’re quite informative. There will be an auction soon but.…. It’s not something you’d be interested in.” 

“I want that land,” 

Elisha said clearly. 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s not right now, so give me any information you have.” 

The owner’s eyes narrowed. Elisha looked at them without avoiding her eyes. In her previous life, Elisha frequently visited the real estate office for Carola’s errands. 

Carola would send Elisha to the real estate office to hear stories instead and choose one of the recommended offerings. That’s how she got to know the booming real estate market so well. 

“I’ve already been to the president’s office. It won’t be long until that much land will be released and incorporated into Yurif. I’m not looking for a short-term investment property. Please show me the commercial property for sale.”

Elisha competently used terms that the agents used. They were terms one picked up on if someone went to the real estate once or twice, but it felt quite different when Elisha, who was young and looked like a noblewoman, said it. 

Elisha moved her hand slightly. The owner looked at her hand donning an enormous black diamond on a ring.

The owner smiled slyly and displayed a scrawled note. 

“This is the estimated price.”

Elisha nodded. 

‘As expected, it’s expensive because it’s a resort city for aristocrats.’ 

It was a little more expensive than expected. However, in order to make Lucerne the Head, it was a must-have estate.

“I’m telling you as someone in the know, but the land for sale requires too much investment for most business owners. If you don’t clean up the forest and build a hotel, it won’t be worth it. Besides, there are some dirty rumors.” 

The owner slowly opened up thinking Elisha had some money and was worthy of establishing a working relationship with. 

“There are rumors that the land is cursed because it’s owner went missing, hence why it is up for sale. If you’re going to buy a villa, I’ll relay what’s at a good price.” 

Elisha shook her head.

“I like the spacious land. Plus, I want to build a new villa altogether. The entire city is a hot spring area, so if I dig the ground here, a hot spring may come out.” 

After hearing Elisha’s words, the real estate agent made a face. It was an eye for a beginner who heard something from somewhere. 

Elisha didn’t care. It was also what she intended. There was a possibility that this conversation would reach Lucerne’s ears later so she would rather not explain everything.

“Just because it’s in a hot spring zone, doesn’t mean there are hot springs everywhere if you dig into the ground. If you buy land where hot springs don’t come out, it will be a loss. You can spend your money elsewhere and save money.” 

“I’m a pretty lucky person. Please write down the listing information.” 

The business operator reluctantly wrote it down. Elisha roughly memorized the information just in case. 

‘I’ll need to get some money…….’

She had to find a way to persuade Lucerne to buy this. 

If she had to use private loans she would be in more debt. Of course, there is a clear way to pay back. She smirked.

‘I don’t know if I should get a private loan in addition to my debt of 30,000 gold coins.’

It was extremely Cartier-like. They were united by desire, so they drove those who were captured by the family to debt-slavery extremes like Elisha. Sooner and later, it would lend to more and more illogical choices. 

The promised 10 minutes were up. As Elisha was about to leave she spotted a pamphlet on the opposite desk. 

“A new mansion will be built. It’s a very pretty mansion for single people.” 

The employee in front of the table smiled and explained.  

Elisha picked up the pamphlet as she read the contents:

‘Rose Mansion.’

‘Mansion for single women. Completely guarded. A safe paradise for wealthy single ladies with their maids. Recommended for heiresses!’ 

It was a mansion promotional pamphlet scheduled to be built in a wealthy small town near the capital.

“If you write down your address, I can send you more information if you like?” 

“Yes, I would like that.”

Elisha wrote down the address of the Duke’s estate.


When she divorced Lucerne, she wanted to get a mansion like that and move in as soon as possible. A wealthy woman living alone was quite dangerous even in the city. 

Mansions with bodyguards and maids will become popular in almost a few years. It was Elisha’s dream in her previous life to get a mansion like that and live quietly. 


Elisha, who was about to leave the real estate, found the streets to be utterly chaotic. People were clustering from all directions. Ian and Nora raised their hands, buried among the people. 

“Lady! Come to the back door!” 

The horseman pulled the horse frantically. Nora was looking over there. Elisha went to the back door without delay. 


Someone blew a trumpet that made a loud noise on the street. The back door of the real estate was a quiet and very narrow alley. 

Elisha realized why people were flocking in one direction like a school of fish. 

‘Oh, it’s Lucerne.’


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