TPCP – 31.1

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But Elisha didn’t inquire further.

“Then go to the general’s bedroom and rest.” 

“That’s why I’m here.” 

He looked at Elisha as if it was obvious, his eyes reflecting how funny he thought her comment was. Elisha’s gaze headed to the normally locked door that Lucerne had come through. The doorway was ajar. At a glance……. It was connected to a wide study. It looked like a library full of books.

‘Ah… If that room full of books belongs to Lucerne…….’

A bedroom in which the wife’s space and the husband’s space are connected by doors on both sides. It was just a bedroom for a noble couple. It was unexpected. Even among aristocratic couples, sharing bedrooms meant the couple got along very well.

“Originally, this used to be my bedroom, but now you’re here.” 

“You mean this is a couple’s bedroom—that’s what it is called outside in the world.” 

“Why did you ask if you already knew then?” 

Lucerne laughed. Elisha felt dizzy. She wasn’t confident of her ability to share a bedroom with this man every night. It was clear that she would be extremely tense every night. 


Lucerne whispered, 

“Do what you were doing.” 

“I was going to wash up.”

Lucerne approached her. Elisha inhaled the refreshing smell of his body. He smelled unexpectedly pleasant for someone who had been rolling around a battlefield.

“Then wash.”

He looked as if he was going to follow her to the bathroom. Elisha looked at him silently.

“I’m fine, I was going to wash up because I couldn’t sleep.” 

Elisha’s heart fluttered.

Lucerne’s aura gave off a strange, suggestive and ambiguous atmosphere. He looked drowsy and relaxed, but something unnerved her as a tiny chill ran up her spine. He looked like a hungry beast languidly eyeing her. If such a beast hunts, it would only be for pleasure.


Before she could blink he apprehended her wrist and pulled Elisha gently. She relaxed her body. Lucerne laid Elisha on the bed. 

Their eyes met. And in a flash, their lips overlapped. 

Smack, chu…..chu….. [kissing] 

Lucerne’s lips rubbed against her lips, and then nibbled on them, causing her to loosen her jaw and open her mouth a little. While massaging her swollen lips with his own, he suddenly pushed his tongue in and dug into her mouth. Elisha came to her senses and responded to his tongue, entwining with his. When his lips fell, his eyes were red. 

“You smell good.” [Elisha]

“What an odd thing to say right now.”

“—I was wondering where you washed up.”

Elisha replied as she mumbled while holding onto Lucerne’s shirt, newly freed from his breathtaking kiss. 

“If you’re doubting me, you don’t need to. I won’t commit adultery and reduce your debt by about 10,000 gold coins.” 

“….I didn’t mean it like that.”

An unknown sensation filled Elisha, she didn’t know whether she was relieved or disappointed. Nevertheless, she felt bizarre. 

“I washed up at the hotel. There’s a victory party in full swing there. They are eating and drinking, whether it’s in the garden or the interior of the hotel.” 

“…….Can you really leave your soldiers behind?” 

“I have ordered the Seeds to immediately punish those inclined towards nonsense, such as looting or rape, so it’s okay.”


He was truly a great man. When she listened to Lucerne’s words, everything in the world seemed very simple. 

Lucerne caressed Elisha’s cheek. His hand slowly descended and stroked the curves of Elisha’s body. 

“Have you practiced?” 

“….Practiced what?” 

“To prepare to swallow my cock through your slit so it doesn’t hurt. If we do it next time, I won’t be able to relieve myself—perhaps we’ll be in a hurry.” 

“…I didn’t do that.”

Elisha bit her lip. Lucerne’s hand caressed her lower lip. 

“Don’t bite your lips. You’re my collateral, so you can’t hurt yourself as you like.”

Elisha felt unusual. She took her contraceptives a week ago and before Lucerne came, she had been detained in the mansion under the guise of her safety and protection. There were a lot of disappointing facets, but her words of compliant were stuck in her throat. 

‘Because we’re not that close.’

Elisha calmly organized her thoughts and cleared her mind. Now she was powerless. She didn’t have the right to be angry at Lucerne’s words. 

“Please go to sleep. So don’t do that. You have to go out to the gate early in the morning. You should welcome the soldiers.” 

“If you say so,” 

Lucerne whispered as he conceded.

Surprisingly, he laid down next to Elisha. She was taken aback. Startled, she lifted herself up and sat up. Lucerne laid his head on her exposed thighs. 


Elisha’s body stiffened.

“I have to sleep for two hours and leave. Or else the imperial family will attack me for coming.” 

“Why……’yo’?” [t1v: first she asks candidly and then adds the respectful but more distant ‘yo’ at the end of sentence belatedly—it symbolizes how curious she is and/or she feels a little closer to him]

“Well, I guess they think they need to make a fuss and put on a show so the people forget their poverty. That’s what happens when you return victorious.” 

“…….I see.” 

Elisha nodded. Lucerne closed his eyes.

Elisha was uncomfortable, but she didn’t pull herself away. Lucerne wrapped his arms around her waist so she couldn’t move even if she wanted to.

‘Is this also what a wife does?’ 

If so, there was nothing better for her to do anyways. Regardless… he was a man who just returned from war. Elisha thought perhaps she should be more accommodating and comfort him if she wanted to maintain this harmonious atmosphere. 

“Why didn’t you let me go out of the mansion?”

“Ah, that. Do you want to go out?” 

asked Lucerne, sleepily.

‘You forgot what you ordered.’ 

Elisha quickly noticed with his apathetic tone. 

“I thought the war would end shortly.” 

“—I see. Can I go out for a bit tomorrow?” 

“Do it in the morning.” 

“What do I have in the afternoon?” 

“I’m going to eat with you.” 


Elisha blinked. What did she hear just right now? 

“If you want to propose to a girl, you should treat her to a meal first.” 

“At this belated hour?” 

Elisha joked back. The timing of their proposal had happened at night and now they had already been married. 


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