TPCP – 27.2

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Indeed, in the rich capital, many people were deprived of wealth and fallen aristocrats were common. The butler who lived in contact with the nobility knew it well. Most of the fallen aristocrats who called upon their workers as guests were ignorant.

Fallen noblemen were despised but relied on their one pride. Contract brides who married to exchange status trade were often defeated and ignored by their servants.

‘But I don’t think you’re gonna make it that far.’

That was the sentiment of the butler who saw Elisha walking around the mansion.

The next day, the butler went to see Elisha after breakfast. Her attire was nothing short of frugal. She seemed to have only one dress. Elisha asked quietly,

“Can I go out for a bit? I have things I need.” 

“I’m sorry, but I think it would be better to discuss that with the general when he gets back.” 

“He must have banned me from going out.” 

Elisha made a slight frown. The butler spoke in a gentle manner that he called upon a merchant to come in the afternoon so she could order from the comfort of home,

“So the only thing he’s allowed me to do is shop?” 

Elisha asked without hesitation.


Her way of conversing was clear and concise. 

That was the second impression the butler had of Elisha. He tried to be a little tactful. 

“You can do whatever you want. Inside the house. If there’s anything you want, I’ll do it.” 

“Then how about cleaning up?” 


The butler doubted his ears. Elisha’s downcast hazy eyes were suddenly looking straight at him. 

“Can I clean the house?” 

“…There’s nothing you can’t do….nothing wrong with it. Why do you have to……. You don’t have to do anything. You can learn the housework slowly…….” 

“I can’t be lazy when my husband is out on the battlefield. Besides, my body starts to ache when I’m still.” 

Elisha’s words shocked the butler even more.

“Oh, and—” 

Elisha added calmly. 

“The cleaning I’m talking about is not just sweeping and polishing.” 

Elisha pointed to the hallway. 

“Let’s sort out everything that’s rolling out there.” 

And ten days later, the butler changed all his first impressions of Elisha. 


“I think we can save a little money from this side. Also, please add only one servant who can write well. I think I need to make a list of the artworks in the house. I’ll draft it, and this is…….” 

“Excuse me….. lady. Can you read the books?” 

“Do you think I can’t read the numbers?” 

“No, I’m not saying that. Ledgers aren’t just numbers.” 

Elisha smiled softly. It was a smile that was almost invisible, and that was the biggest change of expression the butler had ever seen. 

“When I was in the monastery, Rosaria-nim, the head of the monastery and archbishop, took me under his wing, teaching me read this novel on that 1 villainess, how to bookkeeping for the monastery, and that’s when I learned the basics.” 

“Oh, do you mean Rosaria-nim, the war hero? Indeed…….” 

I guess you’re not an ordinary person. The butler thought it was the first reversal of his assessment of her. The next day, more surprising things happened.

“The general is on the battlefield, so you don’t know when he’ll be back. Since I am short on time, I’d better go around the mansion and introduce myself to the employees.”

“……Yes? So you’re going to say hello to the subordinates?” 

‘Yes, am I not allowed to? When servants encounter me in the mansion, they are so startled as if they had discovered a ghost.” 

“Ha. But…Madam, as you may have heard, the general does not consider rank or status when selecting men. So……, especially the knights directly under the general, they can be very rough.….” 

“They’re rough?” 

Elisha tilted her head as if she didn’t understand.

“Ian and Nora were very kind.” 


The butler thought of Ian, a former spy who had been a drug addict. He was secretive. Nora was a woman who rarely spoke. 

In addition, Corin, one of the knights, had been a prisoner. 

“They don’t swear, they don’t hit anyone, they’re good at carrying out orders even if they have complaints.”

“Then…..Are you…?” 

“Then let’s go right away. I’ll do it on my own. Take your time, butler.” 

That day, Elisha made a full-day tour of the mansion and greeted each employee lightly. Everyone looked shocked. 

And the following week she said something astonishing.

“I heard that today was the day the general was supposed to eat with his men. The general and I should be present, so I’ll go out instead.”

“…are you serious?” 

Once every two weeks, Lucerne had a banquet with his men. 

Elisha was going where the rough soldiers and knights appeared? It was an alarming tale. Elisha tilted her head as if asking what the problem was.

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