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Lapis was annoyed by everything. It is also upsetting to be separated from his other half, Lazri [his twin], and being with these ignorant things brought him to the table. 

He only ate silently at the table prepared for the knights. 

“I don’t care whether she’s the hostess or not. I can’t stand the fact that they didn’t take me to the battlefield.….”

Lapis also had a lot of complaints about the High General’s new wife. She must have made a fuss and was so dissatisfied that she didn’t invite him to the wedding. Corinne was certain adolescence had turned him into a tired man. 

“It looks like this war will last longer than we initially thought.” 

Corinne also looked like she ate something bitter. Corinne was fond of nobility. She went to prison in the first place because her noble master had framed her. 

That’s why even though she didn’t know Elisha she agreed with Lapis’ unfavorable assessment of Elisha and hated her for no reason. 

“Is it because of the war? The rice which is usually tasteless is somehow worse today.”

 Lapis’ petition to rehaul the menu had recently been rejected for the 24th time. 

“Cori. Don’t complain about your meal. You’re not a kid.” 

Nora quietly pointed out.

“No, I’d rather go out to the battlefield than eat something like this. Why hasn’t he summoned us?”

Corinne grumbled. 

“Even if it was just a telegraph wire, I would immediately come to the frontline….it’s a little disappointing.” 

Nora rarely expressed her feelings.

It was really strange. Usually, everyone would be called on and have fun slaughtering enemies on the battlefield. 

“Is there anything to protect in this mansion?”



Everyone was quiet. The only recent change in this mansion was the general’s new wife.

Then Lapis’ eyes grew wide. 

“Is that person here—alone?”

Simultaneously their eyes turn towards the head of the table. The soldiers eating greedily stopped in mid-bite. 

Despite their stares, Elisha sat in the prepared seat alone.

No one talked to her. She ate a minimal amount of food quietly. An ordinary noblewoman would have cried—terrified when asked to eat alone among soldiers. But she didn’t look uncomfortable. 

“Her courage is considerable,”

Corinne said as if she was exasperated. 

Then, Elisha got up and unhurriedly approached them. 

‘Right now… She’s walking this way, right?’

Everyone exchanged befuddled glances at each other, perplexed. They were troubled. First of all, they were not fond of Elisha due to various factors.

Moreover, they didn’t know how to treat her. Their master never properly introduced Elisha.


Elisha approached them and greeted them formally. Then she stared at Lapis with her blank doll-like face and spoke,  

“Why is Lapis here?” 

“What does that mean?” 

Lapis looked up in annoyance. Elisha spoke calmly and softly, 

“According to Lapis’ employment contract paragraph No. 73, he has the right not to be summoned anywhere on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Today is the fourth Tuesday. So Lapis is not obligated to come out here. Go into the room and eat comfortably. I ordered a servant to have your meal delivered. A wizard needs time alone because magic is a creative endeavor like art.”

They were certain it was the first time they had heard so many words come out of Elisha’s mouth. 

Lapis doubted his ears. At the same time, he got up from his seat. 

“Are you serious? Will you tell the general later?” 

“It is in your employment contract. Is there a reason why it should not be kept?”

The corners of Lapis’ mouth began to twitch. 

‘You’re pretty thoughtful, aren’t you?’

Lapis turned and skipped to his room, excitedly and mockingly singing ‘la la la.’ Corinne pouted.

‘What is up with this woman? Are you trying to suck up to us?’

It seemed that she was trying to please the Black Lion Seed Order. Elisha’s gaze went to Corinne this time. 

“You said you were Corinne.”

“Hmm, what? That’s right.”

“Take the food from my table and eat it. It’s too much for me to eat alone. I’ll tell them to fix the menu.”

The food in front of Corinne was black bread, macaroni, and grilled pork legs. 

“The combination of food is terrible. I’ll talk to the chef about the menu selection. We should improve our meals, so please let me know your suggestions. The meal today does a disservice to our knights.” 

Elisha spoke in a reposed, quiet tone, but her pronunciation was clear. 

‘Do you know what this meal means?’ 

Corinne thought, amazed. When she heard Elisha’s words, she doubted her ears. 

Roasted pork, grain porridge soaked in water on barley black bread, and macaroni. It was the food diet that came out 7 out of 10 times while she was in prison. Even so, it was common to have only bread and water. 

It was a pure coincidence that the chef chose these foods.…. It was natural that ordinary people did not know the hidden meaning of this menu. 

Corinne stared at Elisha. She asked in a more polite tone. 

“Have you been there?” 

“What do you mean?”

“That bread place……. Well, um, you know.” 

When she heard her question Elisha smiled as if she saw through Corinne’s question. It was a very faint smile, so others didn’t even notice it.

“I just overheard it by chance. You suffered in prison unfairly, so we should be considerate of small things like this.”

Corinne enlisted as a prisoner. Some prisoners were offered to serve their sentences in the military. Later, after meeting Lucerne, she appealed her charge with his help, and it was revealed through the trial that she had been condemned of a crime unfairly.

“Fortunately, there were many foods prepared for me. I’ll order a servant and move them to this table.” 

Corinne’s simple mouth opened in surprise.


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