TPCP – 28.2

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“Aren’t you afraid of me, lady?”

Even if Corinne was innocent, high-status ladies would be terrified of anyone who had been to prison. Elisha looked like she heard a strange question. 

“Should I be afraid of my husband’s knights?”

“It’s not like that…….” 

“Eat comfortably. Nora. If you need anything, come and see me anytime. You’ve always been kind to me, but I never said thank you.” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

Elisha affectionately added a few more words to Nora. Nora rarely talked, so the conversation ended quickly. However, it was apparent that Nora liked Elisha. 

Elisha gently turned her back.


‘Have you been to bread?’

Elisha had no choice but to laugh at the question. 

It was the last of her memories of her previous life. 

It was when she was detained and threatened with being hanged if she had been found guilty for Jacob’s crime of trafficking drugs at a store under Elisha’s name.

At that time, she had been detained in prison for a few days under the pretense of an investigation. 

‘That macaroni and black bread.’

The food they had served had been the same day and night to the point Elisha couldn’t stomach it. Even before that she had been hardly able to eat due to her pre-existing stomach ailment. 

Elisha managed to run away just before the trial but was captured and murdered by Jacob. 

That was the last memory of her previous life, so she knew the regular prison menu that Corinne knew. 

That evening, Elisha encountered Lapis while walking down the hallway. Lapis greeted her with his eyes. Lapis was heading somewhere with a book full of arms. 

‘Even if he’s fourteen, he’s not an adult.’

Nevertheless, he and others his age were in warfare. 

There didn’t seem to be any parent figure—or even a nanny who looked after him. At that moment, Elisha felt a rush of sympathy.

“Do you want me to send someone to help you, Lapis?” 

“Section 12.”

“Magician’s data cannot be touched carelessly by others. Exceptions shall be made in the case of obtaining prior permission from the principal or proxy permission from the brother Lazri. Alright.”


Lapis dropped the books from his hands. Bam, the books fell on the floor.

“What about Article 33 of the employment contract? Do you know that too?”

“You shall be notified two days before the Employer’s celebrations. Oh, right. I’m sorry. I couldn’t notify you of the wedding. As you can see, we got married in a hurry.” 

“S…… Sorry. Are you apologizing to me for that?”

“Rather than an apology, I’m asking for your understanding. I wasn’t in a position to invite anyone to the wedding, and I didn’t know you, Lapis, at the time.” 

Lapis’ hand trembled at the words that fell from Elisha’s mouth. 

“Sensible, rational, civilized.”

Her’s was the sweetest manner Lapis received after he came to this house. Elysia didn’t know why Lapis was so thrilled. She tilted her head. 

“Did you read my entire employment contract?” 


Lapis frowned. That’s right. You can’t have read it all……. 

“I memorized it all. I’m good at memorizing what I read.”


“It was generally reasonable. There is equity among the Knights, so I will protect what I can, if not everything. Then— Lapis?” 

Elisha thought Lapis’ complexion looked poor.

“Are you okay? Is there anything I can do to help?”

Elisha said automatically, without thinking. As the wife of the High General, it was her role to take care of his soldiers.

Lapis replied gently,

“Not now.” 

“Then tell me whenever you need help.” 

“Like an older sister?” 

“Older sister….. yo?” [t1v: she belatedly adds the ‘yo’ which is a polite form of talking in Korean, if you are close to someone and like an older sister to them, you don’t use the ‘yo’ at the tail of your sentences.]

Elisha’s expression became odd. Was there a difference between just offering help and offering help as an older sister?

“If you want, do that.”

Lapis recalled his previous resolution. The decision to boycott Lucerne’s marriage who had ignored the Knights of the Black Lion Order. 

Lapis forgot about the past and answered brightly. 

“Yes, sister!” 

That was the moment when Elisha made Lapis, the most difficult member of the Black Lion Knights, on her side.

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