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Behind the mansion were large barracks. Such a mansion and scale of land in an area of real estate worth a fortune in the capital was beyond her comprehension. With some troops sent out to war, and only bored soldiers were duly wiping swords. 

Elisha greeted them. Everyone looked at her with curiosity. 

She inspected the soldiers’ kitchens and their soon-to-be meals. It was not until she looked around that Elisha asked for directions to her room. “Should I stay in the guest room?” 

“No way. Although there aren’t many maids in this house, and many shortcomings, I have your room ready.” 

The room the butler led her to was spacious and luxurious. A curtain with white sheets and soft lace hung from a large window. 

‘It’s full of beautiful sunlight.’

In her previous life, when she had come to Jacob’s mansion in the capital, she had lived in a damp, dark storage room under the stairs. There were two reasons. Because the room was close to Carola’s, so it was convenient for her to stop by. 

It was always dingy and dark there. Elisha would turn on her lamp to read, but it was still too dim. Eventually, over the years, Elisha’s eyesight deteriorated rapidly, and even her vision became blurry.

And since Elisha handled confidential information, she had to stay in the secret room where locking the door wouldn’t show.

‘Compared to the room I used to live in in the capital in my previous life, it’s like heaven.’

Elisha loved the bedroom. 

She looked around, entering the adjoining room, where there was a study and powder room for the lady. An oil painting of luxurious yellow flowers hung on a wall of gold-gilded royal blue silk wallpaper. 

The closet was empty and there was no furniture other than an old antique desk. But Elisha had never seen such a glamorous room before. She couldn’t take her eyes off it for a few seconds even though she knew it wasn’t her room to live in forever. 

“I’ve only put in basic furniture so you can decorate it yourself. I will call the furniture dealer tomorrow,” 

the butler said politely. 

‘It must have been hard to prepare in a short time.’ 

Elisha surveyed the space and felt relieved that she wouldn’t be treated inadequately.

It would change again depending on how, upon returning, Lucerne would treat Elisha. The position of a bride with weak parentage was determined by her husband’s interest.…. 

‘You can’t expect that. That man… he doesn’t seem the type to dote on and be generous with women.’ 

Elisha suppressed her thoughts of Lucerne. Strangely, upon thinking of him, she felt like something was stuck in her throat.

“This …….”

Elisha found a familiar treasure box in the dresser drawer. It was as wide as two adult male palms put together. It was a luxurious wooden jewelry box. 

“Oh, I heard this was your only baggage.” 

“……It was a gift from the head of the Cartier family.” 

It was received after the wedding. It hadn’t even occurred to her to open it because she thought it wasn’t hers. Elisha opened it. 


The box was filled with dazzling gold. They were all ancient gold coins. It was wealth Elisha had never had in her hands, having been in debt for both of her two lives.

“Keep it safe. For ladies, it’s an important asset.” 

Elisha suppressed her surprised heart and nodded. She couldn’t help but want to calculate how much this would be. Elisha left the dressing room. 

“What about the door across from me?” 

“Oh, don’t open that locked door. This space is not usable.” 

Elisha nodded her head. 

Finally, Elisha held out a letter to the butler. It was a letter Lucerne had told her to deliver to him.

“A letter from the general for me?” 

The butler looked curious as he received the letter. 

Even Elisha didn’t know its contents, because Lucerne sealed the letter with wax. She didn’t mean to open it in the first place thinking it might be a test from Lucerne.

“Ah……, is that so?”

The butler read through the letter for a long time. He soon raised his head with a serious look and muttered. He was also a little surprised. 

‘What the hell is it?‘

Because of the angle, the contents of the letter were not visible to Elisha.

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