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There was a knock. A maid came in and introduced herself.

“My name is Sophie. Please take care of me. I look forward to your kind cooperation. I have five years of experience as a maid!” 

“Nice to meet you, Sophie.” 

Sophie was an older sister-like woman who looked cheerful.  

“You must be tired. The maid will attend to your bath. Have a good night’s rest.” [butler]


Elisha nodded her head. The butler bid his farewell and left the room. 

Elisha asked Sophie to help her change. Elisha was nothing short of a simple gentlewoman.

‘I need some clothes. I’m going to need cosmetics, too.’

She was wondering if Lucerne would buy her something like that. It was not from a desire to adorn herself, but to maintain the minimum dignity as the wife of the general. 

After changing her clothes and eating, Elisha sat on the bed. Her tired body seemed to be melting into the bed from the fatigue from her trip. 

‘I shouldn’t relax.’

Lucerne…. before parting…… seemed quite interested in her. 

However, he might change his mind after the war. 

Elisha wouldn’t have been surprised if he even forgot her name. 

Because the powerful were indifferent to those in low positions, and rather fickle.

‘My priority is staying here safely…… and leaving once that man become the Head.’ 

All Elisha wanted was to leave and live peacefully. Without worrying about money, no fears about being beaten, no hunger, staying quiet and healthy….

‘It’s not an easy road. Jacob and Marco need to disappear.’ 

Elisha knew the people of the Cartier family. Elisha was on the same boat with Lucerne.  

Neither Jacob nor Marco never ever let go of their prey. Those who ruined and blasphemed her in her past life had to be destroyed. Their downfall would be Lucerne’s victory, which would be directly linked to rewards for Elisha’s serenity.

Maybe one day she would even have a family. 

Strangely, she felt a pain in the pit of her stomach when she thought of it.

It was Elisha’s old dream to have a family. But it was a luxury for her now. Her goal was to survive right now. [t1v: Elisha is us living in post-pandemic-late-capitalism era]

First, she would have to prove herself as hostess and mistress of the house. Elisha reflected. A man like Lucerne was a man of great importance. 

‘You’ll ignore me at first, but…….I want to show you…….’ 

Her eyes got heavy. 

‘What was in that letter? I’ll have to see if I can find a butler later. To get rid of doubt,’ 

Elisha thought. 

‘More than I believed… I may have a lot of wealth to gain from living in this house.’ 

Elisha recalled the wedding ring she had left out by her bedside. A black diamond ring would be worth at least 2,000 gold coins.

‘I’ve been in debt for the rest of my life because of 30,000 gold coins.…. while these people can give things like this casually.’

But Elisha didn’t even have the right to pay her debts. There is only one way for Elisha to settle her debts and that was granting Lucerne a divorce.

‘It’s like a casino chip.’

She thought of casinos that she’d been to several times along Jacob in her previous life. A chip that looks like a toy turned into tremendous gold coins. One couldn’t exchange chips until you left the house. That was their marriage condition. 

‘At Lucerne’s request……because of the marriage conditions acknowledgement of property acquired during marriage is only when we’ve divorced amicably.’

It was funny. She’d taste a lot of wealth, but nothing would actually be hers. Nevertheless, it was abundantly better than before. Because now she could see hope. 

Elisha smiled as her eyes grew heavy. 

It was not long before she fell asleep due to her exhaustion from her journey.


The butler read Lucerne’s letter and was astonished. Firstly, due to the size of the letter.

‘You wrote a letter that was six lines long? All about the madam?’

1. Inform my wife about the mansion in moderation. 

2. Don’t allow her to go out. 

3. Buy whatever she needs, regardless of the money. 

4. Be polite. 

5. Keep a close eye on whether anyone is contacting her separately.

And, number six……. 

The butler knew Lucerne well. He had never had a lady in a mansion because she was so detached from women.

‘According to the rumors, was it passion at first sight? Or is she a contractual bride for a status trade?’ 

The butler forgot his duty for a moment and wondered. 

The saga of Elisha and Lucerne was widely known throughout the capital. The city was only two days’ travel by gate from the Dukedom of Cartier.

Gossip was carried far and wide with the news of the war. The story of the two—a man and woman who spent the night moaning and groaning—mocking the Cartier family was spreading to the level of legends. 

But the fifth and sixth items……. 

‘It’s not like I don’t understand why she’s being monitored, but the last, sixth-order….. This is a bit……’ 

It was an embarrassing order for the butler. 

‘Should I do this myself?’

However, he was unable to ask further questions. It would be a sin to send a letter to Lucerne, who was at war, asking about frivolous matters.

Indeed he must be crossing the battlefield now. 

The butler burned the letter with a serious countenance.


Thus her life in the mansion as hostess began. 

‘What’s the big deal if a mistress came? It would be a considerable feat for you just to learn about this mansion.’

When the butler first saw Elisha, he thought her blank face was the spitting image of a doll.

She was a typical imperial beauty. A soft oval white face, slightly young, thick lips, and big eyes. Her bare face without makeup was beautiful, but not shockingly so. It wasn’t a face with extraordinary features. 

Her posture was straight, her hands were rough, but her expressionless face looked quite haughty. Perhaps she was an arrogant noble. 

‘You’re a typical fallen aristocrat.’

The butler got the impression that her pride must have been solely supported by her precarious body and title.


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