TPCP – 24.2

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“Relax. It’s okay.” 


Lucerne put his second and third fingers together and put them inside Elisha’s body. Perhaps thanks to Lucerne’s careful release, there was a sound of water splashing and dampening. It was tight but with it came a bearable pressure.

“Oh, ohh…….”

As Lucerne moved his fingers as if pushing up, she couldn’t help her pelvis, hips, and ass flinching. 

Squelch, Squelch.

He began to twirl his fingers quickly. Elisha’s inner thigh trembled. Then, he leaned down and bit her clitoris with his lips. 

The sound of splashing water became louder and louder. He caressed Elisha with his tongue and hands for a long time until Elisha begged him to stop.

“Ha, ha, haaa……. ah—Oh, no…….No more….” 

Elisha wasn’t even in her right mind. She was exhausted from the carriage and now was having another session. She used to have no energy, but now she was more easily aroused just by caressing and touching. 

Elisha’s body, that reached it’s peak with his fingers without realizing it, quivered all over. Strange liquid-like water leaked. Elisha’s eyes went blank with embarrassment, she thought she peed herself.

“No, I just…….”

“How many times is it just today?” 

Lucerne chuckled.

“You should wait until I hit it. Umm? I’ll go slow, but why is your pussy swallowing and contracting on everything?”

Elisha was so embarrassed that she couldn’t say anything. Her lower abdomen slowly went up and down, and her slightly open hole was still swallowing Lucerne’s fingers.

Lucerne’s penis was more ferocious than before—far from calming down. Lucerne pulled out his fingers.

“Just let me take a little break …….and then…….” 

Elisha said. Lucerne let out a low sigh. 

He hugged Elisha and stroked her shoulder two or three times. 

Elisha closed her eyes tightly. It was strange. She was sore but could stand the pain.

After all, she had been deemed worthless in her previous life, so no one had wanted her body. She thought she wouldn’t be affected but……. Strangely enough, she was continuously flustered.

‘I don’t hate it, but why do I keep……. my heart is getting shaken.’ 

She had to be calm. Elisha sighed and unwittingly put an arm around Lucerne’s shoulder. She wasn’t even aware of what she did.

Lucerne’s back muscles became extremely taunt.


He really couldn’t help but think she was giving him a sign that she was ready and willing to embrace him. 

Lucerne sat between Elisha’s legs, his breathing feverish.


It was that moment. 

A dark sound that seemed to cut through the night sky came into the room. 


It was a dark sound, like a horn. Elisha and Lucerne both knew the meaning of this sound. Lucerne let out a curse and dropped his member that had been ready to enter her. 

The sound of the horn meant that war had broken out. When the opponent is a man or monster. Or both. 

It was a sort of alarm. 

“Ugh, fucking hell.”

He seemed terribly angry, so Elisha sealed her lips. 

He looked at Elisha as if he were dumbfounded. Rather than irate at Elisha, he seemed disgruntled at the situation itself. 

“Stay here for a second,”

Lucerne said. 

“Don’t come out until I tell you to.”

“Yes, I understand.” 

Elisha said as covered herself with a sheet. Soon there was a knock on the door. Probably his subordinate. Lucerne fastened on his clothes. 

When he opened the door roughly, serious-faced men stood. Elisha stood up, hiding in the doorway, listening to what they were saying.


“Demons are coming from the forest at the foot of the mountain.”

“In this season?” 

Monsters usually ran wild during spring when magic stones exuded energy. Raids were common, attacks occurring at the foot to the bottom of the mountain. Many hibernate in caves from early fall to late winter.

The knights lowered their voices even further. Elisha could only hear if she was concentrated.

“It’s… A revolt broke out. It looks like the Suzu estate has fallen. The remnants of the Old Kingdom woke up the demon. Looks like they’re trying to take control of the gate. Cartier’s estate will be safe, but……. There seems to be a shortage of soldiers in this town. The neighboring territories will send reinforcements, but there is no commander.”

“I understand. All right, let’s leave right away,” 

Lucerne said.

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  1. what the! my imagination were running wild!! and suddenly interrupted with that horn and monster coming out.. bullshit… 😩😩😩😩

  2. I’m just wondering when he will realize she’s still a virgin, if she will ever tell him like hey I’m not experienced so stop assuming.
    And when will he clear up the whole, I wasn’t masturbating over a dead body, thing.

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