TPCP – 24.1

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It was too big. Elisha was scared that if he went deeper it would poke her throat and trigger her gag reflex. Elisha’s face turned white. 

“Just once… suck me deeply, and I’ll take it out.” 

Lucerne grabbed Elisha by the head. His pillar poked down her throat. He groaned so low she could feel his body throb in her mouth. 

Elisha held back her tears and kept sucking his pulsating member. She kept sucking in his organ like Lucerne sucked and swallowed her own. 

“Take it out.” 

Lucerne was annoyed. Elisha shook her head. 

“Leave it.”

“Unn……. Huhhn….….” 

Lucerne grabbed Elisha’s head and began to move gently. Even though his member almost reached the back of her throat, she barely managed to get her lips around his pillar. Elisha’s hair was a mess.

“You can’t even do it.” 

He kicked his tongue. She felt like she was being reprimanded. Elisha lowered her eyes. It was a habit of her to hide her facial expression when in trouble. 


“You can’t do this….What the hell is wrong?” [t1v: it seems like this phrase is ambiguous. Elisha thinks he is talking to her but he may be talking to himself too]

Soon she heard his laboured, heated breathing above her head. When Lucerne clasped her head, Elisha was forced to take her lips off of him. Her lips and jaw were tingling.

Elisha looked up to find Lucerne smiling pleasantly. It was completely unexpected. Lucerne took Elisha’s hand. 

Elisha already felt fatigue settling in. From dawn, she had been preparing and getting ready for the wedding, the dinner, plus a carriage ride……. It was strange that she hadn’t already passed out.

‘But I need to pay the first night’s debt.’

It was as if she was looking for a rationale. Elisha felt strange……. She felt like she had to continue what they were doing in the carriage because of this strange feeling. 

Lucerne wiped Elisha’s eyes with his thumbs. He held Elisha’s hands together and led her to hold his penis. 

Lubricated by her saliva, Elisha rubbed the towering column-like penis up and down with her hands. A lewd sound of wetness squeaking rang in her ears. He was extremely big and handsome and it even extended to his blood-filled genitalia that Elisha couldn’t stare closely at.

“I have to take it out. You will have to do it three or four times to get rid of it, but if your body takes it you will faint.” 


Perhaps it was painful. Some people say that their first experience felt like their body was splitting in two. Elisha heard there was a woman who fainted in the middle. [t1v: fyi first times can be completely painless and bloodless, join the sex-ed channel on my discord for more] Doing it three times? It seemed out of the question.

‘Especially with something so big.….’ 

Elisha didn’t want to think of the disgusting man at this time, but she remembered seeing Jacob’s genitals when picking up his clothes. It looked so different, small, and ugly. The thought of it raised disgust. 

‘Why do you think of him at times like this?’

She couldn’t hide her expression. Lucerne looked dimly down at Elisha. 

“What do you hate so much?” 

“No, it’s…….” 

“Or are you thinking of another man……” 

Elisha’s body got goosebumps. Lucerne’s grip was strained. 

Lucerne’s hand was so big that it covered Elisha’s entire hand.

As he relaxed his hand, Elisha was able to stroke him up and down quickly. His hefty penis lit up in her hand as if it were alive and humming with hard energy. A strange feeling came over her as she touched him, extending down her spine to her vulva.

“Hurry up and get rid of my frustration. ‘Cause I’m angry.

It didn’t seem like he was joking. Elisha’s back shivered when she saw his eyes were not smiling. She urgently hurried to the point of making her wrist ache.


Shortly after, Lucerne’s genitals shook, and cloudy semen shot out. Elisha had been stroking his cock with her head down in concentration and close by, so there was cum on her cheek. 

Elisha looked at Lucerne in surprise. There was no expression reflected on her mouth and cheeks, but her blue eyes were round and big with surprise like a rabbit. 


Lucerne took a deep slow breath and laid Elisha down beneath him. Stuck under Lucerne’s arm, Elisha gulped, not even having a chance to wipe her cheek.

Lucerne caressed Elisha’s cheek with his big hand. The hot, strange-smelling semen was spread out. She felt so weird.

“I’m in trouble because I want to go easy on you.”

Lucerne spoke in a low, soft voice. 

Elisha blinked quietly. Come to think of it, she seemed to have semen on her eyelashes; she tried to hide her expression even more. 

Lucerne put his hand on the inside of Elisha’s knee and lifted it up. 

“It’s swollen. Did I lick it too much?”


Lucerne swept through the long, straight, secret area with his fingers. 

“Your pubic hair is so thin that I can see everything. Yes, I can even see what it looks like here.” 

Elisha tried to close her legs but Lucerne held them open. She felt like an animal. Elisha blushed and covered her face.

“If you have a small mouth, you should compensate by having a big mouth down here. If they’re both so small, how can they accept my dick?”

Lucerne asked reproachfully as he rubbed Elisha’s mound with his palm. The lewd fluid leaked out. At the same time, that same bizarre sensation, that deep ache grew stronger in her.

“Ugh [sfx: Gasp]……!” 

Lucerne’s thick fingers dug into Elisha’s pussy. Elisha’s back trembled and she grabbed the sheets. This time, he moved round and round with just one finger as if he were teasing her. A soggy sound rang out.


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